Storm is surrounding the Title

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  1. *Alexander Tyler is sitting on the Turnbuckle inside the ICW Caution Arena and nobody is there*
    Tyler: Hello Tyler Freeborn.......remember this arena?'s the arena where the match happened...the match where you Screwed me out of MY LightWeight Championship..
    *Tyler jumps off the TurnBuckle and walks over to the spot where Freeborn pinned Kaiser*
    Tyler: it was right here....i used my Knowledge to Tiger Bomb Chris Kaiser onto this tack
    *Tyler Picks up the Tack and Pointed at it*
    Tyler: then i knew it was not going to be enough because Chris Kaiser is Tough and i will give him that so i Kicked his Face down to Finish the Deal then you came in like the asshole you are and Jumped off that TurnBuckle
    *Tyler points at the Turnbuckle*
    Tyler: and took me out for 3 Seconds...but i blame that on myself....because i didn't have what REAL Wrestlers have.... and no i am not calling you a real wrestler because you are not but i didn't....have eyes on the back of my head....but next time we meet i Will have Eyes on the Back of my Head but that's not all Ladies and Gentleman....I will Be FASTER,STRONGER AND BETTER! SO FINALLY I WILL CLAIM THE ICW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!
    *Tyler Exits the Ring and Begins Walking up the Ramp but Looks back*
    Tyler: all shall feel the Wrath of the LIGHTING BOLT!
    *Tyler Exits Through the Curtain*
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  2. UR SOPOST TO HAND TO ME! I am the Emperor Commissioner Gohan!
  3. i'm guessing and you are trying to say "you are supposed to hand to me" hand to you what? i have no Championship
  4. Title said "surrounding the Title"
  5. i have a Title Shot against Tyler Freeborn,it means i am about to claim the Title