Storytelling rap songs.

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  1. Eminem's "Stan" came on during my Spotify session, and it got me thinking how perfect it is at telling the story. So, as always, my thread-hat was on and I'm interested in what other rap songs out there tell excellent stories?

    Immortal Technique has some pretty dope storytelling songs which I would post if I wasn't on my phone.

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  3. The exact song I was thinking of earlier when I mentioned Immortal Technique. Such a good tune.
  4. I was going to post King fucking Diamond, but he's not rap :okay:. He has entire albums that revolve around a story. Abigail for example.
    Fuck it posting anyways :badass:

    Mandatory @Irwin R. Schyster tag.
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  5. It's a two-parter!
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  6. So glad we have another Froggy Fresh mark here.
  7. The best storytelling rap is JulianY - Backpack!

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  9. I'm surprised no one has posted more Eminem's songs. I'm such an Eminem mark to be honest

  10. Storytelling rap songs? You mean Mother Goose?