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  1. "Rolling"

    *Clears throat* " H-hello IWT nation my name is Jason La-had and I'm coming to you live tonight from California. A day after I interviewed him--Arno Frye he invited me to come to his Art Studio here in California. Why I'm not sure... but here I am outside of his studio..."

    Cameraman pans up to the neon blue triangle logo just above Jason's head and focuses in. Jason motions for him to bring the camera back down and follow him into the studio. Slowly they make their way to the door but it's locked. Jason knocks on the door and waits for a response. Not too long and he is greeted by a flamboyant large black man dressed in pink. "Oh you must be the boy he sent for," he says checking out Jason, " follow me." Jason and the camera man follow him down a long, narrow hallway, the walks coated in an unpleasant green paint. The hallway ends at a stair case painted gold. The flamboyant man switches up the first of flight and looks back to see Jason walking slowly up the stairs. " Don't worry, he won't bite..." he reassures "but the chick might,haha." Jason takes a deep breath and continues up the stairs.

    Finally at the top of the stairs they are met by wide sliding doors with 72 spray painted in various colors across it. The flamboyant man slides the door open and stands to the side of it and motions Jason and the camera man to go further into this large dark room. Cautiously they proceed inside and the door shuts behind them.

    "h--hello!? Arno?"

    Suddenly purple lights burst on and cover the large art studio. Jason and the cameraman look forward to see Arno Frye sitting in a large chair just ahead of them.

    Hello Jason! Glad you could make it. Hopefully Enzio back there wasn't too much trouble. * Frye motions for them to step closer* You look so damn tense come sit down!

    Jason hesitantly gets closer and sits in the chair Frye had placed for him.

    "So ugh...why am I he--"

    Because I see something great in you...something beautiful. I wanted you to come a see my studio, my home away from home. We shared a moment that night at SummerSlam, Jason, we are practically brothers now.

    " Um...Frye,sir, we didn't have a "moment"...I'm just here to inter--"

    Shh shh shhh shush, Jason if we are gonna be boys you can't be doing any of that.


    That--that talking back shit...just listen for a moment. You're not here for an interview with me, your here to meet some one * looks into camera* the IWT is here to meet someone. A special person, the love of my little masterpiece.

    From behind Arno, a silhouette appears walking up behind him. It's a woman, her skin similar to Arno's but her hair blond and her smile, unlike Arno's, bewitching. She rests her hands on Arno's shoulders and looks into the camera. Arno caresses her right hand and kisses it before staring back at Jason.

    Meet Elise, my little masterpiece. A real beauty, isn't she? She used to be a accountant and lived a real boring life...but then she met me. I showed her the truth--I enlightened her to the world and we'll be together forever, isn't that right?

    mmm hmm honey, foooooorever and ever.

    They share a laugh together while Jason and the cameraman watch them growing more unsettled by the minute. " We gotta get the fuck out of here," the cameraman whispers to Jason.

    " Ugh...Arno...I gotta get going I--"

    Get going!? But the party hasn't begun yet!

    " I'm fine I just want to go ho--"

    Frye snaps his fingers and from seemingly nowhere out come three men in black and white stripped suits wearing rainbow colored bunny masks. They were large men and they stood behind Jason and the cameraman.

    I won't want to miss this one...

    Frye gets up from his chair and snatches the camera from the cameraman. He gives it Elise and he goes to stand between Jason and the Cameraman. With his men in rainbow colored bunny masks standing behind him he delivers one last message.

    Jason don't be afraid you're simply on the path to enlightenment and before you know'll be one of the enlightened.

    The camera feed cuts off.
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