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    This is just a serious thing about straight edge, no it doesn't mean "you're the best in the world", what straight edge really is, it's a movement. Now being full blown straight edge means, you cannot drink caffeine(no soda, coffee, energy drinks, etc.) no prescription drugs, no alcohol, no street drugs, no sex with more then one person, listening to hardcore punk music, and you must have an vegan or vegetarian diet.:sad:

    Now of course there are people who watered down this tradition of the movement, nowadays they are just people who don't drink caffeine, do street drugs, or drink. Also, the "X" symbol is something people wear when they go to bars and they don't want to be offered drinks. This emerged from an underage band being hired by a bar to do a gig, they put Xs on their hands to let bartenders know not to serve them alcohol.

    So what are your guy's opinion on Straight Edge, the lifestyle, and the true people who follow it, not the little fan boys who say they're straight edge because of CM Punk. I myself like drinking soda, eating meat, and not into hardcore punk music, so I'm not really into the lifestyle, but I think it's good for people who truly live it and don't shove it down people's throat. It is healthy and takes lots of commitment so it's good.
  2. My definition of straight edge would be no smoking, no drinking, and no non-prescription drugs. I don't see how what type of music or what type of food you eat disqualifies you from being straight edge
  3. They believe in animal rights, so they refuse to eat meat. And it all came out of that music which is why they say that.
  4. straight edge people are lame. Not people who don't drink or do drugs, I mean legitimate straight edge people like Farooq is talking about.
  5. Is CM Punk Straight?
  6. From what I understand he is straight although he had some questionable moments with Luke Gallows whilst in the Straight Edge Society
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  7. I thought Brazzers was only brazilian women...well anyway, Rise Against are straight edge too, except the drummer.
  8. I can tell you from personal knowledge CM Punk has nothing against caffeine, but I'm not certain about the animal rights. I can def ask. (not Punk himself)

  9. Indeed, he even has the Pepsi tattoo. but the movement standards have been watered down over the years. Most Straight Edge people are just ones who don't do drugs and drink. Lots of them eat meat, and drink soda. The members of Rise Against(excluding the drummer) are the ones who go by all the standards of the original straight edge movement. So I guess this would make them better then him [sarcasim]
  10. It's stupud how punk doesn't spoke weed. Weed is good.
  11. not nessesariliyyy4rieeq farooq
  12. depends why you smoke it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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