SummerSlam - IWT Championship vs World Championship!

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and the winner of the match will be the
    IWT World Heavyweight Champion!
    Featuring Special Guest Referee @Dat Kid !


    @DK James (IWT) vs @THG? (World)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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  2. [​IMG]
    As soon as the video promo finishes the lights fade to purple and smoke begins to rise from the stage. The crowd pops in anticipation of the match.

    Based God Darth: 18,000 people on their feet tonight at the Staples Center for what will be the biggest match of the year so far and these lights changing signals the arrival of our special guest referee Dat Kid.

    Dat Kid emerges from the smoke a disfigured mess as he barely can open one eye. His chains can be heard dragging across the steel mesh of the entrance, The fans laugh at the assless chaps Trip made him wear, but Kid like always, ignores the fans. Kid gingerly climbs into the ring and a ringside assistant is already prepared to hand Kid a mic, but Kid signals the assistant off.

    Darth: Kid a bit shy for words tonight.

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    ENTRANCE (open)
    *As Kid signals the assistant to walk away, the arena's lights suddenly turn opaque and smoke starts transcending from the ground. The crowd, knowing what's next, beging to boo already. Subsequently, a sequence of melodramatic pyro blasts off, lasting about 10 seconds, prefacing Alias Antonio's theme song which commences to resound throughout the arena.
    The lights turn back on, and you can discern A Day To Remember (emo fgt) playing Alias' theme song as he ambles his way down to the ring, self-assured and dauntless, with the replica world title belts that Kid handed to him on each of his shoulders. He approaches the ring, throwing the titles in, but before entering, Alias walks to the corner outside, and contemplates the crowd's vociferous jeering with a sneer [​IMG] . Shaking his head, he slowly enters the ring and leans over the ropes [​IMG] . He picks up the titles and lays them down in the middle of the ring. Once he does, Alias glares over at where Kid is, and gets in his face. They have a heated exchange, and a composed Alias swiftly turns around and asks for a microphone. He gets one, letting the boos sink in before speaking with a soothing voice.*

    All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was just vanity and pure vainglory, vulnerable men: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous, determined and men who are not afraid to commit iniquities against those who dream deceitfully. But those men who dream deceitfully are often the men attaining larger underseved successes, ala Joey Bryant.

    *Mixed reaction*

    That's right. My dream has always been clear and has been clarified time and time again. My dream has been to be the number 1 guy in this company, hell, it could be argued I AM THE NUMBER 1, but that's always gonna be frowned upon since WHC guys are "inferior" to IWT Title guys. I wanted and still want to become the unanimous "face of the company". And over time, that dream has been in the fingertips of my clutches, not once....but several times. That dream, however, slowly, but definitively, became imperceptible. It receded from my view, it PASSED OUT OF SIGHT. And every SINGLE TIME it would happen, people would claim it'll be a setback to my career. But that just helped me even more in becoming that dangerous, determined man. That made me think of things your average wrestler wouldn't be able to think of, let alone your average citizen. I scrutinized things from both sides of the spectrum, and while doing so, it became clear to me that being a morally correct man was not a way to advance in your career. Good things happen to bad guys, and bad things to good guys and I realized that.

    *Alias smirks*

    I'm a noncomformist, and I'm willing to do things that will lead me to unprecedented new heights, no matter what, and that's why I stand here as your WHC and your soon to be IWT Champion. I was willing to STAB my brothers in the back just to get that one step closer. I was willing to piledrive Dat Kid from a ladder to a table knowing that I could have killed him. I was willing to step up to the plate and do what nobody could do at the time and defeat guys like Dat Kid and Aids. Guys like you Joey Bryant. If I had continued to be that morally correct man I would have been fighting Roadster in the opener tonight, if anything at all. And the reason you're IWT Champion Joey Bryant is because you aren't a morally correct man either, you just don't realize it. And you can deny and negate these claims all you want but think about it. You also betrayed your brother in arms, Frie, you aligned yourself with the most twisted man in IWT, Dat Kid. You took advantage of a debilitated Aids Johnson in that chamber and finished him off. You killed the Bruce Knight hype and you retired Farooq. You can't possibly tell me Joey Bryant, that you're a morally correct man.

    *Alias stops and catches a breath.*

    But you see, what sets me apart from you and what makes me the favorite going into this is that I fully realize who I am and who I want to be going forward. You're just a confused little boy, somehow scratching and slithering your way up to the top unscathed. But tonight is where your journey ends Bryant. Or so I think...

    *Alias diverts his attention to Dat Kid now*

    There's this miniscule chance that I lose tonight, however, and it ain't because I'm not confident in my own ability and in-ring acumen, because otherwise I wouldn't have showed up anyway. It ain't because I'm afraid of you, Joey. It's a very simple yet complex reason. The reason is...this man standing opposite me, Dat Kid.

    *Alias gets a bit closer*

    Let me tell you something Dat Kid. You're officiating a match where the simplest of mistakes will get your ass kicked and returned to that shitstorm FSW was. This may mean nothing for you and just a fun little game to keep you entertained whilst you're still serving for Trip, but for me, this is the biggest match of my fucking career. And one little "fuck up" man...accidental or not...will force me to leave here with Joey's, yours AND Trip's blood.

    *Alias turns away*

    Joey Bryant. Actually, enough talk about dreams and goals. This is reality now. And reality for you will strike very soon:

    Me as the IWT and World Heavyweight Champion and the official face of this company. And there's nothing ANYONE can do about it.

    *Alias leans back against the turnbuckle awaiting Joey's entrance.*
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  4. *The lights turn green in the arena and the crowd pops. His music begins to play.*

    *At 1:36 in the song, Joey Bryant walks out in ring gear but he has a hoodie on with the hood up and doesn’t look up as he walks to the top of the ramp. He finally lifts his head and the crowd pops as he stares down Alias Antonio for a good 20 seconds without moving a muscle. He slowly begins to walk down the ramp when his eyes meet with Dat Kid. At that moment, he stops again at the end of the ramp and stares down Dat Kid for another 20 seconds without moving a muscle. He finally rolls in the ring and signals for his music to be cut just by raising his hand. The crowd cheers as he moves the mic to his mouth.*

    “My name is Joey Bryant.”

    *He gets cut off immediately by some of the crowd chanting “JO-EY BRY-ANT!” but he continues to stare straight at Antonio, not affected by anything else.*

    “My name is Joey Bryant and I am the rightful owner of the IWT Championship and I am your IWT Champion. My name is Joey Bryant and I am a make believe member of the cure, my name is Joey Bryant and I was the 2013 Breakout Star of the Year, my name is Joey Bryant and I am a member of the Church, my name is Joey Bryant and I am a Wrestlemania main eventer, my name is Joey Bryant and I am a TWO time IWT Champion, my name is Joey Bryant and I’ve been betrayed by just about everyone I’ve known.”

    *He continues to look right at Antonio and points at him.*

    “And you are Alias Antonio.”

    *The crowd boos but Joey keeps his finger pointed at Antonio.*

    “Your name is Alias Antonio and you are a fraud, your name is Alias Antonio and you are a liar, your name is Alias Antonio and you are the one who helped end the first generation alongside myself, and then end any hope for the second generation. You are Alias Antonio and you are a nonconformist you said? Alright, Alias “The Hipster” Antonio, you spew lies for a living but for once, you got it right. I’m not a morally correct man. I did betray Frie and I aligned myself with Dat Kid, but look how far we rose. We owned this company while you were crawling through the X-Division literally begging for a chance to shine. I mean literally begging too, you wouldn’t shut the fuck up about me for months on what a loser I was while I was standing at the top of the Church looking down on the true losers like yourself. Dat Kid may be a slimy, untrustworthy, ignorant, arrogant, stubborn, horrible, awful person, but no one can deny that getting the chance to work alongside him is a guaranteed ticket to the big leagues.”

    *The crowd gives off a few boos but Joey now looks at Kid.*

    “Alias was probably so fueled with anger through the Church era that you didn’t pick him as your guy, Kid. Hell I could have seen it anyway, if Kid came to Alias, Alias would be his little bitch just like you’re Trip’s bitch now. We were both at the top on the same level, and many few in this company can say they’ve been on the same level as Dat Kid. And that’s why I’m IWT Champion and you’re the World Champion Antonio, because you’re surrounded by two guys on a much higher level than you.”

    *The crowd pops and Joey looks back at Antonio and smirks for the first time.*

    “To continue on how I’m “morally incorrect” man, I ended Bruce Knight’s hype because he didn’t deserve shit. I ended Farooq because he challenged me and was stupid enough to put his career on the line, putting your career on the line against Joey Bryant is almost as stupid as facing Joey Bryant for his championship belt while two of your biggest enemies are the in the ring, now that’s just flat out outrageous! But you’re one messed up dude, Antonio. I’ve watched you your entire career obviously, I was along for the ride. You’ve been lost in your mind set of being the face of this company to the point where you don’t care who you step on or who you piss off, but eventually, and probably tonight, that’s going to bite you in the ass. Even if not tonight, I can guarantee 75% of this roster does not like you and the same amount used to feel the same about me. But now I’ve gained some respect because while I may not be morally correct, I’m damn sure I’m a better champion than you’ll ever be.”

    *The crowd cheers and Joey smirks at Antonio.*
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  5. *Alias scratches his head and grins back at Joey*

    You know Joey Bryant, that first excerpt of your speech was real nice. But you don't need to tell me about who you are, or who you were, or who you're going to be, because it doesn't interest me in the slightest. You don't even have to tell me who I am, because like I said earlier, I'm fully aware of who I am and fully in-control of all of my actions. A fraud, a liar, a hipster, the first AND second gen killer, yes, I'm all of that, but being all of that is what makes me as good as I am today.

    But even then, I can't help but point out some flaws when describing yourself. Rightful owner of that title? I'd love to see you live up to that moniker tonight as well as you did back at Uprising when I kicked your ass being the X-Division champ and you being the IWT Champ. I'm even better now than what I was back then, so a bigger ass-kicking is due, and I may be a liar.....but this time I am NOT lying pal. Wrestlemania Main Eventer? I guess you forgot the I ended main eventing that show, but of course you'll end up remembering what you want, selective memory, just like you'll remember how I jobbed to Bruce Knight that night. But none of this matters, because what will stand out and be etched not only in your mind, but everybody else's mind is how Alias Antonio became the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, the UNDISPUTED FACE OF THE COMPANY and THE UNDISPUTED MARTYR SLAYER.

    *Alias catches a breath*

    So two guys of a higher echelon surround me in this ring. Do you mean yourself and the guy with the assless chaps over there? Am I supposed to suspend my disbelief and think that two guys I've beaten are even in contention of being better than me? This is why I left you, Joey, you're delusional. This is why everyone HAS LEFT YOU, including "that guy with the assless chaps". And the next thing that's gonna leave you is that precious IWT Title you hold very dearly to your heart.

    I may be deplored, I may be detested and hated, I may be the most despicable human being to ever step foot in this ring, but that won't halt my run to the top now, will it? Bring the haters on man!

    I could step on and piss off Dat Kid in this match as much as I'd love to, because I guarantee I'll walk out here as double champion because NO ONE......and I mean NO ONE can STOP ME.

    I'm unstoppable Joey Bryant....and if I need that title to prove it.....then I'm afraid you're gonna leave here empty-handed....and empty-headed.

    *Alias leans back against the ropes, taunting Bryant.*
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  6. *Joey just stares at Antonio then shakes his head.*

    “You’ve changed, Alias, and for the worst. And I’ve figured it out, you’re too busy living in the past 24/7. Even as a second generation superstar your career is not that long but every time you open your damn mouth all I hear is “I did this, I did that, you betrayed him, I beat you, I was the X-Division champion, I was in the Cure” and it goes on and on. Throughout my entire career I have looked to the future, but sure, I’ll bring up some things to remind you of who I am but when I’m in a match the only thing that is on my mind is what happens afterwards. You call me whatever you want all I know is you’ve been too busy thinking about what you have done instead of what you could do.”

    *He paces in front of Alias.*

    “Dat Kid likes to call himself God, well let’s learn a lesson from his Bible. There was once a man named Andrew who God himself picked out to be his next disciple. Andrew listened to everything God said and followed his orders until the point where the two of them both reigned the land and were champions of the world. Eventually, God realized this man was no more a dedicated disciple but just a measly peasant in a world of survival of the fittest. So, after a few months of God looking to pick out his new disciple, he came across a young boy by the name of Joey Bryant. Joey followed God through his entire life in this world, he claimed to be a martyr not only for God but for the people around him. He started off as a peasant but he knew if he believed in the right man, he’d no longer be a worthless nobody at the bottom of the caste, but a respected, strong man living at the top of the world as he witnessed Andrew do months before. Thankfully for Joey, his prayers were answered and his martyr work was rewarded when God himself reached out to Joey to be his next disciple. He gave Joey one catch, he had to leave his best friend Frie to preserve his destiny. Joey put his trust in God yet again and for months they stood on top of everyone, Joey preached the words of God to the world and it got him to being a champion of the world alongside God. Joey was more happy than he ever been in his life, but then, in a sudden turn of events, God disappeared. He just left. Joey thought “How could this be? I’ve followed you my entire career! Where are you?!” but there were no longer answers. Joey was now by himself again, and while he still held on to the fortune and good health, he was left alone with no one to have his back. God decided to show his face finally after a month but he didn’t come to Joey, he proclaimed in front of the whole world that Joey was nothing but a fraud and he no longer wanted any part of him. This crushed Joey, but it also fueled him to continue to stay on top of the world to prevent the man he followed for months to reach the status he was at before.”

    *Joey takes a breath as the crowd cheers a bit but Joey raises the mic again.*

    “You being the dumbass that you are seem to think I left Frie and went with Dat Kid because I’m a scumbag that wanted a quick way to the top, but that was only part of it. I would have been at the top of the game even if I didn’t align myself with Dat Kid, but the difference was what I created. Just by aligning myself with Dat Kid I was able to turn the entire roster against me, I was able to sit up in heaven next to God while everyone else crawled their way on the bottom. I created the generation war, not you, and I became the greatest IWT Champion of this new age. But now… I’m gonna knock the fucking hinges off the heaven gates, I’m going to end God once and for all for building up so many young men only to turn them into jokes, and if I lose tonight I’m going to share my power with the ones who deserve it. Lesson learned is you align yourself with a powerful figure they leave you left for the dead, they leave you left for the unwanted, someone like you.”

    *He shakes his head again as he looks at Antonio.*

    “I’m at an all time high where even God himself can’t reach me. You saying you want to slay the martyr but what you fail to realize is that will only make him stronger. If all my work over the last year of being a martyr comes to an end tonight and I get laid to rest, my work will not go un-noticed, people around the world will demand I get another shot and by the time you blink your eyes, your title and your hype will be gone.”

    *He looks at Dat Kid then back at Antonio.*

    “Wanting this match with me was just a recipe to rest in peace, but you won’t be standing on top of the world with God, you’ll be in your own personal hell with no championship, no allies, and nothing to rely on but the past.”
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  7. *Alias nods, and steps closer to Joey Bryant.*

    Woah man. You've really taken me aback with that speech, you've really befuddled me, you've really given me food for thought Joey. I'm truly at a lost of words, I have no idea how to respond to that.....if I was a little bitch like yourself Joey Bryant.

    *Alias laughs sarcastically*

    You see, you've implied that I haven't been mentioning the future tonight and what I could do after this finishes, but frankly, that's all I've been saying. I said I would walk out of here as the Undisputed IWT Champion, Undisputed face of the company, Undisputed number 1 guy, Undisputed SecondGen killer AND the Undisputed Martyr Slayer. Did that not enter your mind? Did my future plans seem not to take an affect in your brain? I speak and blabber on the past to give me that mental supremacry and advantage and to just constantly remind myself why I'm better than people like you Joey. It's wielding my dominance so to say. But as it seems, you've not got clear what my future intentions are so I'll give you one sentence for you to cogitate and reflect on: UNDISPUTED IWT CHAMPION. You got that Joey boy?

    *Alias laughs once again.*

    You know, the whole god and disciple story you explicated just moments ago is frankly a more sympathizing and LONGER version of what I've been saying. So for those people who got lost half way through the whole ordeal, let me explain it shortly and sweetly:

    Joey Bryant LEFT his best friend to enlist himself with the most contemptible man in IWT, Dat Kid. They both reigned supreme over the IWT for a while but once I beat Dat Kid for his title their relationship came crumbling down to nothing. That's exactly all you need to know leading into this match. Short and sweet. You see the pattern thoughJoey? When I defeat people, they end up having NOTHING to latch onto. I proved that when I beat Dat Kid, and since you're so adamant talking about the future, let me give you this: Tonight, I will beat you and then YOU will have nothing to latch onto, not these fans, not Dat Kid again and certainly not that IWT Title.

    Once again Joey Bryant you try and prove your innocence by saying you didn't leave Frie because you're not a scumbag and wanted an easy way to the top. And that's why we're so damn incongruous and different Joey! I stabbed you in the back because I AM a scumbag and I did want an easy way to the top because after all these years of busting my ass, my work was disregarded and went unnoticed. *looks at Kid and smirks* You see, God approached me and told me that the only way you get damn noticed is if you do something SINFUL, and that's exactly what I did. Look where I'm at now, main event of Summerslam and about to conquer the IWT Title. Always heed gods words am I right? Hahahaha.

    You say you would have stayed on top of your game without Dat Kid, but that isn't true. Dat Kid guided you like a parent guides it's child and you can't tell me that's a lie.

    *Alias stops*

    Last year at Summerslam I won my first IWT gold by busting my ass off, this year I win the IWT Championship by just being an evil son of a bitch. Things come full circle, don't they Joey?
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  8. *Joey waits for him to finish then laughs loud into the mic for a good 10 seconds.*

    “You’re right, Antonio! Things do come full circle. But this time a year ago who would have predicted that Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio would be the biggest names in the company? No longer Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, Christian, Dat Kid, but no, us Antonio. See before, everything was going perfect. I was pissed off when Dat Kid returned and tried to shut me down but we met up, we discussed our intentions, and just like Dat Kid and I did in the spring, you and I were doing through half of the summer. Holding both the main titles on our waists and wanting one thing and one thing only, Dat Kid’s blood. It was a common mission, and that mission still exists in my head and it probably does in yours too, but you got so focused on being not only better than Dat Kid but better than ME instead of looking at us as equals. This is where you’d say “It’s because we’re not equals, Joey.” But we are! We are two very similar competitors with very similar goals in mind but you let your ego and your drive to be better than the best get in the way and you decided to put the goal of ending Dat Kid and the first generation aside and just end me.”

    *Joey shakes his head and stares right at Antonio again.*

    “I’ve been here week after week and every day to try and prove to everyone why I deserve what is sitting on your shoulders and I think win or loss tonight I finally have. Because I earned respect without having to turn my back on anyone, I earned respect without having to make a statement by interfering in a match and getting someone disqualified. You can think whatever you want about mine and Kid’s partnership but there was no boss, it was him and me with one common goal of owning this company just like for you and I we had a common goal and that’s what I’ve realized. My whole career man I thought you and I were meant from the beginning to be teammates, friends. But I guess in your mind, all the way from the start when you were calling me out week after week, the only thing you wanted was to be better than me. But we’re not meant to be friends or brothers in arms, that’s you and Dat Kid.”

    *The crowd cheers and Joey nods his head.*

    “Yea. Because any time you both have a partnership not going your way, you end it and you try to end them by shutting them down publicly using a microphone and then getting cheap attack after cheap attack to maybe think that makes you better than them. You two shouldn’t hate each other, and personally I don’t think you do. But the moment you guys ever team up, it’d last a month max because you’d both have thoughts of turning on the other to the point where you’d both try to turn on each other in the same moment where you’d both realize what treacherous pieces of human garbage you are. The week leading up to Summerslam its seemed like Trip’s been pullin for you and so has Dat Kid, he gave you those damn titles before the show even started.”

    *He paces to the side of Antonio, raises his head, and takes one last good look at Dat Kid. He shakes his head and then walks back over in front of Alias and stares him down right ahead of his face.*

    “I earned that IWT Title without having to stab someone in the back, you don’t deserve to hold it. I won’t need to latch on to anything if I lose tonight, the martyr will become stronger and I’ll come back and take you down by the time you can say assless chaps. If I win tonight, I’ll be able to deflate your ego and make you realize you are not unstoppable, you never will be unstoppable, and Joey Bryant will always be your kryptonite.”
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  9. :nope: He lost his contract to gav I believe
  10. After the match has been reset Dat Kid takes off his referee shirt and the assless chaps and leaves through the crowd without saying a word, Leaving the match to be unofficiated until another ref comes in.
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  11. Your winner, with a score of 8.794871795 to 8.769230769... and the NEW IWT World Heavyweight Champion... Joeeeeyyyy Bryannnnttt!!

    Full results here >>>
  12. @Delik btw I voted but forgot to do the poll
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  13. Oh Shiiiiiit, Bryant wins AGAIN! Whaaaaaaat!? :aries2::blackshock::eww2::goatface::booker::rollins:

    What up @DK James !?

    EDIT: Damn they are both offline lol
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  14. Lol Tsar hates THG so much it's great
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  15. Yeah Delik and Tsar kicked THG in the nuts on the voting lol
  16. Isn't Jono the one who said that if we used the promo rating thing I suggested it would be biased? Lol he's biased either way.
  17. I didn't think his promos were very entertaining, they were detailed but didn't entertain me.