Voting Sudden Death- Dat Kid vs Joey and Frie

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Who won?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Joey and Frie

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  2. Dat Kid picks up his cane from the steel steps and stares at it's end.

    Frie, I'm not even going to give you anymore of my attention. I have blessed you with the word of God and I will not waste anymore words on putrid scum such as yourself. You come here claiming to help this man, when all I see is you poisoning his career while the man has suffered defeat at the hands of champions. You drain his blood, so that he has become weak. The Joey Bryant I am in the ring with now, is not the Joey Bryant from months ago. This isn't the man who won the IWT Championship Tournament, this isn't the man who everyone said would be the next champion. This is a man who is having his very life sucked from out of him, by YOU! You walk in the ways of sinners! Sinners like Aids Johnson who drained the life out of The Cure and USED them to become IWT Champion. Sinners like Victoria Parker who drained the life out of not only ME, but Danielson and Rodrigo, to become IWT Champion. Now at the beginning of the new year, you wish to do the same to Joey Bryant. I will not let history repeat itself tonight! When you are defeated tonight I've got a special place in hell for you.

    You know something Bryant. I didn't realize how much of an idiot you could be. You're nothing but a blind fool being lead by a pathetic little cockroach. I am promising you immortality in IWT and you're so oblivious to the once in a lifetime opportunity being presented to you. I am practically GIVING you the IWT Championship on a silver platter and you DARE deny this gift from God! There are people in that locker room who would DIE for the opportunity being presented to you and you turn me down for some child!

    Open your eyes you fool! I DO NOT accept the man that stands in the ring with me right now! You were the man who I chose to win the tournament! While everyone else was sniffing George's ass, I was backing YOU! Who do you think made that tournament Bryant? Who do you think put you up against people I KNEW you could beat! It was ME! I was the one in your corner the entire time and you're to dumb to realize it! Without me there is no Joey Bryant! Without me you would never have main evented! You think it's a coincidence that the moment I left for FSW was the moment you started losing?! Without God, you are nothing!

    You say that you refuse to "be my bitch". You've been my bitch the moment you walked in here.

    Jesus does not weep for the foolish

    Dat Kid tosses his cane out of the ring and is ready to fight the team again
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  3. *Frie has a straight look on his face.*

    Shut... your mouth.... now. I, Joey, and the rest of these fans are tired of hearing your repetitive bullshit! "You're not accepting me as your lord, blah blah", "You're not listening to me, blah blah blah", "My hometown smells like a dead gorilla, blah blah blah!" You think anybody gives a damn about what you have to say anymore? And you wonder why Aids used The Cure. It was to show that you were worthless.......

    *The crowd roars with excitement*
    I hear you talking about me keeping Joey down. You're wrong. In fact, if anyone kept him down last year, It was YOU! You were the one that made those tournaments. YOU... were the one who made sure that Joey lost. Unlike you, I'm gonna raise Joey up in this company. While you, ha.... You'll go down the drain.

    You leaving IWT for FSW had nothing to do with Joey losing. That's just another one of your useless attempts at controlling us. As for giving him the IWT Title on a silver platter....... you'll just use him to get the title for yourself. The reason that no one has accepted your offerings is because you don't care. You don't care for anyone else but yourself. You're nothing but a self-centered piece of shit. I won't join you, Joey won't join you, no on will join you! And taking a page out of your book, Kid......................

    If Jesus does not weep for the foolish, he must have no sympathy for you......

    *The crowd blows the roof off the house.*
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  4. *Black Jesus is shown backstage*
    I don't.
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  5. *Joey is still out of breath, getting his thoughts together after the draw. He's slowly getting to his feet as God talks, just looking him in the eyes and finally get to his feet near the end of his speech. He can't hold himself up, so he leans against the turnbuckle, clearly beaten.*

    "I... am still.. the same man. I climbed through that tournament and worked my ass off in 2 main events, I retired a good friend of mine now by the name of Sackfist and after all that you of all people still don't realize who I really am..."

    *Joey stands up straight now, starts to get a little emotional looking at that man across from him.*

    "Whatever you're saying about "Supporting me", about always being there for me, I'd appreciate it but I know that's just how guys like you work... you say those things to work your way into my mind, you want to manipulate me, you want to make me think that I'm there for you but in the end, are you really? I don't believe so. If you were really there for me when I won the tournament, you'd be backstage congratulating me after the match. You'd be giving me advice for my two world title matches on how I could work around Aids, but you WEREN'T. You were never there! I've been my own man for too long, Frie showed up when I had no idea where I was going in my career, I was ready to call it quits for a while. But you, don't you dare say you want what's best for me. "Teaming" would result in nothing but failure because eventually you'd get sick and tired of my success, you'd realize I'd get so much an ego and so much momentum that I'd be able to over power you and break your chains..."

    *He slowly walks closer to God.*

    "You say many would fall to accept you as a friend, leader, and savior, well not this guy clearly. You're right, you did put me in those matches though..."

    *He pauses and stops halfway from God. He just shakes his head and snaps out of it.*

    "NO. You and your manipulative ways are not getting to me this way, you put me in those matches fair and square. I retired Sackfist during that tournament, you're telling me you wanted an asset like him gone? There's one thing that confuses me about you, and that's how you want me SO bad to succeed, but you want me to be beaten to the point where I'm in my own personal hell. If you were here, simply offering the chance to work with someone like yourself, I would have taken it. But you... you don't want that. At least I don't think you do, I know there's an evil side of you that just wants me to drown in my own failure and while Frie stands here fighting for his career and for his friend, you stand there fighting for your own self right and a chance to make something great out of me. Well, I've already made something out of myself, I don't need you to do it for me."

    *Joey stops and looks at God again. He squints at him, like he's trying to see through him. He loses his balance for a second before catching himself and shaking his head and turning around and looking down at the ground.*

    "It's not worth it at this point, Frie."

    *He has his head down but holds up his fists, ready for a fight?*
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  6. OOC: Last promos were the best promos, for everyone I think. Good match guys
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    I loved the last promos but I gotta go with fire and dk

    EDIT:damn auto correct frie and DK
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  8. Was I really the deciding vote?
  9. Nope, the voting ends at 8:48pm tomorrow. I think that's 5:48pm your time, but I'm not sure.
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  10. Thank you @Dat Kid for a great match.
  11. Your sudden death promo was a good counter. I knew you would win the moment I read it. Congrats
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  12. Damn it I had been in and out of this match when I got on here but never got to finish reading the promos, so I missed the voting (both times) :upset: Sorry guys.
  13. Good match guys, didn't get to vote but for a 2-on-1, you did extremely well Dat Kid.
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  14. Dat Kid is laid out in the ring. The Datcolytes and Concubines look extremely worried, some even crying by the ringside. One of the concubines slides into the ring and tries to help Dat Kid up. Dat Kid starts to come to and slowly gets to his feet with the help of the concubine.

    Get your hands off me you dirty ass nobody!

    Dat Kid backhands the concubine as his followers watch on to see what he'll do next. Kid signals one of his Datcolytes to hand him his cane. Kid looks over at the two empty crosses he brought for Joey and Frie. Kid gets on his knees so his face is right in the camera that a crew member is holding by ringside. He looks right in the camera.

    You can not run away from your destiny Joey. God has chosen you.

    Kid gets back up and raises his cane to speak.

    And still the undisputed God of the

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid steps out of the ring and his Datcolytes follow him, carrying the crosses.
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