Voting Sudden Death- Aids Johnson vs Victoria Parker

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Who won?

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  1. Aids Johnson

  2. Victoria Parker

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    Kaizer is backstage in his locker room, he is eating popcorn and drinking pop. He is wearing Aids' relevant sweatshirt he wore at the Slammys.
  2. *Trip in the head is shown in his locker room cracking his knuckles and watching intensely*
  3. *Crowd tries to bury the match by chanting "JOEY BRYANT"*
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  4. As the referee calls for the match to start again, Victoria is beyond frustrated. She gets up slowly to her feet, holding her back as she sees Aids start to stir as well. Victoria rolls out of the ring, walks around slowly holding her head in her hands. Her hands start to shake as she lets out a chilling scream. Victoria continues to scream as she slams her fists furiously into the announce table, tearing apart the announce table piece by piece. She grabs a mic violently from one of the staff members and starts to shout. "Why won't you give up? This match should be over by now!"

    Victoria shouts to one of the staff members to start up the titantron as it shows three of Aids family members gagged and tied down to chairs. She proceeds to get back in the ring and holds Aids up by the neck. A wild look can be seen in Victoria's eyes. "Look at what your choices, your decisions have gotten you. They may have gotten you a title around your waist but was it really worth it? Now, the people who seemingly still love you after everything you've done have to suffer the consequences for your actions. Even I'm a product of what happens when you create desperation in a woman. The incidents at the asylum, the incidents that have happened in our previous matches...they're all evidence of why I have to do what I have to do. I need to do all of this to teach you a lesson!"

    Victoria slams his head down violently to the ground as she spins around in the ring with her arms stretched out wide. "I'm a natural born leader! People, like you, are afraid of what I'm capable of. And, quite frankly, I could lead a group of individuals more dark and menacing than even people like Britanica could understand. A title as prestigious as the IWT Title deserves to be with someone who can truly handle the threats surrounding it. I would take on challenges from any wrestler and make it so they could hardly stand in this ring, or hardly stand to be within one foot of me. As for you? You're holding onto it as the last glimmer of hope in your pathetic life. No one fears you and no one respects you. They're all just waiting for the moment you screw up enough so they can capitalize on your failure. For me, there isn't a failure they can anticipate because I'm as unpredictable as they come. As they're wearing your Relevent sweatshirt to make a mockery of you, they're all just trying to stay out of my way. I think fear is a very strong emotion, don't you think?"

    Victoria holds Aids up again so he can look at the titantron. She takes his somewhat limp hand and waves it at his family. "Hi Johnson family! I know you're just dying to see me again. But, I have a special little treat for all of you. You get to watch as I demolish your precious Aids and take away what little is left of his dignity." Victoria starts violently slamming her foot into his face and arms, yelling incoherently as the ref finally pulls her away.

    "GET UP! GET UP AND FIGHT ME!", Victoria shouts, as the ref continues to hold her off so Aids can finally get to his feet.
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  5. Aids looks groggy, blinking quickly to regain his focus. As he begins to get up, he looks back up at the titantron, witnessing the fear in the eyes of his family members. Aids stumbles from the mat, and gives Victoria a strong right, putting her down momentarily, allowing Aids to fully stand back up. He spits on her, picking the mic up she was once holding.

    You are the definition of hypocritical. I could beg and plead for my family back, but that would only give you the ounce of power you have spent the last 3 months trying to regain. You talk about the locker room and their feelings of me, joking and attempting to insult me by alluding the the fact that people are waiting for me to misstep, and they would prefer you over me!? You could lead a group more powerful than the order!? You, the woman who has failed in EVERY relationship here, thinks you could lead? You would turn on your teammates the second things get tough for you. The minute someone makes you look weak, plan on another murder from your IWT champion Victoria Parker! No big deal.

    I refuse to let this match end with you making me look like the weak one. Of course people in the locker room fear you, you're a ticking time bomb! Everyone wants to distance themselves from you because you have nothing they want, and they value their lives over the Emo makeup smearing blabber of a woman who cannot pick the pieces up and pull herself together! People may not like me, hell some of the people in the back flat out hate me, but there is no one in the back who can deny that I am here for a reason. You say my relevant sweatshirt is a mockery of me? It may have started that way, but i owned up to it, and every time i put on my sweatshirt i'm reminded of what I am. I may no always be champion, but my name will never be erased from the history books of IWT. I am strong enough to own my weaknesses, and to overcome petty concerns over who likes me and who doesn't. But you!?

    You're weak, Victoria, and all the face paint, all the bombs and killings, and even the abductions of my family won't change that. Of course I want my family back, just not at the expense of making you look strong, i refuse to do you the favor you cannot even do yourself. We both know this is all a facade, Victoria, and inside you're nothing but a broken down, pathetic, weak, little girl. You're no champion, you're barely even a person anymore.

    Aids looks up, seeing the Wrestlemania sign hung high over the crowd. He stares at it momentarily as the crowd pops, before turning around, giving 100% of his attention on his family, who is still on the titantron crying and moaning through their gags.
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  6. Thanks to those that have voted so far! If you wouldn't mind posting reasons why you voted for who you voted for, I think Aids and I would really appreciate it. I know I personally love feedback (and I think Aids does too) so anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated :)
  7. Well, the rules say to keep the last matches promos in mind as well (which I disagree with personally, so I don't) but pulling the family back into it was genius IMO. I actually just mentioned that in one of my promos the other day, so I liked yours better. Aids did what he does and did it well, but I just liked yours better geeky
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  8. The whole family thing has me laughing. LOL Aids.
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  9. I know right, Aids basically had to turn his back on his family to not give into VP. :damn:
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  10. fine.....i voted for you...wait and a reason? okay,I thought the fact that you brought the family made it extremly personal
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  11. As you said before, doing what he does best. :lol1:
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  12. Ohhhhh SNAP
  13. Voted Aids. He brought out certain things that VP didn't. It was close, but Aids gets the vote.
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  14. Gave Aids the nod....basically sacrificing the fam to punk VP did it for me
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  15.! :please:
  16. Probably the best promo I've seen from Aids to date. though I haven't seen much of anyone's work until recently

    the mentality of 'I don't give a shit that you have my family' totally takes the wind from VPs sails IMO
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  17. just saying...i got the first vote:jericho:
  18. Aids' Last Promo was genius, one of his best yet, but I'm Voting VP because I think she just edged it with her 3 promos....

    This was a Great Match, Aids and Geek.....
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