Summerslam - Alkaline vs George

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Alkaline vs George

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    *Dat Kid sees Alkaline in the backstage area and limps towards him.*

    Hey! I saw you laughing last week when Suicide lost his match against Senhor. You think that's pretty funny don't you? You know what else is going to be funny? Your match, tonight! You're not booked for anything and I know how much you love to fight, so why would should I keep you off the card? So tonight it's going to be Alkaline...vs an opponent of my choosing. And that match

    *Kid limps away from from Alkaline*

    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hrs' and there is a 2 promo limit, adjust accordingly
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours

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    The lights go dim while two white spotlights run around the arena.
    George bursts out from the curtains sporting his trademark smile as he spins around basking in the atmosphere that surrounds him. A few fans put their hands on him expecting a hand shake, but he shrugs them off with even looking as his eyes are firmly planted on the squared circle in front of him. His demeanor has changed, he's more determined and less cryptic. He paces to the other side of the ring and grabs a microphone before rolling into the ring waiting for his music to end.
    "Well, it looks like I'm back to where to I'm most familiar ... And that's with a microphone in hand. I look around and see you people fixating on every syllable that I speak like a junkie waiting for his gear to heat up and I know why..."
    George seems to be getting a mixed reaction from the fans. Some are booing him, but others are firmly on his side. Some fans are chanting, "GEORGIE SUCKS!" while others are counteracting it with a "LET HIM SPEAK!" chant. George seems amused by it all for a second until he continues speaking.
    "You see, I'm not the only guy out here who's able to cut a mean promo. No, there's a lot of guys in the back who I'm sure can match me word for word, one being Crayo. By the way, buddy, I haven't forgotten about you. The difference between me and every other wrestler on this roster is that I don't shoot bullshit and insult your intelligence by expecting you to believe it like the others."
    George gets a nice pop from the fans before continuing.
    "Don't take that the wrong way, I don't lie to anyone ... Because I don't have to. I stood here over one month ago, I looked Crayo in the eye and I said that The Cure was here to stay. Guess what? We're still here and we're not leaving anytime soon. Then, I looked at Mr. Sackfist and Rhodes and told them that The Cure was gonna take them out ... And we did! With ease!"
    The crowd are once again mixed, there are moments when the crowd erupts in cheers and others when the crowd erupts in boos.
    "The reason why my words are so strong is because I follow up on them. I don't have anybody to convince when I speak because I know that no matter what I'm getting myself into I can handle and I can overcome just because of who I am and what I'm made of. I've been doing it since I've got here. I've showing people up and proving people wrong and I gotta say I get a kick out of it ... Because all of you people thought that I wasn't shit this time last month and now you're either jumping on the bandwagon and cheering me or you're booing me because you're scared that the next guy to stand up against me might be your favourite and that means he's getting dropped on his ass so that I can step over him."
    George cracks his neck and looks to the floor before continuing.
    "And now, that brings me to Alkaline, my opponent for SummerSlam. Is this the next guy with the hype behind him? Is he the one that you all think is gonna take me down? Is he the one that the boys upstairs are putting their money on because they don't want me to get to Crayo. Is that it? Well Alkaline, you made the biggest mistake of your career agreeing to be their stooge because on your best day you simply don't have a chance against me. I'm fighting for something that's too big for one man to stop, something that needs to be fed and that will be fed as long as I'm alive and breathing and that is The Cure. We've already proved what we can do ... Now, it's time to take over."
    George brushes his hair back and spits onto the mat as a small grin lies under his nose.
    "Alkaline, I really do sympathise for you. I want you know that now because when we step into that ring together at SummerSlam there will be no sympathy, there will be no remorse ... There will be you and I on your day of judgement, the day that will fall at the feet of The Cure ..."
    George looks up as his smile intensifies.
    "Because you are the cancer ... And we, we are The Cure."
    George falls to the floor and rolls out of the ring as his theme music plays once again. He walks out the ramp still with the same dastardly smile as before.
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  3. *As the crowd claps along to the music, Alkaline steps out on the stage. He is dressed in his usual black and green wrestling shorts, kickpads, wrestling boots and black towel covering his face. He walks to the ring at a slow pace, stopping at times to feel the crowd, who consists of more cheers than boos right now. He slides into the ring and stands in the center of it. Turns towards his opponent and slowly removes the towel from his head. Alkaline then grabs a microphone.*​
    AK: Cancer? You must have read the calender wrong buddy. I'm a Leo, not a Cancer. And the doctors backstage said I was completely healthy so I don't think I need any sort of cure. You can take your modern medicine or whatever it is you are preaching and hop on over to the person next door because I'm not interested.​
    *crowd goes Oooooh*​
    AK: Second of all. You speak about your words being strong because you follow up on them. And while following up on your word is indeed a good thing it alone does not make your words have weight my friend. It's the message behind your words, your intentions and your end goal, that dictate the weight of your word. You promised to defeat Sackfist and Rodrigo, you promised that the Cure was here to stay? Well it is pretty easy to stay in one place when one does not move. What has the Cure done since getting here? They've won a tag match? Oh shiver me timbers! When I make a promise I at least make it worthwhile. I promise that I will reshape this company? I do everything in my power to change it, brick by brick, step my step. It's a long process, but I am a patient man that knows change doesn't come over night. I promise to never die or back down, and here I am. After every obstacle thrown in front of me, every single road block. And I keep getting up!​
    *Crowd cheers*​
    AK: Also, I agreed to this match? That seems to be news to me. Because it seems pretty clear to me that Dat Kid just threw me in here in hopes that you'd get a lucky shot in and I'd go down. Well I say tough luck to the cripple in the back because I ain't going down. Not now, not ever. And it seems like you don't know who I am yourself, George was it? Anyways. I'm not the guy the fans here loves. I'm not loved by the people backstage. I'm a man with few friends and many enemies. And that's just how I like it. I am the one man army, the horse of war. I'm no one's hero and no one's villain. I am just the inevitable end. I am Alkaline. And while you have been making lofty writing checks I have been busy cashing in my own. While you've been sitting on your ass I've been spitting in the face of gods and legends. I've challenged for belts, I've held belts. I've gone to war more times than I care to remember. And I like it like that.​
    *Alkaline steps closer to George, looks him in the eyes and scoffs*​
    AK: You say you don't shoot bullshit? Well neither do I. You claim to fight for a higher cause, you claim to be something unstoppable? Well then, say hello to the fricking alpha and omega. Say hello to the immovable object. You say there will be no sympathy? Good. I've got no time for kids filled up on stupid either way. I don't want matches, I want wars. You think you're going to take over? You're going to have to kill me first, and if there is one thing I am it is immortal.​
    *Crowd pops*​
    AK: All I hear out of your mouth is "blah blah blah blah blah". But all that you will hear, is me breaking each and everyone of your bones. And me popping every single joint in your body out of its socket.​