Suicide vs Farooq

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Who do you choose?

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  1. Farooq

  2. Suicide

  1. This thread is a 2 promo match between Andrew Evans and Farooq. 24 hours will be for promo battles, once it has been 24 hours, voting will be open for 24 hours.

    Suicide vs Jedi Master Farooq
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    Farooq came out with the X Division champion around his shoulder, and his escort Jessica behind him. The crowd gave a loud pop of cheers as Farooq made his way down the ramp. Farooq clapped hands with the cheering fans as he made his way down. Farooq reached the bottom of the ring and slid into the ring, as his escort walked inside the ring by going up the steel steps. Farooq raised his X Division championship up high as the crowd cheered loudly. He then handed his escort the championship as Farooq's music cut off. Farooq then picked up a microphone and began to cut a promo.​
    "Today my opponent is someone new, a rookie by the name of Andrew Evens. I must say, it is good to see such ambition from someone new, such determination, this is what the X Division here in the Internet Wrestling Titles!" Farooq said as the crowd erupted in cheers. "I know my opponent will not hold back, which they should not. Whenever Andrew, me, or anybody else from the IWT come out onto this ring, they better give 100%, no, 110% of what they have! Never under estimate anybody, and never leave yourself open, because if you do, then your opponent will seep into those cracks and widen the hole of your loss."​
    "Now as for me, I believe that I should win tonight, not because of my veteran status, but because I'm still here, and I'm still fighting for all of you. For all the children, all the women, all the men who support their families, and of course the troops!" The crowd starts chanting USA! at the mention of the troops as the titantron shows some people from the military in the crowd. "Thank you for serving our country!"​
    "Now as for me, now you know me. Farooq, the Public Enemy, the X Division founder and X Division champion, I am a man! Now what do I mean by that? What I mean is, that I refuse to back down from a fight, I stand my ground, I stand for my beliefs, I support those who need help, I teach others to help themselves, and so much more. Because you see, anybody can be a champion, anybody can cheat their way to a belt, it's not hard, but it takes a man, to go head on, putting his championships on the line against another champion as I did with Sackfist! It takes a man to want to fight an opponent and not take a belt like I did with WoodWarrior! It takes a man to not back down from a ladder match like I did with Jacob Colton!" Farooq said as the crowd cheered wildly and chanted Farooq's name.​
    "I don't know what to expect from my opponent, but you all know what to expect from me. Blood, sweat and tears, a man's work. That's all for now, it's time for the rookie to come out, and show the entire IWT, that he won't back down." Farooq said as he stood in the ring.​

    Suicide You're up
  3. The arena's lighting goes into a dark shade of purple and Suicide's theme hits:​
    Fog spouts from the stage,Suicide emerges from the entrance way,he looks around at the crowd,gets a mixed reaction,smiles,and, makes his way to the ring. Suicide walks up the steps,jumps into the ring,and, locks eyes with Farooq. The arena's lighting reverts back to it's original form.​
    Suicide: "Thanks for the warm introduction Farooq,that means a lot. You've carried the X-Division on your back since you've been here which shows your heart and determination you have for this division. It's because of people like you the X-Division exists! The X-Division puts on the most exciting matches in this industry and I'm honored to be apart of it!!" The crowd produces a small cheer for Suicide.

    "Ya know,I feel that I should win tonight because I want to show the world that not only can I go toe to toe with the best the X-Division has to offer,but, I can overcome them! I want to prove to everyone that I have what it takes to make it in this industry and I'm willing to do any damn thing it takes to become one of the greatest wrestlers within the X-Division!"

    "Not many of you know a lot about me,which is fine,but, there are few things you should know. I am relentless and I am determined,I have what it takes to become big in this division AND this industry! With all due respect Farooq, you are the past,and, the present of the X-Division but I AM this division's future! Today is the day each and every single one of you people realize I am the next big thing in this is the day I begin my long awaited journey to the top!!"

    OOC: Bit of a short promo,I know. I'll get better as the time goes on by.​
  4. "You will do well in the division, but today is not the day you beat the X Division champion. You see, I'm not a paper weight champion, I fight with every fiber of my being. I do respect you, for giving it all you have to offer, and I'm sure that someday you may hold the X Division champion and be the top of the mountain here, but today is not that day. It doesn't matter if you're alone, or bringing a legion of people with you, because I won't back down. I'll continue to fight until I cannot stand on my two feet any longer."

    The crowd popped loudly with cheers as Farooq continue to speak, "You see I am the one to bring quality back to the IWT, I am the one to push everyone to their best. That's why I do not hold back against anyone, because I want them to reach their best, and push themselves farther then they can go. If I get dethroned form the mountain peak known as the X Division, it's going to be someone that has completely earned it then."

    "I have nothing else to add. I cannot say you are a bad opponent, just new, which isn't a bad thing. To fight against the top of the X Division, is something not a lot of people would want to do. I do welcome you to the division, and whether you win or lose, I suggest to keep fighting hard against other opponents, then you'll earn the shot at this belt, and just maybe one day you can call yourself, X Division champion." Farooq said as he dropped the microphone, his escort holding the championship up high as the crowd chanted for Farooq's name.
  5. "For the most part you're right. I can see you're a fighting champion, I respect that and I respect you,but, you're not the only one who fights with every fiber of your being. You're not the only one who doesn't back down from a fight. When it comes to a challenge I don't back down and I fight with all of my heart. You see,I overcome the obstacles in my way. When the smoke from the dust clears I am the man standing tall. When the smoke from the dust clears you will be the one on the ground,in agony,laying in defeat."

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Suicide continues on. "You may be the guy who brought back quality to the IWT and to the X-Division. You may be the guy that pushes people to their best,but, you lack the durability to keep it up forever. It's not a matter of if you get dethroned from the top of the X-Division,it's when will you get dethroned from the top of the X-Division. Your dethroning starts today my friend and I am the man that's going to do it!"

    "Look,I may be new here,but, I am more than capable to be at the top of the X-Division. You're a formidable opponent and it was an honor to face you. It won't be long till we meet again,and,when we do,rest assure, it will be for the X-Division title!" The crowd breaks into a loud chant of we want more! Suicide smirks,looks at the crowd,and, looks back at Farooq.
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  9. :goatface:My first win in IWT. Loved facing you Farooq,maybe we'll face again down the road soon.
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