SummerSlam - Harriet Vargas vs Manik!

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    VOTE HERE------------->
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    @Majour vs @Manik

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. The arena darkens to a low light appears as we see Sackfist standing on the stage with his back to the audience as he walks to the ring.

    "Two runners up of IWT MITB come together for a match, booked as an Older Generation Vs. The Newer Generation. We've seen in IWT that the newer Generation have pushed the scale, I mean even tonight's card is heavily New Generation populated. But I seek not to be a member, a statistic in this war. Many look at me as an Old Generation but I've long removed the shackles that attached me to that former vision of myself. I now stand before you stronger after every defeat and more gracious after every victory"

    Sackfist steps into the ring

    "However, I will indulge because my opponent tonight reminds me of my former self. She has chased Nick for the X-Division title and the Money In The Bank contract, a time mirror to myself and Farooq in some great bouts. While many matches tonight, Gav and Dazzle, Parker and Andrew are about the history, our match is purely a respectful competition where both competitors can and will grow from the confrontation. Harriet Vargas has failed IWT, but by accepting my challenge she has indeed started her path to redemption

    But for me, this is about gaining momentum, I have not forgotten my lose almost a year ago, with Night of Champions looming, I will gain what I have longed for, and that is Joey Bryant. He can do what he pleases with the IWT Title, win or lose, he will remain in my cross-hairs. He will remain there until I see him in this ring against me. So Harriet, while I respect the tenacity you show in your shortcomings, you will fail IWT once again tonight. Because while I fell off the ladder at MITB to my brass ring, I will never stop climbing, you are my first step back to the top, you will join the list of opponents I've defeated, champions and none, that is your prize this evening Harriet"

    Sackfist waits for Harriet to make her appearance

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  3. Harriet makes her way from the ramp, ignoring the mixed reactions from the crowd.
    She grabs a mic fron a ringside assistant and slides under the bottom rope.

    'Now let's save the old vs new generation spiel. I might well be one of the newer members of the roster, and you, certainly are old news but I'm not fighting for the new generation. I'm not fighting for the fans. I'm not fighting for that piece of garbage I call an ex manager. I'm fighting for me.'

    'I'm not here to make friends or win over fans or other wrestlers. I'm more than aware of public opinion on me... And it's mostly bullshit based on bias. So the whole IWT universe can think that I've failed them- Honestly, I'm not even remotely interested in what they think or want. *The crowd begin to boo and jeer, Harriet holds back a laugh*
    'I know that I've done nothing for them. And I never will. What has IWT done for me?'

    'And you say this is match is out of respect. You may well respect me, but that feeling is not mutual. You are nothing but another obstacle to get around.'
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  4. Sackfist stands attentively as Harriet finishes up her promo.

    "An obstacle? You call me an obstacle, an obstacle is something that stands in your way to a direction, a goal. Your goal is what exactly? A rematch against Nick? I've defeated him long ago. Your the obstacle in this match, because I've got one man in mind as an opponent, the IWT Champion...for now...Joey Bryant. Because IWT has given you a career, otherwise you wouldn't be on this card, yet you fail the company that gives you chance after chance. A match without respect is nothing more than a battle with no lesson. You've lost match after match and continue to shovel mud with your bare hands, never truly evolving and developing as a star. That's why you didn't win the X-Division Title at Extreme Rules, that is why you didn't win the MITB Briefcase and will truly never emerge from the shackles that the Mid-Card latch onto"

    Sackfist pauses for a moment

    "I challenged you to a SummerSlam match because in this society, nobody does anything for nothing, friends are not friends. Everyone uses people, whether they will admit it or not, your using me to try and change the gear on your career, I'm using you to reclimb the ladder back to the match I solely deserve, a match I've waited and calculated for. The difference between you and I isn't the Generation, it's the fact that I look past the looking glass of society, by clearing your mind....only then do you see the world for what it truly is. I've got a goal in my life Harriet, you have none,walking from pilar to post and growing ever weaker from each battle. Without respect for me or these people, you will never ascend to the heights. But as I look at you now, I see your mind is made up and your doomed to remain in this phase. Maybe after our match, you'll realize that my transformation is the trend you need to follow and when I stand across the ring from Joey Bryant, you'll realize Harriet that respect means everything in this company"
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  5. No, my goal isn't to get a re-match with Nick, that is dead and buried and it's the time to move forward. My goal is to make each and every one of you eat your words when I get the gold that I truly deserve. To claim that all I ever do is lose is just straight up dishonest, Sack. Shame on you. *Harriet shakes her head mockingly* Or are you just refusing to acknowledge the fact that I'm better than you? You, just like everybody else, hates to give me any credit- despite the fact that I deserve it.

    Let's face it- if you saw my MITB match, you would have seen just how crafty Nick was... to let me do all the fighting- clearing house, right up until the last minute. Then he stole my briefcase, my chance to get at the World Heavyweight Championship. And not only did he steal what was mine, he injured me. Yet here I am, back fighting- I'm not going to just lie down and let you or anybody else walk over me. It isn't me being stubborn, this is me proving that I can go with the best of the IWT, regardless of how hard others try to knock me down... I will get back up every time and come back stronger each and every time. So you can try and be philosophical all you damn well want with this 'glass of society' garbage, or your 'respectful match' talk but that won't get you anywhere.

    Why should I respect you exactly? What did you do to earn my respect? You, are just another fighter that thinks he can leave and then waltz back in whenever he wants and take what doesn't belong to him. It shows what a hypocrite you truly are- because you don't have respect for those of us who have given everything we have week in and week out to get to where we are, and those of us that continue to work towards where we deserve to be. So the next time you get that urge to climb on top of your soapbox and tell us how it is, at least stand by the convictions that you're trying to push on us.

    OOC (open)

    @Trip in the Head I think we're done.
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  6. @Bill Clinton - could you hit up the 'YES' poll since you voted please?
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  8. Working on mine, but yeah, I agree
  9. Uhhh so I voted on the docs poll 3 hours after it closed, my b. Count it or not, I don't care.
  10. Well at least you bothered.
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  11. I'll count it (unless there are objections), but no more plz guys
  12. I still have to do all the math to figure out the winner though. Sorry.

    Damn you Jono!
  13. OK here we go.

    You're winner in this match by a score of 7.8148 to 7.3333 -----> @Manik !

    Check my math if anybody cares to ----->Results:
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    Harriet hits Sackfist with a Superkick, sending him down to the canvas. She grabs the top rope and jumps up, launching herself into a springboard moonsault.Sackfist rolls out of her way, she hits the canvas- Immidiately rolling over to clutch her ribs.
    Sack grabs a hold of Harriet's hair and forces her back up to her feet before hoisting her up to deliver a sitout suplex slam, driving her back down to the canvas. Sackfist pins, the ref counts *1...2...3*

    The bell rings.

    'And your winner is... Sackfist!' The referee raises Sack's arm in the air, the crowd cheer.
    After a moment Harriet rolls under the bottom rope and out onto the arena floor. She stumbles to the timekeeper's area and tearing the timekeeper's bell from his grasp, makes her way back into the ring.

    Sackfist, still celebrating his victory, has his arms raised high. The crowd are still cheering loudly. Harriet slams the bell into the back of Sack's head, sending him crashing onto the canvas. She hurls the bell across the ring and delivers boot after boot into Sack's body.
    Harriet goes to her knees and wrenches Sack's head from the canvas.
    'I told you that I wouldn't just let you walk all over me. I dare you to cross me again.'

    Harriet gets to her feet and steps between the ropes to jump from the edge of the apron. She heads towards the ramp. After a few steps she turns to smile wickedly at Sackfit's prone body, lying in the middle of the ring.
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