Voting Sudden Death- Eduardo vs Aiden Ryan

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Who won?

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  1. Eduardo

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  2. Aiden Ryan

  1. Eduardo(@Ed!) vs Aiden Ryan(@Butters)

    The vote was a draw at 6-6, therefore we go to sudden death.
    Competitors have 24 hours to submit 1 promo each. Then voting will commence. Voting is based on all of the promos, not just the sudden death promos.

    Read the first set of promos here:

    Read the sudden death promos below:

  2. OOC: I shall go first. :)
  3. Aiden grips the top rope seeing the blood gush down Eduardo's hand and chin, Aiden Closes he's eyes and looks away., clinging to the ropes Aiden looks to be drained emotionally. The gore of this superstar has put fear into Aiden, Nothing he's ever faced or even wrapped he's mind around. Eduardo has obtained such an evil spirit that it's almost hard to feel sorry for he's demented soul. Aiden open's he's eyes and takes a quick glance at the blooded Eduardo and looks away again. Letting go of the top rope Aiden slowly walks to the turnbuckle and lowers he's head upon it Brushing he's fingers through he's hair, Aiden begins to break down mentally breathing deeply in a panicked motion Aiden's tears begin to flow. Knowing that this would satisfy both Farooq and Eduardo, Aiden decides to keep he's head down. "Stop." Aiden whispers as he slowly drops down to he's knee's.

    Aiden screams echoing the arena, He looks down at he's hands. Seeing he's hand twitch and shake he lift's himself up with the middle turnbuckle. eagerly wanting this thing to end, Aiden shake's he's head banging he's wrist into the top turnbuckle in a pattern, left to right, left to right.

    "You are so manipulative and evil, there is nothing I can say or do to make any sort of difference in your cynical viewed world. you are without a doubt the most fucked up, out of this world, lunatic I have ever laid my eyes on. And you think by breaking people down mentally that you've proven that you are far more superior then others. Well tough shit you aren't. Because I'm still standing here and while you cry "Aiden, hurt me, Please, Hurt me." you will only get words. because people like you are like rabid dogs, you need to go to the vets. Because the only needle you need is one that will cut you off for the rest of your life."

    Aiden Stops he's hand/wrist movement and Pushes off the turnbuckle. He turns around placing himself right infront of Eduardo. Aiden's face is no longer in concern for the demonic man standing infront of him. Gritting he's teeth Aiden snarls at Eduardo.

    "You deserve nothing more then hell brought to you, and if you keep pushing me... I'll show you what to really do with the broken glass..."
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  4. "This guy should be in crazy hospital! Just look at him!" Farooq points to Aiden. "I still love you Aiden! Beat him up!" A 21 year old female fan says as she holds up a sign that says "Aiden Rocks!" Farooq takes the sign and rips it up, and throws it on the ground. "Get out of here skank! Eduardo is about to destroy him! We'll need this now!" Farooq says as he reaches behind him, and holds up a shovel. "SHOW HIM WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!" Farooq says as he yells to Eduardo in the ring. "FINISH HIM!"
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  5. OOC: Ay Butters, that white text looks good on this dark background, but you can't see it at all on the mobile version, just an FYI. I went to read these last night on my iPad and I had no idea what you're promos were about lol.
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  6. Me right now.. :lol1:
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  7. Eduardo faintly smirks at Aiden's remarks and drops to a seated position in the ring, untying his left boot and pulls out the shoelace, he then ties it around his left arm up and taps it aggressively with two fingers to get a vein to show as he opens and closes his hand. He then reaches forward to grab his microphone on the floor, bringing it up to his mouth.

    "You want to give me a shot? I'm ready doc, give me a hit of eternal slumber, Oh you said Rabid Dog...Woof Woof"

    Eduardo stands up as he slicks his hair back, breathing heavily into his microphone.

    "Now that you're showing more of a backbone, I can finally talk to you man to man, so go ahead Aiden, dropkick me, or bodyslam me into glass, make me feel something...."

    Eduardo stands there with his arms spread as the crowd spur Aiden on, but after a few moments no movement has come from Aiden, as Eduardo opens his eye to see Aiden standing there still and he sighs, walking in the ring as he scratching the back of his own head rather aggressively.

    "So that's all it was, big talk from a child like man, empty threats and lies, that's all you are Aiden, a Liar, a Coward, an Idiotic child who stands there on the verge of self urination, Stepping in the ring with me, chicken little is the first mistake you made tonight, the second is teasing me like a common slut about my drug pain and the third Aiden..."

    Eduardo walks a little closer to him, looking in his eyes as he tilts his head to the left ever so slightly, not blinking, as Aiden can see the full redness in his eyes

    "Calling me a Rabid Dog, because now Aiden, I'm going to make it my mission in here to make your life a living hell, everywhere you go, I'll be there, but unlike the horror movies, you won't even have time to look over your shoulder, I'll beat you down Aiden, I'll be the rabid dog that you say I am and tear you to shreds any and every time."
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  8. OOC: Sorry Guys! Will use a different color in promos in the future. :)
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  9. Up in a sky box is Artist, with him is whole bunch oh whores while he's sporting a new mustache, and says, "Aiden Ryan? Joey Ryan's ugly bro?" and one of the ho's nod their head saying, "What ever you say, Master..."
  10. Great Match @Ed!

    And thank you to all who voted for me. I had fun doing this match.

    @Big Boss Made it extra fun! Thanks dude!
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