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    VOTE HERE----------->
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the European Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.



  2. Golden confetti and dollar bills rain from the rafters as Midas steps out on the stage in golden ring gear, half of the tag team championship resting on his waist. He strides confidently to the ring, grabs a microphone… and begins to speak.

    As the theme song of that other wrestling show says: tonight is the night. Tonight is the night that I make Chris Kaizer famous! But not for the reasons that he thinks! Chris thinks that he’s in for a walk in the park, an easy peacy day in the office. But I know, and all of you know, that he’s actually stepping in the ring with one of the most dangerous men in not just IWT, but wrestling and the world at large. Chris Kaizer has finally set off an explosion that he cannot sleep his way through.

    Midas sits down in the corner of the ring, resting against the ropes.

    When I look at Chris Kaizer, I see all that is wrong in the newer guys in this business today. Guys who come in and expect to be handed the world on a platter, for no other reason than them wanting it. There’s no honor in coming up the hard way, the RIGHT way! It’s main event or bust, a distinct lack of respect towards tradition, towards honor, towards the right way to become a star. So tonight I am not just making myself a hefty profit, both in money and the prestigious European Championship. Tonight I am taking a stand for this business, a business that I love. Tonight I tape up my fists and I beat respect into an arrogant young boy, a kid who isn’t done carrying bags or setting up chairs yet. And I’ll be doing it in a prime slot.

    Chris, I am going to make money off of you tonight. I am going to make you profitable, because that’s what I do. You’re going to sell newspaper issues like a cure for cancer when I am done, because murder cases tend to sell well.

    Get out here boy so I can tan your hide! ​
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  3. Chris Kaizer comes out to the stage wearing the European Title around his waist. He makes his way down to the ring, but not without saying insults towards the camera. He grabs a mic from ringside before rolling into the ring. He taunts on the top rope before bringing him self back to the ground. Kaizer walks around the ring before beginning to speak.

    Well, here we are. It's finally come. Midas vs Chris Kaizer, the self pro-claimed, "Money Maker" and I say that with air quotes. Going one on one with the self pro-claimed, "Real Future of IWT". The veteran, vs the so called "rookie" by you. All for one thing, this title around my waist. But that's only to me. To you, you aren't focused merely on this belt. No no, you are more concerned about teaching me a lesson so to speak. About money. You want to make me a superstar, even if it's only for 15 minutes.

    Kaizer turns and looks into the camera. He licks his lips before speaking again.

    Such a waste of talent. He chose money over power.

    Chris Kaizer turns back to Midas.

    You see, you would be the most dangerous man in IWT, if only you could focus on what is important. Not making superstars. No kid grows up wanting to make superstars. No, they want gold. It's sad when little kids have their heads on straight and an old man such as your self does not.

    When you were out here, talking all your talk. I sat back there, irritated, annoyed. At the thought that you don't think I got here by working hard. That I didn't work my way up here. I started out facing Bruce Knight. I've gone from kicking off the show to main eventing. From being just some guy who opened up the show. To the guy who is fighting for belts. Fighting at the top. All because of my hard work. I didn't come in here like some failed European Championship challengers. No, I did it your so called "right" way. I didn't come in here and ask for the world title off the bat. I came in here and took my spot on the card. I took that opportunity. Now look where I am. I am facing off against former world champs. I'm headlining shows. In fact, me and Joey Bryant, we made the tag team champions main event titles for one night. You and Andrew could never do that. I did that, all off of one thing...hard work. I've worked my way here, and I haven't even gotten to my peak yet. But you....

    Your time is up, old man. My time, mine's only just started.
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    Midas glares at Kaizer, a frown etched onto his face. He gets up from his sitting position and walks up to his opponent, getting in his face.

    Never before have I heard a man get so many things wrong, in such a short span of time. So boy, allow me to set your head on straight before I knock it off. You call me unfocused, say that I am focusing on the wrong things, that I let money and profit get in the way of championships and titles, off the accolades. Do you know the current monetary value of gold, Chris? That belt you hold right there is worth exactly $262,390.92 under the current stock value of gold. Every piece of gold that is draped around my waist is extra profit going into my pocket, into this company's pocket and into this business. My priorities are set perfectly straight, that I get to kick the ever living crap out of you Chris is just a bonus.

    You claim that you came up the right way, that you are on the peak of this company and of this industry. And all I can do is shake my head at this ludicrous statement. Chris your peak is about on the level of the Marianas trench. You hold promise but you are far far faaaar from the top.

    And about you working hard to get to where you are: Looking back at your work I spit on that claim. You my good sir, are nothing but a coat tail rider, a tag along, a glorified bag boy. A weasel willing to latch his wagon onto the next big thing just to reap the profits without lifting a finger. Just look at how you came into the company! You came in as a minimal part of the Cure, you are the Heath Slater of the Cure! Then there was that short time that you were the third man in the Dazzling Chavs, pressing Gav's track suits and smelling what B.Dazzle was cooking sure paid off for you in the long run didn't it? And let's not mention the time you spent with your lips latched onto the split cheeks of Joey Bryant. If you claim that you came up the company through hard work it must have been done using your lips rather than your skills in the ring.

    Tonight I right a wrong. I correct and error in the books. I reset the stock on Chris Kaizer and send him packing back to the bottom. I'm buying you out and I am going to strip you down to the bare essentials. You are ECW and I am Vince F'ing McMahon. You'll have your die hard fans chanting your name ten years from now, but I'll still be the man reaping the profits off it all.

    Because money is more powerful than any god. Money is power. And I am money.
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  5. Chris Kaizer looks at Midas confused.

    $262,390.92? Shit, I'm gonna go sell this right now.

    You want to say that I was the weak link in the Cure? Sorry, but a guy named Jwab still exist. If you want to talk about my one match with the Dazzling Chavs, how about this. I won with them, granted, we didn't face 5 star talent. But I noticed something, I don't need them. But a couple weeks before that, I was already in a World Heavyweight Champion contender match. Then I went on to contend for this belt around my waist. If anything, the Dazzling Chavs were a road block in my career. Then you want to talk about Joey Bryant? He needed ME! If I didn't come around and offer him my help, he would have had to walk into MITB without a tag partner. He would have lost to you. I came along, and I helped him get farther in that match than he could ever get alone. We don't know what would have happened in that match all because of one man. But maybe tonight, we might get a little idea.

    If I may ask you, did anyone you named help me win this title? Did they help me beat your tag partner? Did they help me win the #1 Contender for this? No. I did it...all alone. No one helped me win that title. No one is going to help me beat you tonight. I did it alone, I will do it alone.

    You always talk about money. How you are going to help IWT make a profit. I can see that, you are spreading lies about how you are going to teach me a lesson. Send me back to the bottom of the totem pole. How you are going to kick my ass. And to be frank, who doesn't want to see me get my ass kicked. But sadly to say, many have tried before you. They have all failed, fallen, me. No one has done it before, and tonight, that isn't going to change. People try, and they fail. Andrew,Frie, Welcome to the club, Captain.

    Chris Kaizer chuckles before returning to a straight face

    Greed. You. Both sins, and tonight, I cleanse IWT of it's sins.

    Chris Kaizer drops his mic

    (OOC- @Trip in the Head Go ahead)
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  6. Don't know why but the last line in Stop's second promo was just uber great to me. Good stuff.
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    Your winner, with an average of 8.25 to 8... and.... THE NEWWWWW European Champion.... Midas!!

    Full results here >>>
  8. May I ask if you are counting both of Roadie's ratings?
  9. I did not see that, updated the score in the post above.
  10. Midas stands over his beaten opponent, a small amount of blood dripping from his forehead. as the ref raises his hand and places the European title around his waist and his tag team belt around his shoulder he gestures for a mic. He gets a microphone, catches his breath and begins to speak.

    Empires are born, when a king adds a second crown to his head. Tonight... You saw the rebirth of SIN, with our new man Lord Lee set for greatness once more and the birth of the Golden Midas Empire. Ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to a new dawn for the IWT. A new dawn with a new god sitting a top the pantheon. Gone are false profits, gone are demi-gods and false messiahs. Replaced by the gods of profit and success.

    Chris, you are one of the greatest men I've faced, and one day you will be IWT Champion. But tonight you learnt... That Midas über alles!

    Midas poses with his two belts before he heads out of the ring to find Andrew and watch Lee's match.

    OOC: Great match Bill. Closest I've ever had. We'll hook horns down the road again.
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  11. Chris Kaizer slowly stands up. He limps onto the ropes. He motions for a mic. He wipes away some blood from his mouth before getting ready to speak.

    Well, this match didn't end in the way I thought it would. But, it was one hell of a fight. As I stand here, bloody and beaten. Without 200 thousand dollars of gold around my waist. You are probably thinking, "what's next". Hell, will I go ahead and cash in my rematch clause at the next Uprising? Do I ride off with my head down? Do I have a brand new DVD highlighting some of my best matches? I do. You should go buy it. Or, do I go on my journey to new heights? Maybe I will. Maybe I take my talents to south beach, head off to FSW?

    Like I said tonight. I haven't even reached my peak yet. I'm far from it. My rise has only just started. And even though tonight I faced a hiccup, I'm still rising faster and faster.

    Kaizer Slept.

    Kaizer drops the mic and spits blood out of his mouth and starts to walk to the back.
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  12. Uh oh, one member of the tag champs gets an extra belt and the other can't go the distance? inb4 TeamBreakdownStoryline
  13. Wow, that'd never happen.:otunga:
  14. Kaizer hasn't reached his peak :ksi:
  15. Yeah, like if my peak was from 1-10. I went from a 7 to a 4.
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