Spoiler SummerSlam Main Event?

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  1. Cena's sidetracked with the U.S title.
    Owens and Cena at SS is likely.
    Ambrose is played out.
    Wyatt's with Reigns...
    Lesnar's with Taker...

    Who's facing Rollins now? Sting?
  2. Taker was a one off IMO. It's Lesnar vs Rollins again.
  3. Was my thread title changed or am I going insane? Either way, I can't see Taker being a one off...that'd be weird.
  4. No idea, wasn't me.
  5. Had to edit out the spoiler in the title, you generally have to wait 24 hours before publicizing spoilers without a warning. You're good though.

    I don't think Taker was a one off thing in my opinion, he'll probably face Lesnar at SummerSlam and get his revenge. As for Rollins' opponent, I'd go with Triple H I guess. Maybe a triple threat with him, Lesnar, and Taker? It's really up in the air right now.
  6. I was thinking a Triple Threat Match for the Summer Slam PPV between Rollins/Lesnar/Undertaker. That would be pretty great.
  7. I suspect that Cena will defend the US Title against Kevin Owens and Cesaro in a triple-threat match (with Owens pinning Cesaro to win the title, because god forbid if Cena had to take two clean pinfall losses to the same guy) and since they generally don't like booking two triple threats on the same show, Brock vs Undertaker will probably happen one-on-one. Whichever direction they go in, I'd be very, very surprised if the Undertaker interference ended up being just a one-off thing. You don't cost Brock the championship and then expect to just disappear without fear of reprisal.

    Don't be surprised if Seth Rollins defended his title against "The Vigilante" Sting. I've got no problem with that storyline except I can't see Sting losing two battles in a row against The Authority, which means there's a good possibility of Sting winning the WWE Championship, only to be cashed in on Sheamus afterwards (which would be awful.)
  8. Looks like it'll probably be a triple-threat after all. Brought to you by yet another Reddit user (or the same one under a different username for some reason) claiming to have inside info: https://www.reddit.com/r/WWE/comments/3dwpku/major_spoilers_latest_news_regarding_the/
  9. I'm willing to give 'em the benefit of the doubt, though. They did promise that something unexpected would happen in the main event of Battleground, and they delivered. He, she, or they even all but came out and said that it would involve the Undertaker a day or so before the rumor came out that he would be appearing at the PPV, and that's on top of a few other predictions that they had already gotten right beforehand. We'll see. I'm actually hoping they're right because Seth being caught in-between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker in a triple-threat would make for a fine Summerslam main event to me.
  10. It could be a fine SS main event, but why would Seth go over Taker and Brock in the same night when he's looked like a bitch ever since he won the title at WM?
    Of course, they could have Sheamus cash in on Rollins and trigger his face turn, but I can't say I'm a huge fan of that scenario.
  11. Possibility of Taker winning the title match and Sheamus cashing in on him, setting up Sheamus (who wouldn't be champ anymore) against Taker at Mania?

    Just spitballin'.

  12. So Takers knees and back are going through hell yet they decide to bring him back anyway? Why?
  13. If he's around then he probably feels he can go. Plus, with WM 32 being in Texas and possibly drawing 100k, this may be Taker's last year so he's gonna go all out before he leaves (don't think he'll work on TV or anything, but he'll probably work a few more PPVs).

    Anyway, I guess Brock/Taker. Maybe a triple threat with Seth, idk. Just don't care anymore really
  14. Triple threat seems very likely and Taker will be getting his corpse dragged around or selling moves off camera...yikes.
  15. I'm so glad I'm going to SummerSlam. This is going to be fucking epic
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  16. If Undertaker is in pain then he shouldn't be wrestling at his age. I also don't see how Brock's credibility will be hurt if he loses a match. It's crazy to think that Vince wants Rollins to win that triple threat match to be considered a big player. If he's really going to face Hunter after that then they must not feel to good about Roman at all.
  17. I'm a bit surprised that whole project Reigns has been slowed down. Looks like they're saving his first big WWE-WHC win for next year's Mania.
  18. Seth is a chickenshit heel in the same vein that JBL was in 2004-05, where he often finds himself in situations where the odds are stacked heavily against him but keeps managing slip away with the title every time regardless.

    The most puzzling thing about this report to me is that Seth is supposedly gonna walk out of this triple-threat match still the reigning champion, yet is gonna begin a rivalry with HHH sometime shortly afterwards anyway? Unless their plan is to turn HHH/The Authority babyface (Stephanie herself came off as a face last week in her segment with the Divas), then I'm puzzled as to why Seth having a monumentally successful title defense over Brock and Taker in the same match is supposed to cause dissension between he and Hunter.
  19. The Undertaker or any wrestler should never wrestle if the pain is too damn bad. I know the business of wrestling there will be pain involved, but it is effecting someone long term then they should consider hanging it up. I imagine it has happened to many wrestlers before and The Undertaker surely isn't hurting for money.
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