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    So I have to get these finalized by Wednesday before @Delik leaves on his holiday. I am going to run down the matches and tag those involved. I am only using your log in names and not characters for now.
    Please tell me what day works best for you guys.

    @DK James vs @THG? - Title vs Title match
    Sunday the 24th (ME duh)

    @B.Dazzle vs @gav the chav
    Gav - Any day, but 23rd is best
    Dazzle - any day but Friday the 22nd
    Saturday the 23rd

    @Stopspot vs @Bill Clinton - Euro Title match
    Stopspot - Sometime Thursday 21st thru Sunday 24th
    Clinton - Same
    Thursday 21st

    @Shadow vs @CrayJ Lee
    Shadow - 20th or 21st
    CrayJ - 20th or 21st

    @Majour vs @Manik
    Majour and Manik - 19th

    @Nick vs @Hollywood Jwab
    Nick - 18th, 19th, or 20th
    Jwab - 18th or 24th
    18th it is - Show Opener!

    @Trevor~ vs @Ovalhead Le Jobber
    Looking at Friday the 22nd

    @Danielson and @Tsar vs @The ReagMaster and @RedDwarfTechy
    Gonna be Tuesday I think
    Tsar - anytime
    Reag - anytime
    RedDwarf - best if not 21st or 22nd
    Danny - anytime really
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  2. Looks about right.
  3. What are the dates for this?
  4. Looking good thus far.

    Edit: Tag are still not working for me in this section by the way, anyone else having the same issue.
  5. Next week - 18th thru the 24th
  6. Huh, I thought they fixed that
  7. Sadly it's still an issue as i did receive the tag in this thread. :/
  8. Also, If (Knock on wood) I do not win the match between myself and Jwab would there be an opening to where I can compete in a match at summerslam? I would love to be apart of that pay per view.
  9. Well the new generation needs a tag team to face
  10. The 20th, or the 21st would be best.
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  11. Depending on where Dat Kid plans to take things, if he decides not to take that match up, I think @RedDwarfTechy And @The ReagMaster could be placed into that match for a storyline idea the three of us planned two weeks ago.

    But it's your call, boss man! :)
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  12. Either the 19th or the 22nd areprobably the best days for me, but I'm not sure about @Manik
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  13. Cool cool. I don't think @Dat Kid will take that match TBH
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  14. Perfect. Hopefully Reag And Red will be free to do this. :)
  15. AND got your tag :otunga:
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  16. LOL, I'll pm them and direct them to this just in case... Paranoia is kicking in... :cry:
  17. Yep just gimme a re-tag when it's finalised.
  18. Something I thought of too - you don't really need the dates to set up the threads like you were saying before right? I can just make the thread 'visible' to everyone else on the right day. I assume you could start making some of these now right? The good majority of the matches are finalized. Just waiting on the X-Div tournament to finish and someone to step up for the tag challenge
  19. No match for me please, gonna be busy through the week.
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  20. Nope I don't need any dates, you just need the dates to know when to make them visible :obama:

    I'm not gonna do them yet because I'm pretty sure 'awaiting moderation' creates an alert for mods/admins (at least it did on MyBB) and it's annoying, so I want to leave it as long as possible.
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