Stone Cold rocking a beard

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Awesome beard.
  2. Shoulda have that back in the AE.
  3. Doesnt look right when you dont have sideburns to connect it to imo, but i wish i could grow a beard like that :downer:
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  4. Trying to look like me eh Austin?
  5. Looks fucking awesome on him.
  6. Austin still looks like he could whoop ass
  7. Seeing Austin like this gives me a change to have an epic beard with my hair colour.:yay:
  8. God I love Austin.
  9. Stone Cold looks to be in great shape still.
  10. WM30: Daniel Bryan vs Stone Cold in a beard vs beard match. You heard it here first.
  11. Forget Rock or Punk marks, SCSA marks are out in full force. OMG. A beard. OMG. A beard.
  12. :finger:
  13. :neymar2:

    A kid was wearing a Neymar jersey in my sports media class yesterday. For a moment I was wondering if you had found my class and were stalking me, but then I realized the kid was actually Brazilian.
  14. Wtf, he has the exact same face in all 3 photos.
  15. If you actually thought of me then I'm like this - :yay:

    It could have been @"Leo C"
  16. No... it wasn't me. I own no soccer jerseys. And I'm in Brazil too.
  17. Shit hot.....just like mine
  18. Ho doesn't lol