Strange Facts

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  1. Name a strange fact about yourself that not many people know.

    Mine: I am afraid of the moon. Seriously. :pity:
  2. I had nightmares growing up about the moon hitting the earth. :sad:
  3. :upset: so scary

    So whats something strange about you? :ksi:
  4. Not afraid of death, but terrified of mice, ferrets, hamster, ect.
  5. :vince:


    idk :okay:
  6. What bet did you lose to get stuck with that sig.
  7. Ever play LoZ: Majora's Mask by any chance?

    As for a strange fact about myself. Um, when I was younger, for a brief period of time, I wasn't allowed to leave the house without a leash and my mom to walk me.
  8. I am double jointed so I am super flexible
  9. I can drink with my nose.
  10. - anger issues
    - being lazy for "small" things
    - lying
    - manipulating
  11. I rarely shower.
  12. All of my children are name after mythological gods from Greek and Norse mythology
  13. That's pretty cool. What's their names?
  14. Athena,Ares and Odin
  15. Awesome.
  16. :obama:

    I would totally be friends with a guy called Ares or Odin.
  17. Thanks They say Hello
  18. :shock: :ksi:

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    surprised deth didn't notice this