Summerslam- An Announcement By The Best Himself

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    *The Summerslam arena plunges into darkness, The titantron hits*​
    *After 40 seconds a spotlight hits and Adam walks out, He has a hood covering his face as the camera follows him to the ring*​
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to bring you back to a few months ago at Extreme Rules.​
    *A clip shows Adam winning the No.1 Contenders match for the X-Division Title*​
    You see, I have this little briefcase and it gives me a shot at the X-Division Title any time I want it, And I have made my decision, After negotiations with our GM Dat Kid I have made the final decision that I will face whoever survives the Ultimate X Match to a match of his choosing at Night of Champions for THE X-DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!​


  2. Adam is interrupted, as Aids Johnsons video starts, breaking the crowd's silence. They welcome Aids Johnson into the Arena with Cheer's mixed in with the jeers. Aids walks out wearing his token smile, red eyes, and a brewers jersey. Aids walks out towards the ring, and stops outside, thanking Adam for announcing him, before turning his back to the titantron/backstage area he has just came from. Aids laughs and clears his throat before beginning.

    Ladies and gentlemen. Boys, girls, and lower mid card jobbers. Mr Money in the bank is here to save you! *Crowd pops* from yourselves. *Shifts to boos*

    You see i sit back, and enjoy the show that everyone presents, leading to summerslam, you might even call this the sequel to my legendary victory at Wrestlemania, where i defeated Senhor Perfect for the IWT title, and became the greatest champion any of you in this slum lord having, white trash building. *Crowd boos loudly*

    I dont care who you all are, the real shame is you all wasted your ticket on a main event that even the promoter has no interest in. He cares so much about the title match, he promoted Danielson as the contender not once, but twice. He forgot the person his assistant manages, the person he talks to on a daily basis about the companies future, and he has no idea who shadoxicity is, or who is even facing Victoria "Park-inn" Parker, the sleaze of IWT. A woman who has caused more Drama than the man holding the contract to the future of this company. You all know me, im the prettiest champion you've ever had, Mr Wrestlemania, Mr Money in the bank, and the man who is going to stop Incognito.

    I would speak of the man, but we know little to nothing about him. In fact, he speaks only about the competitor in this match that matters. Aids Johnson *Crowd boo* And i love you all back. Now ill let you get back to the X division talk, as i really shouldnt be wasting my time with the low class of the IWT.

    *Aids Drops his mic, turns and holds his briefcase up while Adam stands in the middle of the ring, microphone clearly turned off by the sound controllers in the backroom. Aids laughs as he walks through the crowd, out of the arena and into the backstage area.
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