Strikeforce 40: Barnett vs Cormier (Saturday May 19th)

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    Josh Barnett vs Daniel Cormier (Heavyweight Grand Prix Final)
    Barnett's semi-final fight
    Cormier's semi-final fight

    Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomsom (Lightweight Championship)

    Rafael Cavalcante vs Mike Kyle

    Why to watch?
    It's basically a two card fight, but both are worth watching, especially the main event.

    You have Barnett, one of the most seasoned and experienced heavyweight fighters in the world. He is well rounded, and has an outstanding 31-5 career record. He has an incredibly impressive resume with wins over guys like Dan Severn, Randy Couture, Mark Hunt, Big Nog, and Pedro Rizzo.

    Cormier is a relative newcomer to the sport, and is a total n00b compared to Barnett. He does however have an outstanding wrestling pedigree. He was an All American in college, and an Olympic participant in 2004 when he finished 4th. To go along with his wrestling he has heavy hands and rapidly improving stand up, as he displayed in the Bigfoot Silva fight posted above.

    It's such an intriguing match up. Barnett is a great submission wrestler, but it will be Cormier who decides if this fight takes place on the feet or on the ground. I can't see Barnett taking him down, and if he does it will be impressively shocking. I feel Barnett should have an advantage on the ground (even off of his back) because he has been in the game for so much longer. Same thing can be said on the feet, but Cormier's knockout power is a bit of an equalizer. I suspect Cormier will want to stand and bang, but he may decide to take down Josh and try to put him on his back.

    Both of these guys will eventually be moved to the UFC, so get to know them.

    Speaking of guys destined for the UFC, my man Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez will eventually be there as well. Nate Diaz called him the best lightweight int he world, and if he isn't, he is right up there. He and Thomson have fought twice, each of them winning once, so this will be the rubber match. This rematch is happening about 2 years too late. They haven't fought since 2009, and not many people expect Thomson to present much of a threat to El Nino. Gil is a 5 to 1 favorite, and I expect he will win a fairly easy decision, if not finish Thomson. Tune in, get an idea of what Melendez is all about. Chances are Nick & Nate will be in his corner, so maybe there will be some shit talk or a brawl break out. You never know with the scrap pack.