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  1. The lights go down as Declan Zanotto's music starts playing, as Declan appears on the ramp with his signature mouth mask and butchers knife, the commentator hypes up how this is the first time we've heard of Declan Zanotto since August, Declan starts walking slowly down the ramp working the crowd, and intimidating little children in the front row with the butchers knife. as he gets to the end of the ramp he looks both ways before deciding to go left, he walks up to and up the steps and enters through the middle rope, he players the knife in the far left corner of the ring before walking to the other side of the ring and grabbing a microphone, he walks to the center of the ring before staring at the hard cam and taking his face mask off to reveal a pale man with piercing blue eyes, he puts the mic to his mouth slowly:

    "My name, is Declan Zanotto, and this is the first time that I've entered the realms of an IWT ring, which throughout the time that i'm in this promotion, will see a lot of blood, agony, and destruction, all caused by yours truly. You see, I'm not here to play any little games, to bow down to the holy ones in IWT, I'm here to conquer, and bring whoever I face down to hell, and whoever I face, whoever it is, will regret even stepping up to me."

    Declan pauses for a second

    "They say there's more evil than good in this world, and while I'm in it, it'll stay that way, I pride myself on being pure evil, being a lunatic, being a Satanist. Being a Satanist gave me life, gave me a reason to stay in this cruel world, gave me will to succeed, they say nothing has more power than God, but I'm living and breathing proof that it isn't true, and the