storytime with gav the chav

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  1. *gav is in the middle of the ring he is holding a book in one hand and in the other hand it looks like a spliff*

    (gav the chav) now now settle down settle down and listen up tonight im going to tell a story actually hold on has anyone got a light first for me spliff *recieves lighter* cheers mate right where were we oh yeah tonight im going to tell you about a young little boy gavin when he was just 6 year old he was a right little bastard he got his first suspension from school for throw a chair at a teacher but to be fair she was a right bitch to him though then when he was 9 he shopplifted for the very first time that fat fuck of a security guard had no chance when he was 12 when he moved into the big school he had his first fight well i say fight it was a one man beat down the poor little prick had no chance against gavin nowone at that school after that day would mess with gavin coz they didn't wanna suffer the same fate when he was 14*pauses for a moment* this was a sad time for gavin as he lost the only person who ever loved when his mother was murdered her killer was never found when gav was 15 he smoked his first spliff he still remains addicted to this day *takes drag from spliff then blows out smoke* when gav was 16 he lost his virginity to some random girl at a party she had the best tits ever when gav was 18 this when things went a little downhill for as some little prick grassed gav up to the pigs for local buisness he used to have when gavin was 20 he was released from the big house he started a gang who would terrorise locals do drive bys and all sorts of other shit it was well good by the time he was 24 his gang would control all of london knowone would be able to touch the even had seats in the house of parlimount! Sadly it all went tits up and all of gavs crew was banged up apart from gav who escaped to the us one day we will unite brothers and fuck right here in iwt when he was 26 he began to learn how to wrestle at daniel bryans wrestling school he then signed a contract with iwt which brings us up to date ro if any of you bunch of pricks label me a rookie again i swear i won't be held responsible for my actions
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  2. ooc: Oh shit! you've gone and done it now havn't you you're now firmly cemented on gavs hit list you were warned
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  3. Id have a match against you but we both know i dont need to mess around in House shows, and ill be in the IWT title tourney. Someday :boss1:
  4. I was thinking down the line to be honest
  5. Im in. Gav "dat" chav gets Aids.
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  6. Give this man a push
  7. The only way to push him is Aids losing to him and knowing Aids.... He won't lose
  8. ooc: it'll be some task trying to beat aids tbh its the taking part that counts right?
  9. dude you might be able to beat me, but youll never defeat me. (haha)

    Yeah dude, just read and vote in the other threads to get the general point. You already have the character.
  10. We will find out one day
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  11. no promises. :haha: :awyeah:
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