Sting vs HBK or Sting vs The Rock?

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  1. Rock vs Sting. Not really a fan of HBK.
  2. I think you're the first person I've seen say they're not a fan of HBK.

    This depends which version of each we're talking about, Rock would be able to play the bigger man against HBK so Hollywood Rock vs HBK would probably work there. Sting vs Rock in a face vs face match circa 2001 would have probably been the best time Rock could bump like crazy against Sting's offence.
  3. I think it would be funny to see HBK get scorpion death drop on him for his Sweet Chin music at his Wrestlemania cost HBK his title match.

    How would you build up HBK and Sting feud?
    How would you build up The Rock vs Sting Feud?
  4. Both, really.
  5. How would you build up HBK and Sting feud?
    How would you build up The Rock vs Sting Feud?
  6. The Rock vs HBK is what I really would want to see.
  7. I think you read it wrong. It's about The Rock vs HBK but it's about which one of these do you like to see a match of?

    The Rock VS Sting


    HBK VS Sting (Sting's revenge match)
  8. No I read it right I'm just saying HBK vs The Rock is what I would wanna see, especially if we're talking 2002 here. But with Sting, I would probably go The Rock vs Sting. Also during the Invasion angle with both in their prime and a storyline to run with
  9. Okay How would you booker The Rock vs Sting feud/Match ?

    It would be awesome if we could get AJ Styles/ Samoa Joe vs Sting vs Goldberg vs Hulkster vs ECW Franchise (I'm not sure that is.) vs The Rock vs John Cena in one match?
  10. Sting vs The Rock. After WWF won the 5 on 5 at Survivor Series I would have The Rock as undisputed Champion. Sting would challenge The Rock to a title match at Royal Rumble for the title but if he lost he would lose his oppurtunity to wrestle for the WWF. Have Sting over at Royal Rumble and win the title. Rock gets his rematch at No Way Out but the NWO interferes setting up Rock vs Hogan at Mania and Triple H vs Sting for thr title so we could see their match 13 years earlier when they aren't old as hell lol
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  11. Shawn Michaels vs almost anyone at mania will be epic. So I'll go with sting vs HBK.

    But, to stonecoldmama's point, I'd much rather see HBK vs the rock
  12. Sting vs HBK. They seem like they would have more compatibility with each other, both as characters and as opponents in the ring.
  13. There are people that don't like HBK? Holy shit.
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  14. This is Christian wrestling promotion. It has HBK & Sting with few etc Christian Wrestlers.

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  15. The Rock vs. HBK... Sting can take his clown makeup and fuck off.
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  16. Cause he's a christian right? If you don't know that The Rock is a Christian as well as HBK?

    The only one on this link that shocked me the most is ROADDOGG IS A CHRISTIAN.
    10 WWE Superstars Who Found Religion

    The only one on this link that shocked me the most is RIKISHI IS A CHRISTIAN.
    All time great Christian professional wrestlers
  17. Eh. He's a good wrestler, but the only thing the he had going for himself is the whole DX shtick. Right now, I think Shawn has lost his touch. I mean, for fuck's sake, look at Wrestlemania 32, in his little segment with Foley and Austin. He doesn't seem like he's "into it" anymore. It feels like he lost interest in it.

    Does that look like HBK to you...? I don't mean physical appearance. Look at the way he's far away from the camera as possible, and how dis-interested he is. Pay attention.
  18. :rock3:Sting vs the rock vs hbk