Storyline Summerslam Opener

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  1. Dat Kid walks through the hallway, dragging a chain around that dangles from his neck. You can see that the cuts on his face are fresh and his eye is swollen up. His referee shirt is torn and bloodied. To add insult to injury, he's even wearing the assless chaps Trip mentioned earlier.

    However, unscathed around his waist are both the IWT Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship. The staff and crew look away from Dat Kid as if they've been instructed not to approach him. Kid stops dead in his tracks in front of Alias' @THG? locker room door.

    Dat Kid knocks on the door.
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  2. *Alias storms out of Trip's office after talking with him, still incensed. The camera men follow him as he walks away and heads to his locker room. He walks pretty fast until he sees Kid waiting outside his locker room, where he slowly moves towards him, shaking his head.*

    Kid, I'm not in the best of moods, so unless you give me a good reason to not kick your ass right here, I will gladfully do so, so speak up.

    *Alias awaits*
  3. Dat Kid looks up at Alias with his one good eye, then looks back at the championships around his waist. Kid takes off both titles and holds them in his hands. Kid hands them over to Alias, looks at him, then gives him a confirming nod. Kid walks away and you can hear his chains rattling as he moves down the hallway and further from Alias.

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  4. *Alias smirks as the music plays in the background, entering the locker room without making final eye contact with Kid, titles in hand.*
  5. WHAT? Did not see that going so simple haha
  6. SWERVE! :russo:
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