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    US birth certificates are contracts that state that you, the person, is taking responsibility to a businesses debt by agreeing to work for free. But I get paid? When you are working, you receive money. This money shows how much you, as a a stock object is worth to the business. Social Security Numbers are used to track your most current value. Basically, you are nothing more than a slave on the trade market. Birth Certificate = Debt Contract. You are in agreeance to repay the debts of the said business.

    So basically... All of us are screwed.
  2. Yeah, I've known about this for a while. It sucks.

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  3. We are screwed as a humanity regardless of being slaves/trade items or not. lol
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  5. Capitalism, baybay.

    The poor get poorer
    The rich get richer
    The poor that got poorer are getting screwed in the bum by the rich that got richer.
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