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  1. *The lights fade green in the arena...*

    *The crowd boos when they see who's face is on the titantron and at 19 seconds of the intro, Joey Bryant walks out onto the stage with a smirk on his face raising the IWT Title high above his head. He pats it multiple times as he sets it on his shoulder and taunts it to the fans. He rolls into the ring and taunts on all four turnbuckles, holding the title in the air as pyro goes off. The music fades at 1:45 and he walks to the center of the ring and raises his mic.*

    "Oh stop, you'll make me blush."

    *The crowd boos more for him but still a few smarks start the "Jo-ey Bry-ant!" chants. He just chuckles and shakes his head.*

    "Many say money can't buy happiness but gold certainly can. Needless to say, this title should have been around my waist for the last month regardless but because of a little insect, it wasn't in my possession. At Extreme Rules, it was known as the night of the Church! The Order keep appearing out of no where to try to steal the show, shut off the lights on someone, and appear within the blink of an eye. I admit I have yet to be in that situation but I'm waiting for it. I'm waiting for the lights to just go off and---

    *All of a sudden, the lights turn off and Joey's face turns to fear and the crowd erupts with cheers. When the lights switch back on, Joey is laying on the ground laughing and rolling around. He stands up and runs around the ring raising his title in the air and screaming to the fans. "I got you! I got you! And you!" pointing at them. He catches his breath and puts his title back over his shoulder.*

    "Please those mind games may work on you sheep but it will never get to me. Anyway, now that you're all paying attention, Extreme Rules let Dat Kid and I shut the mouths of all the doubters. He may have lost his World Title but we won the chance to become tag champions and more importantly his protege won his 2nd IWT Championship!"

    *He holds up the title and the crowd boos again and he continues.*

    "I told everyone Bruce Knight was nothing but a fraud and I have to say, Extreme Rules was also a big night for the 2nd generation... Saddened that Dat Kid lost I tried to look at the positives of the entire thing and the best positive I could find is Alias and I are going to be holding onto these titles for a lonnnng time. One is the King of the Order and the other Martyr of the Church. As long as we never cross paths in some crazy unification match, I don't have to listen to people tell me how much better Alias Antonio is than me because right now we're on the same level... And to win this title war, Dat Kid and I are going to win the tag titles and keep them from the Order until all you failures disintegrate. I could win those tag titles by myself, with Dat Kid, with anyone else in that locker room! Anybody could team up with me and automatically be a success but unfortunately I already have a good partner in my back pocket..."

    *Just then, he's cut off by someone's music.*

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  2. Chris Kaizer walks out with a huge smile on his face. He is wearing his new t-shirt "Sleep Kaizer Sleep". He paces back and forth on the stage as he begins to talk.

    Hello, Joey Bryant. Sorry to interrupt you, but I think you need to know something, you don't have a tag partner. I wouldn't be surprised if Dat Kid stood up and took his ball home after going...1-2 at ER. He lost twice! TWICE! To Alias Antonio, that's bad. Not degrading Alias, but come on. You are delusional if you think Dat Kid will fight along side you against for the tag titles, because he won't. I bet you that what I am saying is true...

    Chris Kaizer starts to walk down the ramp

    And if what I say is true, you have a huge issue on your hands. You are without a tag partner. Let me tell you something, you don't have anyone back there that's wants to team with you. With most of the IWT not liking Dat Kid, and I don't understand why they would like you. You were once a loveable guy, now, you are just Dat Kid minus the god part.

    Chris Kaizer steps into the ring

    You are without a partner, no one wants to team with you, but, I feel like I being a good person today, I feel like I should come in...and team with you. Why I am saying those words, I'll never know, but just think about it. "Chris Kaizer and Joey Bryant!" Me: the best damn sleeper in the world, the future European Champion and Joey Bryant: The current IWT Champion, one of the biggest stars in IWT today, already on his way to the HoF. You put these two things together, we could do much more than you and Dat Kid could have done together.

    That isn't me being cocky, that's the truth, Joey. I may hate you, but I do respect your dedication, something we both have. Dat Kid doesn't have the dedication like I do, or like you do. With my sleeping skills and my dedication, and your dedication, we could become the very best, sorry Alias and Ben Dover.

    How would that be like, to have your name up on another "best of all time list", only way that can happen though, is if you shake my hand right now, we form this tag team, and we go on and win the belts.

    Chris Kaizer holds his hand out offering a hand shake and awaits Joey's response
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  5. So, will you take the blame for the next thing I do, Martyr? I'm going to throw a knife at aids johnsons' johnson
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  6. *Joey looks at Kaizer's hands, completely confused by the request and spits in his hand and slaps it down. He slowly backs up, staring into Kaizer's eyes and he rolls out of the ring and begins to back up the ramp, still staring at Kaizer. He raises the mic to the boos.*

    " have mentioned me in every single one of your rare promos. You bring up how overrated I am, to how you hate the Church, my title win was a fluke, you're "better" than me. You're nothing but a loser, Chris. You were a loser in the World Title division, a loser in the X-Division, a future loser to the European division, and I don't even want to live long enough to see you fail in the tag division."

    *He chuckles but remains looking at Kaizer, Joey now on the top of the stage.*

    "Come to think of it, I haven't seen Dat Kid since before my IWT title match, but God will rise one day again and when he does I'm sure he won't be happy with a little punk trying to take his spot for gold. People can say whatever they like about the church, we're real, we're both future hall of famers and the rest of you including yourself Kaizer are just catching up. My answer to your random little request... is no."

    *The crowd boos and Joey lowers his mic.*
  7. Joey, have you ever hear of the 5 steps of grief and loss? The first step, which you are in, is denial. You are denying the fact that you have lost your tag partner in Dat Kid, you are denying the fact that I am the only person that would even think about teaming with you. Then comes anger....the second step. Soon enough, you will become angry because you will soon accept that Dat Kid is gone, you will be angry because he left you.

    If I was you, I would have just skipped to step 5....acceptance. I would have just accepted the offer, but you want to stick on step 1 until the title match, go right ahead, be my guest, but don't expect me to actually be your tag partner then if you wait that long to come to your senses. Joey, I'll give you another shot at acceptance. I'll give you three options in fact. Option 1: You turn me down again, and lose your tag title match because you have no partner. Option numero dos: You accept my offer and we go on become the tag champions...or option three, which right now, I think you would love...Joey Bryant vs Chris Kaizer, man to man, choker to choker, IWT Champion vs The Next EU Champion.

    It's all up to you Joey, you can decide your fate right now, what will it be, failure,glory...or failure again?
  8. *Joey stares down Kaizer.*

    "I like to consider myself an opportunist. I could go option 4, get a restraining order on you because of how big of a fan you are, it's sweet you want to team with me so bad. Or my favorite, option 5, go back to my locker room, think about everything that's been said, and maybe if you're lucky, you'll get yourself a free partner that will carry you to gold! It's a win/win for you, for now though... stay out of my way and I don't want to ever see your face in mine again."

    *The crowd boos and begins to turn away but turns around real quick.*

    "Go back to sleep, I hear babies get grumpy when they're tired. Hopefully, we don't meet again."

    *Joey's music plays as he drops his mic. He holds up his IWT Title high above his head to Kaizer as he walks to the back.*
    To be continued...
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