SummerSlam - Hardcore Championship!

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    VOTE HERE------>
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Hardcore Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED!
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *The lights on the stage fade to black, and a silence falls over the arena. Suddenly, an unfamiliar tune starts to echo throughout the stereo system.*

    *A flash of white light illuminates the darkened stage, and Andrew emerges from the curtain at the 0:31 mark to a positive response. He's accompanied by a kendo stick which is in one hand, and a microphone which is clasped in the other hand. He remains still for a few seconds before he starts to bang the kendo stick on the nearest mini-tron which opens up the center of it. He turns back around to face the ring, and finally decides to saunter on down to the ring.*

    Every single year the IWT comes to this exact arena without fail like clockwork, and it was last year in this ring that I was laying in the ring with everything I 'worked' for at the time disappearing right before my eyes. I was in over my head at the time, and I get that. Being this young, cocky, new talent without a shred of respect for any of the talent in the back. I was headlined in what is supposed to be one of IWT's most important matches that any talent could only hope for. And I couldn't get the job done, simple as that. Victoria Parker was indeed the better person that night, and I admit that.

    *His expression lightens until a smile is all but etched on his face*
    However, instead of ducking like many others have here I pulled myself together, and got out of this proverbial corner I was in. I took the crappy cards I got dealt and I made the best of it. I found a way to prosper in such a low point of my career. People thought I couldn't, and I wouldn't bounce back...but I did. I formed a tag team with a good friend of mine, rose to the top to capture the tag team gold, and haven't let go of them since! Now I know what you're thinking, why would I be proud from being a World Champion, to a Tag Team Champion? It's because I earned it! I took the legitimate route to the tag team titles instead of getting it by aligning with the wrong person, and obtaining it via forfeit. It honestly doesn't matter what title is around my waist, because it's not the title that defines me; it's my passion, and determination for this industry! That's why the fact that this match is for the Hardcore title is the furthest thing in my mind. This isn't about a title for me, this is about my absolution from my past! I've been hoping to get in this ring with Victoria one on one since our first match last year.

    *Andrew drops the kendo stick, and uses the now free hand to feel through his hair*

    If you fast forward to the present here we are, scheduled to go one on with the Hardcore title on the line. This match has been a year in the making, and the two of us go past just the one match. We've met inside, and outside of the ring on multiple occasions. But the thing is, with every encounter we've had I've improved. From winning my first 'Mania match, which actually involved you Victoria- to claiming those tag team titles. However, no matter what I accomplish in this company I can't get my first match with you out of my head. It's practically burned into my mind. That's why I need this match, Victoria. I NEED THIS. Until I right the wrongs from last year every accomplishment I'll ever get will be bitter sweet.

    So Victoria, come on out here so we can finish what we started.
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  3. Victoria’s titantron hits as she emerges onto the stage. With the belt resting comfortably on her shoulder, Victoria smiles as she walks casually down to the ring. Taking a mic and slowly bending through the ropes, she walks up to the center of the ring and takes in Andrew’s appearance. Moving on to take a seat on the middle rope, Victoria claps pleasantly as she continues to watch him closely.

    “Andrew, it really is a pleasure to see you. You sure know how to deliver an inspiring speech. But, now that you’ve finished, the floor is all mine.” She cocked her head to one side with a small smile crossing her face. “We all have our stories, some more tragic than others. What defines all of us is what we’ve been able to do with our short time on this earth. Like you, Andrew, I’m a survivor. While prestigious titles were lost, sanity was crumbling to pieces and every decision I made was ridiculed and under public scrutiny. Several institutions and court dates later, I’m in one piece and standing here with a title in hand.”

    Some cheers can be heard in the crowd as Victoria looks down at the floor of the ring with a smile on her face. She looks back up at Andrew once again as she continues to speak. “My recovery is an ongoing process that I take very seriously. I still talk to my counselors that helped me get back into this ring with my sanity intact and clear priorities in mind. Some of these people out here tonight and even some of the wrestlers on our roster don’t believe that I’ve changed. Social media practically screams at me every night, countless tweets every night telling me to go back where I came from and never return.”

    Victoria swallows hard, emotion evident in her eyes as some ‘Vicky’s crazy’ chants ring through the arena. Her voice cracks as she raises it, drowning out the chants around her. “I know the mistakes I made and I’m here to make things right. Just like you Andrew, I won this title the right way and the fair way. There are no more games and sick, twisted priorities decorated in narcissistic grandeur. Although I’ve returned with a renewed respect for this industry, I know that I’ve won this title because I am damn good at what I do. Consistently I take center stage and defeat men twice my size that I’m not expected to win. Night in and night out, I’m still fighting for respect that I believe I’ve earned. Defying the odds is my specialty and tonight will be no different. Andrew, the next chapter of our story is about to begin and this Hardcore title is staying with me.”
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  4. *At the sound of the 'Vicky's crazy' chants Andrew starts to twitch, and tries to act a bit loose*
    *The crowd reacts with some laughter, and Andrew pauses for a moment. He starts to regain his composure, and mouths "I'm sorry, I'm sorry- I was only trying to lighten the mood." to Victoria.*
    Now, I wasn't sitting right next to you in the padded cell that you were confined in for a few months, but I can sort of comprehend what you had to go through. Only a select few people in this world have to endure similar situations, and I can tell it takes a pretty big toll on them. But the thing is Victoria, you got passed it. You took your burdens and you found a way to strive off of them! And that is something I can truly commend you on.

    *Now with a more intense look Andrew starts to pace back, and forth.*
    Just allow me to reiterate this if you will, this obstacle- us, is something that I have yet to look past. It eats at me as sad as that may sound. It's not beneficial for my career to keep living in the past which is exactly why I need this closure. You can look at my reasoning for initially calling you last month, after Money in the Bank and see why it may seem selfish, but this ghost has been all I've seen. This ghost of my former self, and the way I was down and out at SummerSlam last year haunts me. If anybody knows about their past weighing them down it's you. So, in order to get passed it I have to come out of this on top. *winks*

    The fact that the Hardcore Title is on the line here is merely a consolation prize. If there was a way for me to come out of this bout the victor, and you could keep the title I probably...would not do it. But hey, it's the thought that counts. *Andrew shrugs*(ooc: inside joke init)
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  5. Victoria listens to him finish. "Don't worry Andrew. I see what this is really about." She slowly gets off the rope and stands in front of him, a slow smile creeping across her face.

    "It's not that I don't hear what you're saying. Reinvention is a very important part of personal growth. After all, if you remain the same way your entire career, no one's going to notice you. It's natural to want the best for yourself, and winning and obtaining titles is a part of the job. But, for some odd reason, you want to make a point of exerting your dominance over and outside of this ring."

    Some whistles come from the crowd based on her last comment but Victoria doesn't pay much attention. She takes a step closer, never breaking eye contact with Andrew. She traces her fingers on his lips for a moment before pulling them away. "I'm permanently ingrained in that head of yours. Like the many male competitors before you, I defeated you in this ring and became the first undisputed IWT Champion. You must have obsessed over that loss for months, wondering where you went wrong, watching as the months went by and I began to lose my touch with reality. That would have been the perfect opportunity to take advantage of me and take your title back...but you never did, did you? Instead, the only time you came to me again was when you came to my rescue."

    She took another step closer, continuing to close the gap between them. Another smile played on her lips as she spoke. "You care about me and the whole world knows it. Having this match is a distraction from what the whole world saw transpire between us before my departure. I placed a kiss on those lips that you've never forgotten. And, most of all, you never came to see me after all the promises you made about me not having to go through anything alone again. Andrew, you know you were a liar and a coward who couldn't follow through when the stakes were higher. You want to put me and everything else behind you so you can finally feel free of the spell I've placed on you."

    Victoria pauses for a moment, still watching Andrew intently as some 'kiss him' chants break out. A few moments pass before Victoria slaps him across the face. A mixed reaction erupts from the crowd as Victoria finally speaks again, her voice slightly shaking with anger. "No need to worry Andrew, I've come to terms with you not being who you said you are. You're not my friend and you never will be. Any other feelings I may have had for you are long gone. I don't need you, and I will feel no remorse when I embarrass you AGAIN in this ring. We'll add this moment to your already long list of regrets."
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  6. And you were doubting yourself.:pity1:
    Really good match, I'm glad we got to do this again.

    @Trip in the Head voting time bud
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  7. OOC:

    All you both need is to BO LIEVE!

    Awesome match though :)
  8. :goatface:
    Match of the Night, IMO.
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  9. So far maybe :burns:
  10. Definitely better than our first match at least.:obama:
  11. Last two promos were really solid stuff. Liked this match a lot.
  12. Great match.
  13. Amazing work from both. I know the results will be close as hell.
  14. It doesn't seem like anyone else will be voting, s could we get those results?

    I talked to Jenn earlier and she's fine if we call it a day btw.

    p.s: you forgot to make Oval/Trevor today.
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  15. Why not tag the regulars to boost up the numbers. 7 votes is a shameful way to end one of the best matches I've seen in months.
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  16. I promoted it on here, and Skype but didn't really get any bites. It's pointless to really tag people imo because if they're a regular member they'd see it at some point during the day.
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  17. Shit. Busy day
  18. But yeah, could we just call it a day and see the results?
  19. Sure, give me a few