Storyline Stuck in Purgatory

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  1. Knight is walking around in a white other colour then white. He's wearing black clothing which makes him stand out.
    Knight: For Months....I've been stuck in here, Purgatory or as people such as Jonathan would call it.....The Midcard. This is the place where people who can become great or can become flops come and stay until they get called to the main event scene. I've been here for months and the only chance I had to prove myself was against David for his X-Divison title. I was the Underdog, the weakest out of us both but I did what many thought I couldn't do.....I put up a fight. I wasn't going to be backed into a corner by anyone.......and after all my efforts.......I'm placed back into purgatory.
    A Door opens, revealing a refreshing change of light with some shadows coming out of the door way.
    Knight: But then a Light came from someone unexpected.....Adam. You gave me some kind of purpose, you gave me a chance and then.....
    The Door suddenly closes.
    Knight: You took my purpose, my relevance to IWT away just so you could have some kind of false glory.....
    The Door open once again but this time a dark figure walks into the room.
    Knight: And then she arrived.....My Saviour.....My Friend.....someone I could actually trust. Chrysalis offered me redemption, a new purpose, a new calling to life.....And I accepted. Not only did I get to see Adam suffer but I also got to inflict some damage of my own.....and now, It's my turn to leave Purgatory and to Join the Upper Class......It's time for my chance and with the Guidance of Chrysalis, David and Sir Lee, Nothing is going to keep me or the Ministry down!
    Knight Follows the Figure outside of the room and he shuts the door. The Camera pans out to see a Room full of wooden stick figures with picture of various IWT stars on them.
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