SummerSlam - B.Dazzle vs Gav the Chav!

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. *The fans erupt in a loud mix of boos and cheers as a new version of B.Dazzle's theme hits the speakers. The fans wait impatiently for B.Dazzle to make his way down the ramp, but he never shows up. The way wait and wait until suddenly every single fan in the arena leaps to their feet and explodes into cheers as a man walks down the ramp.*

    Show Spoiler

    *Chants of Rocky fills the arena as The Rock stands on the entrance ramp with a serious look on his face. He has a mic in his hand and waits for the crowd to die down a little. After a few more seconds of chanting, they finally let The Great One speak.*

    Rock: Finally...................THE ROCK has.................come to an IWT ARENA!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Rock: That is right. The most electrifying man in all of sports and entertainment is here, live and in the flesh. Don't pinch yourself, because this isn't a dream. This is real. We are here, live, at IWT Summerslam, where right now the biggest match of the summer is about to take place. Coming up right now, you are all about to see the TRUE main event. Because coming up now Gav the Chav will be putting his IWT Career on the line, against my man, The Dazzling One, Mr. Money in the Bank, B.Dazzle, who in trade will be putting his Briefcase on the line. Now without further ado, The Rock is here to introduce the man who is going to kick candy-ass all over this arena. The man who is as Dazzling as The Rock is electrifying. Stand up on your feet as The Rock gives you the single most electrifying introduction in wrestling history!

    *More loud cheers from the fans.*

    Rock: Now currently residing in Los Angeles, California, standing in at 6 ft 2', weighing 255 pouds, he is the new jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, candy ass kicker, Mr. Money in the Bank himself, B.DAZZLE!

    *The fans erupt in cheers and a little boos, as B.Dazzle makes his way from the back carrying his Briefcase in his hand. B.Dazzle stops at the entrance ramp, a few feet away from The Rock. B.Dazzle and Rock both turn to each other and stare the other down. The Rock extends his hand, and B.Dazzle shakes it. Rock lifts B.Dazzle's hand in the air, as B.Dazzle raises his briefcase in the air as well. Rock gives Dazzle a quick hug, and walks to the back as B.Dazzle makes his way down to the ring. B.Dazzle walks up the stairs, walks across the ring apron, and climbs up the turnbuckle. He looks out to all the fans and then raises his Briefcase in the air to a big pop. B.Dazzle climbs off the turnbuckle and gets in the ring. He walks across to the corner across from where he was, and climbs up to the middle rope. He raises his briefcase in the air, and gets another strong pop. B.Dazzle takes a mic and puts his Briefcase on the floor, in the corner. B.Dazzle looks out to the fans and begins to talk.*

    Dazzle: Finally........................B.DAZZLE HAS COME BACK TO SUMMERSLAM!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Which means that B.Dazzle is back at the same place where he made his PPV debut. It's funny what a year can do to your career. At this same time last year, B.Dazzle was a young kid trying to act like he was the future. A year later, that young has grown up, he's changed, he's not acting like he's the future, he IS the future. Throughout the course of the year, B.Dazzle has done what most men have never had the chance to do. He won the I.C championship and tag team championship at Survivor Series, He eliminated TWELVE men in the Royal Rumble, and he won Money in the Bank for the IWT Championship. Some people have never had the chance to do stuff like that. Marcus Anthony could't do that. Chris Kaizer couldn't do that. The Artist can't do that! You know who can? B.Dazzle can do it, because he has. You know who else can't do it? Gav the Chav! The only thing Gav did was win the tag titles, and that was because he partnered up with me. From October to June, B.Dazzle spent his career carrying around Gav like he was an extra bag of luggage. So what did B.Dazzle do? He did what you usually do to trash, he threw it out! He got rid of it! B.Dazzle's plans were to throw Gav out of his life, and go on with his career, but Gav couldn't let it go! He couldn't let it go! Why? Because B.Dazzle was the only reason Gav even had any success in this company! Gav, on his own, can't get the job done! Money in the Bank proved that. His matches with Dat Kid prove that! When he was B.Dazzle's sidekick, sure he was winning tag matches, but what did Gav do? NOTHING!

    *Crowd boos.*

    Dazzle: He did the same thing over and over and over again. The exact same stuff that he did in all the singles matches he ever lost! Let that sink in. Gav did the same thing in both tag and single matches, yet he only really won tag matches? What's the difference in that equation? B.Dazzle is. Gav you owe your career to B.Dazzle, and that's why he is going to take it from you TONIGHT! When you walk down to that ring, B.Dazzle wants you to look at the crowd, look at the ring, the floor, everything! Because it's going to be the last time you ever see of this live in person ever again. When B.Dazzle is done whipping your cheeky, candy-ass tonight, he is going to make sure he sends you packing with no chance to return ever, and B.Dazzle means EVER again! Gav, you have all these idiots cheering and rooting for you, but it doesn't matter! Not even thousands upon thousands of tag partners can help you, because the only partner that could carry you to a win is B.Dazzle, but he's the guy standing in this ring ready to whip your rudy poo candy ass! B.Dazzle is going to end your career, Gav! And from there, B.Dazzle will go on to achieve his dream of FINALLY................becoming the IWT Champion!

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  3. * the crowd erupts as gav the chavs music plays as gav makes his way out to the ring gav pauses for a moment abd looks around knowing this could be the last time he walks down the ramp gav heads towards the the ring and climbs inside it and stares down b.dazzle who is stood in the ring gav grabs a mic and begins to speak*

    (Gav the chav) well well well this is it dazzle all this build up all this Hype it has finally come down to this you know what right you actually are a little cheeky **** let me take you back to last year when gav was looking for a tag partner

    you remember right? Let me remind you all gav put out an advert looking for a tag partner and you came to me I didn't come to you in fact gav never knew you existed until you piped up your career was on the verge of ending until you came crawling to me I picked you up shined you up a little and made you all dazzling again you see dazzle whether you like it or not gav reignited your career before me and you were a thing gav was the most over star since frank the jock everybody loved what I was doing and you saw me and you wanted a piece of it you came to me and you know what I thought we were best friends we did everything together but you took our friendship and took a huge almighty shit all over it like it was nothing and simply used me to progress further your shitty little career you wanna talk about losses lets look at yours shall we?

    You lost to lord lee a man who was still recovering from a concussion at the time yet you couldn't beat him surely that should be an easy win for a man as great As you Claim to be then theres the time when you lost your intercontinental title to adam hawk the most beatable guy in IWT history yet you couldn't beat him then theres your defeat to defeat no complete domination from the current champ joey bryant when he well and truly handed your arse to you you silly bastard what makes you think that when you Cash in your contract you'll beat him you silly little **** I may have lost now and again as a singles competitor but at least I can hold my head up high and say I gave it my all and say I ain't ashamed of losing to the men I have lost to the same can't be said about you some of your loses are embarrassing im suprised you can show your face around here still

    After tonight im gunna show you and every single person out here who the number one dazzling chav is and I guarantee it will be me theres no Way you're gunna end my career im gav the chav im hard as fuck and if you are gunna fuck with I am gunna knock you the fuck out see at least I can come up with my own catchphrases and don't have to steal them from somebody else come on dazzle hit me with something original something new something Creative and don't tell Me it doesn't matter coz you know you can't do it can you?

    @B.Dazzle you turn
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  4. *Dazzle puts the mic up back to his mouth.*

    "Oi, I'm Gav the Chav, I'm hard as fuck." That is the same stupid crap that cost us the tag titles at Mania, Gav. It's crap like that that ruined this team. Yeah, you do come up with your own catchphrases, but where has that got you Gav? Tell me! That's right, it's gotten you nowhere in this company! Let B.Dazzle tell you something, you didn't know who B.Dazzle was? Who really did at the time. Nobody know who B.Dazzle, but you can bet that every single damn superstar in the back knows who B.Dazzle is NOW! That's all that matters. It's about right now,not about last year anymore. And what's going to happen right NOW, is that B.Dazzle is going to break you in half and your career!

    *Boos from the crowd.*

    Dazzle: It's funny that a man who is so supposedly tough, you run around after me like some psychotic, ex-girlfriend. You whine and cry like on too. "You used me." "You threw our friendship away like it was nothing!" CRY, CRY, CRY, that is all you have done! It's annoying, and honestly, it's absolutely sickening. You're damn right B.Dazzle used you, you're goddamn right. And you know what, just saying it here, out loud, makes it feel even sweeter. B.Dazzle came to you to get noticed, and guess what, it worked. That's all B.Dazzle needed. To get noticed, and see a crack in the door. B.Dazzle saw the crack, and kicked the damn door open! That is why my title is "Mr. Money in the Bank", and your title is nothing more than "B.Dazzle's certified chavy, little bitch!" When B.Dazzle is done with you, he's moving on to bigger and better things. Joey Bryant better look over his shoulder at every damn turn! B.Dazzle doesn't plan for his title to be "Mr.Money in the Bank" for much longer. Oh no, sooner rather than later, you can bet all your candy-asses, his title is going to be "IWT Champion!" Face it Gav, The Dazzling Chavs was consisted of you "the present, now currently the past" and B.Dazzle "The future, about to be the present." And you can bet, that it is going to be a long, long time before B.Dazzle is ever considered a thing of the past. When B.Dazzle retires they'll remember him for three things, the man with the record of most eliminations in a Royal Rumble, the man who ended Gav the Chav's pathetic excuse of a career, and the single greatest IWT Champion of all time.

    *Louder boos from the crowd.*

    Dazzle: Don't worry Gav, when your career is dead, B.Dazzle is going to make you a nice tombstone. A nice tombstone to piss on every single day!

    *The boos grow even louder now.*

    Dazzle: And when he's done pissing on it, he's going to turn it sideways, spit on it, throw dirt on it, and shove it straight up your candy ass!

    *B.Dazzle begins to smile as "Fuck you, Dazzle" chants fill the arena.*

    Dazzle: Gav don't just smell what B.Dazzle is cooking. Taste it, look at it, feel it, and smell it, because he is cooking up the ass whipping of a lifetime. And when he's done, he's sending you packing to that waste land of place you call Middlesbrough right back home to that slag of a mother. When you get your candy ass kicked.......that's a Gav the Chav!

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and stares Gav down.*
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  5. *Gav grabs the mic and gets right into dazzles face*

    (Gav the chav) ow you little cheeky **** who the fuck do you think your talking to? You wanna know why I wanted thus match because its about time someone took you down a peg or two you think your so mint you don't you coming out here spitting out your catchphrases pretending to be something your not you started this war dazzle remember that I didn't start this you did when you came out and attacked me in front of everyone and embarrass me like you did you think I was gunna take it lightly you of all people Should of known better than that

    *gav the chav chant breaks out*

    You know what right I should of ditched your arse back in February after you embarrassed the dazzling chav Name when you lost your title to adam actually thinking about it chris kaizer would have been a much better partner than you I can see it right now the sleeping chavs has a much better a ring to it you tell me and all these people I'm the reason we lost the titles but lets be honest here the only one spitting out the same shit week after week was you you could literally copy and paste a promo you made Months ago and nobody would be able to tell the difference between them at least I gave it my all you didn't seem to care a lot of the time your nothing but an absolute fucking bellend

    *gav steps away ftom dazzle and turns towards the crowd*

    You know this could be the last time you see me in the the I know its shit innit and that ain't down to me its down to that prick over there but you know what right it doesn't even matter because I'm gunna smash his little face in I'm Gunna prove to you all I'm number one my career isn't ending tonight its just beginning

    *gav turns back towards dazzle*

    Like I said earlier dazzle I didn't start all this you did but I guarantee im gunna finish this war tonight and im gunna finish you off you brought this on yourself dazzle im gunna show everyone you that your more rocky maivia And not like dwayne the rock Johnson and thats The only thing these people are gunna remember you for so gav suggests you take your own advice and shut your god damn mouth before I shut it for you

    @B.Dazzle one more?
  6. @Delik I think were all done here
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  7. Nice match guys! I was kind of hoping Gav would break into song after the end of Dazzle's second promo though. Oh well.
  8. Yes lol kinda wish we got another promo in each
  9. Your winner, with an average score of 7.7 to 7.6... Gav the Chav!!

    Full results here >>>
  10. :blackshock::aries2: New MITB contract holder!!!???
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  11. I'm not calling anyone out for there voting, but I was just thinking. How can someone be rated 2 in kayfabe if the only requirement is to stay in character and do whatever Gohan didn't do in his video against Farooq at WM? Just wondering if there's anything I didn't know about the kayfabe rating.
  12. You're the least to talk about trating awfully low amirite @Bill Clinton

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  13. well probably because The Rock was brought into the fictional world of IWT. I can see why people gave low ratings to Dazzle in that aspect.
  14. That could probably be it. Sucks if that would be the reason I lost. But at least I lost to Gav.

    I've always wanted to do that entrance, and there was no better time than now.
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  15. Huh, I thought it was good. Well played even. I still don't like the kayfabe category. I was thinking more of an Offensive/Defensive rating from a category @Dat Kid used. Like lower scores for not addressing a certain comment by your opponent. Or not being offensive enough. Something like that???
  16. Gav didn't beat Dazzle. The Rock is the one who truly beat Dazzle.

    Dazzle vs. The Rock pls.
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