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Proving Grounds Match

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    Proving Grounds Battle Royal
    The following contest is an 8 man over the top battle royal!​
    - There will be a promo period of 72 hours, which will end Aug 13th @ 12:30 PM EST.​
    - Competitors will have UNLIMITED promos with in that time period.​
    - Use of images and videos ARE permitted.​
    - After the 72 hours are done an additional 24hr voting poll will open.​
    - The competitor with the most votes will win the match.​
    - Remember, voting for yourself results in instant disqualification and suspension.​
    Promo at you best ability. This match will let me know the skill level of you guys and allow me to place you in proper feuds. Be as creative and innovative as possible! Good Luck.​

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  2. Trevor doesnt have access to internet for a while.
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    *Dexx Duggan comes out, no reaction really because no one knows who this dude is, he sits like Cm Punk pretzel style in the ring, hes wearing cargo shorts a tank top and a cap covering his eyes really, he has a mustache-beard combo, the light dim a little as the camera is on him, oh and did I mention the Austrailian Accent?*
    Dexx: ... ... ... When I walked into this place, my first reaction was where in the hell I am...
    Now none of you know me... and to be honest I don't like be known, where I come from, the animal ballistic world of The Austrailian Outback, most of us don't like to be known. I've seen the most vicious animal attacks on humans and barely any survivors in the outcome, The Outback is like your average "After Earth" movie in real life. So if I can survive there i'm sure I can make it out in a company were its just humans beating the crap out of each other. Now I know 7 more guys are back there, they are gonna just rant and rant and rant and bitch and talk and rant about me saying how they'll win this and how they are all tougher than me *stands up*
    But all of you, what your gonna say is all just a ton of BS, talking is never the answer... in Austrailia it wasn't... so i'm definently sure talking never the answer in a f*cking wrestling ring.

    If you wanna know my name,i'm Dexx Duggan, thats not one X, it's 2 X's which is why the guys back home just know me as "The Double X-Factor", and i'm gonna show you why the time for talk is over and why the time for action is always now...
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    Announcer: "Hello ladies and gentleman and wel-"
    The announcers introduction is abruptly interrupted by a loud static. More odd and distorted noises are heard. All the lights in the arena begin to turn on and off until they're off for good. Suddenly, music begins to play. Images are being displayed on the titantron. At 0:42, a massive pyro explosion goes off, and a figure dressed in a black hoodie with his hood on his head slowly begins to walk out. The few who know this man cheer for him, but most of the arena doesn't. As he steps in the ring he takes his hood off and asks for a mic. He stands up there for a few moments and observes the confused crowd.
    "*ahem*. You may be wondering who I am. In fact, I know you're wondering who I am. But don't worry, don't worry at all, you'll all know who I am in due time." He laughs rather oddly and goes back to the crowd. "I've got quite the story to be out here telling you guys, so ill be taking a seat." He laughs oddly again and sits in the corner. "Now then. Do you really want to know what my name is? Well, my name is Nick. Just Nick. No middle name... No last name... That's all. I'll explain later. You see, I'm here to make my mark. All of you moronic people here *crowd boos* Hey shut up! I'm talking!" He gets up and paces.
    Announcer: Something looks wrong... In the head with this guy
    "Everybody here, all of you idiots will remember... yes you'll remember... you'll remember when Nick debuted! You'll be sitting there... Watching the hall of fame... Watching me being inducte and saying, "I remember when he debuted". Yes, all of you dimwits... *crowd boos louder*. Shut. Up!" He throws the mic down out of pure rage and starts shaking the ropes angrily. He screams and begins punching the turnbuckles.
    Announcer: What the hell is wrong with this guy?

    OOC: Sorry about the bad promo though... I'm on my phone because I won't have computer access until either tomorrow or Monday
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  5. *Jacob watching backstage*

    What a waste of everyone's time. This new self-proclaimed wresters don't even know how to job a great and lonely wrestler like myself...
  6. *Dexx tries not to laugh at Nick, points at him smiling at the crowd, looks at the announcer and does the gesture "I don't know"*
  7. Nick, in the midst of a tantrum, stops, very strangely, and looks at Dexx. He calmly walks back to the mic. Odd. "Hey! You shut the fuck up! You come down here, with your stupid ass accent, and laugh at me! Me! You're fucking laughing at me! You say that I'll come down here, with your stupid ass accent, and just bitch... But oh trust me... Ill do more than bitch at you! Instead, Ill be laughing my ass off when all 7 of you guys are nearly dead after I get my hands on you. Alright, "Double x", you think you're cool because you've got two Xs in your name? *laughs* oh man you're sad. You look at me... You see an awesome, attractive, and NOT INSANE man... And then we look at you. An ugly, uncharasmatic Australian. Does being from their make you cool too? Does it? You see... I don't worry about that... My mind set is going to be when I can destroy you in this ring, and the announcer will say, "here is your winner... Nick!" And I'll spit all over you're nearly dead body, because I'm better than you. I know it, these people know it, and especially you know it. So next time you wanna laugh at me... ill kill you. You've been warned." He drops the mic and sits back down.
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    *Duggan's expession changes*
    Dexx: Didn't I just prove my point just a few minutes ago mate? Didn't I just say this was gonna happen? SAD? You think my life is SAD? Mate, you have more the sad life than anyone else in this arena, you interuppt the ring announcer, throw a fit, and say we are alllll gonna remember this debut? Well, its only been about what 2 minutes and to be honest what I remember 2 minutes ago is the sound of a mentally retarded ego.
  9. *gav the chav storms in and he doesn't look too pleased*

    (gav the chav) oi jonathan you scruffy mackam **** why ain't i involved in this put me in the match right now or ill find out where you live and put ya windows through
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    Dexx: wow, that right there mate was 20 times worse than Nicky over here, okay maybe it is the time to talk now after this wreck, who the hell are you?

    OOC: Is this above me llegal? Are we allowing interferences like this?
  11. (gav the chav) who do you think your talking to you stupid prick? In fact why don't you go and ask your mother who i am after i fucked her all over last night pipe down son before i come over there and take your front teeth out you prick
  12. Dexx: ...My Mother would beat the crap out of the way you talk if you made you move on her...
  13. Nick picks the mic back up. "Hey, now now, don't get too far ahead of yourself there, buddy. A mentally retarted ego? Learn some better insults before you try to insult me. Yes, everyone will remember this day. They'll remember I saw when Nick stood over 7 men with his hand raised in victory. Then, they'll be talking to their friends the night after I win the IWT title. They'll be saying "I remember his debut or I was there". Because everyone here and watching at home knows damn well that I'm the future champion. I'm tougher than anyone. I lived on the streets with no family since age 11! I worked to get here! All these pathetic champions have just been handed everything to them but not me! I worked and scratched and clawed and now I'm here! And I tell you what, 'Double X', I'm gonna make the most of it, that's for damn sure. And it all begins tonight"
    OOC: I'm gonna ignore the posts above because I could've sworn it just for the contestants in the battle royal, no interferences
  14. *Lucas Hacksaw's Theme Hits*

    I am here because I am badass. If you don't believe me, ask my fans. No, not the fans you can purchase to keep yourself "cool" but real fans who purchase my not over the top merchandise. The fans who continue to support me when I am in dark times. The fans who chant my name, giving me confidence. The fans who are just that damn awesome. I am not going easy on anyone and believe me, when I want something - I WILL GET IT. Unlike some, I don't need to sleep with the chairman in order to get a cheap win. Mark my words.
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  15. (gav the chav) i thought i told you to pipe down im gav the chav and im hard as fuck mess with me and i will fuck you up insult me again and i will drop you right now i swear i will drop you

  16. Wow, I don't think i've laughed harder in my life. I would like to see you try and touch me, I bet you would be like everyone else who was supposed to face me. Want to know what happened after that? Well come in the ring and I will show you what happened after that. There is no room for your bullshit around here, i'm afraid to say.
  17. *It's All Over by Three Days Grace plays*​
    *Reborn is seen on the stage*​
    Reborn: Summerslam.... IWT's Biggest Event of The Summer, and Reborn's date with destiny... 8 Men..... 1 Will stand..... 7 will fall... I've got a 12.5 percent chance of winning this thing. I'm gonna be in the ring with 7 of IWT's newest and brightest talents. Now. do I have a chance of winning, possibly. I'll guarantee that atleast some don't have a damn chance of winning this thing. I've got haters. I've got supporters, they'll be helping me out there. All you gotta do is better alert, and ready. or else... as the theme says.. It's... All.... Over.​
    *Reborn walks to the back*​
  18. (ooc) really? Oh i didn't realise just ignore me :)
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    *The arena goes dark and the music starts*

    *25 seconds after the music the whole arena is lit up brighter then usual then there is a huge mushroom cloud of smoke*
    I told you all before what i came here to do gav the chav even tried leaving a crate full of bubble gum in my locker room unfortunately that just aint my brand motherfucker."
    *looks at dexx dugan*
    "you need to take your sorry ass back to australia before you find yourself out the back laying with nick and hacksaw and there carreers, as for the other sorry son of a bitches that aint made it out to the ring yet i sugest you stay back there unless you want me to introduce to my good friend this size 13 boot which will be firmly placed right between your ass cheeks"
    "i cant believe i have been insulted with this match not on the main card if the chairman and the booker bring there sorry asses out here to they best have a few packets of the right brand of bubblegum or they will be in for a bad day"
    "and as for reborn your an inspiration to birth control"
    *takes vest off and chucks into the croud and puts mic down*
  20. Nick looks at all the new ones to come out. "Oh, what was that bubble gum man? What was that about my career? You and I both know my career will be way ahead of yours in a minute or two, actually, mine is already ahead of yours. You know nothing about me. But at least people know my name. I never caught yours, so I think I'll just call you bubble gum man. Judging from what you just said, you seem to like it a lot. I disagree with you on almost everything you just said bubble gum. This match would be on the main card, because I'm in it. That's what you'd think, right? Well, it's not because there are 7 other total retards like yourself in this match. You're ruining my chances to make an even bigger name for myself. No matter, after tonight, everyone will know that they're looking at Nick, the next biggest IWT star!