Stupid Lawler

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  1. "I just had a heart attack. What am I going to do now? Continue to wrestle and eat all my meals from Sonic"

  2. If the King wanted to Wrestle! THEN ALL HAIL THE KING!
  3. Dumbass, just like Ric Flair (who said he wouldn't do near a pair of boots or wrestling tights again after Lawler's heart attack, but then turned around less than two weeks later and said he couldn't wait to get in the ring again, but poor him, WWE wouldn't let him.) Guys who are in their sixties or close to it shouldn't be competing anymore.
  4. He's in no condition to do that, I think. Hasn't taken good care of his body, at least not enough. Good thing that WWE doesn't let him (and Flair) wrestle.
  5. Flair vs King @ WMXXX in a defibrillator on a pole match!
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  6. Vintage Senhor! :cole:

    Winner of that match pays the others alimony

    I think he said something about wanting to eat a hot dog yesterday if I recall.
  7. I'd rather lose then :lol1: what do they have, 4 ex wives a piece?
  8. Sorry I'm out of it. Flair has more ex wives than World Championship reigns
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  9. I don't think Vince will let him wrestler ever again. lol
  10. Ric Flair vs his recent ex-wife Jackie since she assaulted him in real life anyway (he had to call the cops to his house just to get control of the situation.)

    Ric Flair vs Jerry Lawler in a lumber jack match (lumberjacks are their ex-wives)
  11. He seems to have a lot of passion for wrestling and the WWE in general so it's not that huge of a surprise that he would want to stay involved with it. It doesn't make much logical sense at his age and with the previous heart attack to get back in the ring, but it's his body so he's entitled to do whatever he wants with it.