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  2. Hope they have Maury on the show
  3. Wait, she's an actual actor? What the fuck? I thought she was related to someone and that's why she got the role. Wow.
  4. TNA knows we want wrestling that's why we get awesome matches every week on Impact and epic PPVs month after month
  5. But we want more :finger: Not some person who says she has a baby then makes a big deal out of it.
  6. Hah good one TNA...
  7. Finally. Fucking finally.
  8. I didn't want this as last thursday was my last iMPACT, but from what I hear from the comments on dirt-sheets and on here, I'm saved from an Ugly chick?
  9. You're getting saved from the only stupid storyline TNA is running right now.
  10. Depends if you call Aces and Eights storyline stupid, which I do personally.
  11. They've done Aces and Eights amazingly in my opinion! They've built it awesome so that you're really really wanting to see the fight happen but everytime it's about to they run! I'm pumped for the brawl if we get it this week!
  12. Disagree but that's subjective I guess.

    Anyway more on topic:

    "Claire Lynch will be leaving TNA, according to F4WOnline. Local actress Juila Rilley will be leaving TNA following next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. reports on the latest Observer Radio that she will be finishing up her role and wrap up the storyline with Aj Styles.

    Since Styles’ won, the storyline will end with the world finding out if Aj Styles is the father of Claire's baby.
  13. This storyline has produced tons o matches, including one that I remember people calling a MOTYC in the tag team titles match between the WTTCOTW and Angle/AJ.

    Ive hated the storyline from the jump but there are much worse things in the world than it. Its given me some good laughs along the way as well

    Besides, you can't just have 100% wrestling with no storylines. People say they want 'more wrestling' but if the show were all wrestling and nothing else I sincerely doubt any of us would bother to tune in.
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  14. This is absolutely correct. The storylines are what make professional wrestling. Without them, we're just watching fake UFC.

    And since I don't like real UFC, I sincerely doubt I would care for it if it were fake.

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  15. Not sure whether to be happy or sad about this...

    The storyline's ending!!! :yay:

    But now we all won't collectively burst vessels and flood the discussion thread with awesome posts :sad:
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