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  1. It would be cool to add a little strikeout code, so we could cross-out some of the words we say. We could have some fun with that.

    A few examples:
    So, when he comes back, [strike]JBL[/strike] ADR should be turning face ASAP.
    Always listen to [strike]Shakespeare[/strike] Randy Savage. His words are full of wisdom.
    Just a thought. Thanks.
  2. You mean like this

    Was already here bro.
  3. Did not see that. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. MikeDawt Sweatplants

    Guess I'll close this since it's been solved.
  5. I should probably put it on the editor (even though thread is closed, forever alone reply :sad:) so others can see it. I doubt many people read the bbcode help document here:

  6. Lol at the noobs who can't even comment on this. Its probably a good idea or even add a few buttons in the quick reply box?
  7. Tried before but it killed the site. I think something custom we've done is intercepting it, not a big deal though.
  8. Memorize the BB codes. :otunga: