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  1. This isn't about creative or Jono or anyone, so don't come in here expecting a flame war. Everyone, please quit it with the OOC bullshit. It clearly says in the rules "All OOC posts are banned". However, I think that's too lenient. People shouldn't be able to go I character either. First off, it's annoying. Second, it's just tedious to have to scroll through all these retarded in character posts while trying to vote.

    And I'm not just referring to Artist and Kaizer, everyone's done this at one point - myself in included. It's just annoying as stupid, so can we get a rule change to stop this?
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  2. I agree. And i'm sorry for posting "my 2 cents" in matches.
  3. lies
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  4. oh yeah and that christian guy
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    Is this seriously about the sleeping shit, if so, go cry me a river. I do apologize about OOC shit doe.
  6. I'll just say what bound to be said here "Don't let Roadie and Clinton post in matches anymore."
  7. Can't say I care really. Annoying yeah, but I can still find the promos and read them.
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  8. fuck this idea. Sorry Nick.
  9. well now i just wont vote for you
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  10. I'd say OOC is allowed for the competitors to ask things about the match to each other if they don't have a PM going, other than that I see your points.
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  11. I am guilty of this also.

    So Yes, I agree if it has offended people and is taking away from their match I defiantly am 100% behind this.
  12. I think it just takes away from the match.
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  13. Just going to change the rules in matches. OOC is allowed from competitors only. All other posts are banned, including "watching from the locker room" etc.
  14. People posting that they are watching from the locker room is the most stupid shit ever. Whats even the point of posting that?