Storyline Storytime with Jack Lux

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  1. *Jack Lux come out to the ring with a mic and two steel chair. Lux set them before talking.*
    Jack Lux: Last week, I came out here to see if any had the balls to step up to me. Someone did, Braeden Cross is his name. He came out here and said that he has watch me before in my matches, not typically what you'd say to another man, but this pro wrestling so I understand, but I digress. Anyways he also said that he was going to put my out of my misery.

    *Lux chuckles at the thought of that*

    Jack Lux: So this got me thinking about a story from my days on the indys, and because I am a great raconteur I'll tell you the story.

    *Lux clears his breath and says*

    Jack Lux: It was some guys who I can't name for legal reasons and I. We were two young guns looking to prove ourselves, so we teamed up. The both of us were considered the future of pro wrestling, the thing is we were losing way to many matches, and I wasn't taking the pin therefore I wasn't the problem. Then I start to go on a single run, I start winning matches left and right, and I get a world title shot. I win the world title, you can imagine that winning would make the other guy jealous, so he attacks me and asks for a title shot. Naturally, I'm not one ro back down from a fight so I give it to him. As predicted by everyone single person in that company I won and retained my title. That guy would keep chasing and chasing me when I had titles and never won.

    *The crowd starts chanting "cool story"*

    Jack Lux: Braeden you remind me of that guy, there is one promo I had with this guy where came out with 2 chairs much like I did now and basically told the same story then I called him out, and I had a conversation with him, so that's what I'm going to do now, I'm calling you out Cross, for a nice, calm conversation.

    *Lux sits on one of the chairs and waits for Cross to come out

  2. "GTFO" by Makeshift blasts through the speakers as Braeden Cross walks out into the arena. He begins walking down the stage when he raises his mic to his mouth
    Braeden Cross: So.... I'm just some lowlife, Jack Lux wannabe from the indies? Is that what you're saying, Lux?
    The crowd cheers for this and chants "wannabe" at Cross.
    Braeden Cross: You can all shut the fuck up. Anyway, back to you Lux. You must have been hit in the head pretty hard during your indie days. You know what I did in MY indie days? I kicked people in the head. Hard. Harder than they've EVER been kicked in the head. To this day, nobody has kicked them in the head harder than me! So just imagine what I could do with a washed up never was like you.
    The crowd boos.
    Braeden Cross: Oh, you're not gonna chant "never was" at him?
    The crowd chant's "No!"
    Braeden Cross: You know, you may have the crowd on your side Lux, but how many of them will see you when I put you in the hospital?
    Cross enters the ring and kneels down so that he's on eye level with Lux
    Braeden Cross: Look at me, boy! When I get my hands on you at Survival, it will be the worst night of your life. I guarantee that.
    Cross stands up and maintains eye contact with Lux.
  3. *Lux takes off his jacket and put it on the ring ropes before talking*

    Jack Lux: No, Braeden I said you were like the other guy. You're not clearly even qualified to be a Jack Lux wannabe.

    *The crowd begin to chant "You're not go enough" Lux holds out the mic to amplify the chant for a few seconds then begins to speak again*

    Jack Lux: And you say that I'm a "Never was", so you clearly don't know what me and all of these fans know, so I'm going to tell you that I'm a "Still I'm." In fact I haven't even hit my prime. You should really brush up being that you've said that you've watched me for a long time. Trust me you're going to need to brush up on my scouting tapes for our match.

    *Lux sit down on one of the chair that he set up and signals Braeden Cross to sit in the other on*

    Jack Lux: Braeden, please sit. Let's talk some more, I'm curious about what you're going to say next.

    *Lux waits for Braeden's response*
  4. Cross looks at the chair that Lux set up for him.
    Braeden Cross: I don't need this piece of shit.
    Cross grabs the chair and throws it halfway up the ramp.
    Braeden Cross: Why don't you get up and back into reality Lux? You hit your prime around the time I was getting into the business! I've been in this business for 5 years! And it kills little 18 year-old Braeden to see what has happened to his favourite independent wrestler. It kills him to know that he has a match with a broken down, delusional never was that he once looked up to. But you know what? It doesn't kill me. Because I've seen what has happened to you, and I can't wait to put you down for good.
    The crowd boos as Braeden stares intensely at Lux.
    Braeden Cross: I remember meeting you at my first independent show. Actually, I should put "meeting" in quotation marks because when I showed up backstage, you turned to your friends and said "who the fuck let the marks in?" That has stuck with me for 5 years Jack. That's why when you issued an open challenge I rushed out to answer, that's why you're going to be the next name on my ever growing list of victims. That's why when I knee your face off, it's going to be so sweet to do so. So at Survival, you best bring your A-game. Because I'm sure as hell going to be bringing mine.
    Cross raises his right hand in the shape of a gun. He raises the "gun" to Lux's head and proceeds to make a shooting motion before turning around and going to leave the ring
  5. *Lux leans up against the ropes*

    Jack Lux: You clearly can't take a joke, because I remember that day too, in fact I always remember when I sign an autograph to willing fan. By the way Braeden I'm only like 4 years older than you, but you want to know why you think I'm older than I am... It's because I command respect and reputation proceeds me. You say you want to bring my A-game, newsflash KID, my C-game is your A-game, but if you really want to lose that bad I'll bring my A-game, because at Survival there isn't going any surviving for you. And 18 year old Braeden, you're going to get a front row seat to favorite wrestler dominate.

    *Lux grabs his leather jacket, put the mic gently on the canvas, leaves the ring and walks through the curtains to his music*
  6. Following his verbal joust with Jack Lux, Braeden Cross walks back through the curtain.
    After leaving Gorilla position, Cross is approached by a backstage interviewer.

    Interviewer: Braeden, sorry to bother you but I gotta ask....
    Braeden Cross: Y'know, you say you're sorry, you say you're sorry but you still bother me. And what? What could you POSSIBLY ask me that won't lead to me smashing your face into that wall right there? Oh, I'm sorry, did I interrupt you? Please... Go ahead and ask your stupid question.
    The interviewer looks shocked, he then shifts his jacket and clears his throat
    Interviewer: Braeden, what I wanted to ask was how does it feel to be going up against a man you looked up to at the start of your career?
    Braeden Cross: Really? That's your question that couldn't wait until I'd gone and got a drink? That's the burning question? How does it feel to be fighting a washed up never-was? You see, before I answer, I want you to know just how much I want to take you down to that ring and let these people watch me pummel the crap out of you. It's a lot. I really want to. But I kinda like it here, and I don't think management would like that. So for now, you're safe. Now as for your stupid question. It feels great to end the career of Jack Lux, when people look back in the history books, they're not gonna see the accolades that Lux has to his name, they're not going to see the impressive matches he's had, hell, they're not even going to see how long he wrestled for. They're going to see that his career was ended by me. They're only going to see the pure devastation that I inflict on my former idol at Survival and they're going to look back and see the rise of Braeden.... Cross... Now get the fuck out of my way.
    Cross walks off and into his locker room. He slams the door behind him and locks it.