SummerSlam - Tag Team Match!

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    VOTE HERE------>
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


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  2. Entrance (open)

    The lights start to flicker and goes off. Suddenly bright red lights light up the entrance area as the music hits.

    Michael Cole: JR! It's Pain, And if you had joined us for IWT RAW you would know how he was annoyed at the loss, he was annoyed and rightfully so, that was a rushed count!

    Pain walks out, taking his time making his way to the ring and rolls in under the ropes and gets up, doing a cocky bow at the audience.

    JR: That was a well deserved win for Trevor if there ever was one. He was well and truly beaten Cole and his ego just couldn't handle it. He is an unstable, maniac snake Cole! I have no idea why The British Kid is trusting this man.

    Pain moves to the announcer table side of the ring and is handed a microphone. But before he turns away he looks at JR and mouths the words "Boo friggin Hoo"

    Promo (open)

    He brings the mic up to talk and doesn't waste any time. "So this is SummerSlam huh? Well No. It isn't. This WAS SummerSlam before they put me on the card, before they put me and British Kid in a team together because I will tell you one thing and that is SUMMERSLAM is OUR YARD. THIS IS OUR HOUSE!"

    The crowd pops for the BK Mention.

    He walks to the turnbuckle and bangs his head on it "On IWT RAW, I was ROBBED! My victory, MY MATCH. Trevor Raynor I hope you enjoy your little match today because it isn't over son and you can bet on that!"

    The nerve on his necks starts to throb but then in a moment he drops his head and silence fills the arena. He then looks up with a smirk "This is what your typical wrestler would say. I am not your typical wrestler, I am charisma, talent and strength personified. I am The Prototype you all wish you could be. I am twice the wrestler anyone in the back will ever become and I don't get mad. I get even."

    He starts to walk around the in a frantic manner.

    "You see The New Generation are well rested, they didn't have to wrestle but when I step into this ring win lose or otherwise I give it my all and you know what, they call themselves the third standard, then listen up "THIRD STANDARD" you are going up against First Class. You're not in our league. You are not worthy of this match so consider this beating, and it will be a beating, a fovour. With Love from The BRITISH...."
    He pauses for a second "KID! and Myself"

    He bounces leans on the rope "Come out come out wherever you are, forgotten Generation, People don't like coming out here first, but I am not people, and you better remember that"

    OOC Tagging (open)
    @The ReagMaster @Tsar @Danielson Thanks for giving me a match @Trip in the Head and @Butters! for working with us on the storyline.
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  3. *British Kids Music bursts out of the speakers as Kid with The British Championship Runs out to a Massive Reaction from the fans as Kid Highfives every Kid on the front row including Aids Johnson before BK Grabs a Microphone and enters the ring*

    Kid: Summerslamo! listen tonight its a even playing field prettyo much because Artist ...we both havent won manyo matches here in the IWT but Let me tello you something...atleast when i come out these fans know they are going to be and Pain are nothing like the "Alias Antonios" and the "Joey Bryants" we go out there and do 5 Star Performances whenever we can and i dont give a damn how many times i lose because i will keep coming back.....EVERY....SINGLE....TIME! and if you dont believe me ask Justin Magnus,Eduardo even that man over there Farooq.....Like My Good Friend Pain Said Summerslam is Our House and Tag Team Matches are My Speciality so come out...Artist...Anomynous...and we will Gladly give you a Teaspoon of THE BRITISH PAIN!
    *British Kid Highfives Pain before leaning against the Ropes*
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  4. The Artist walks out with his "The New Generation" T-shirt on. He strolls to mid ramp with a grin on his face before tilting his head back and spreading his arms wide as pyro shoots down from the ceiling of the Staples Center. He stands in his place as he tells a ring side assistant to bring him a mic. He grabs the mic and he starts speaking.

    Artist: *Looks at the crowd* Do you guys really get scared when British Kid threatens people? C'mon lost in a 5 on 1 handicap match. And you expect me to come out here with a straight face? You no showed your only title match thus far in your career and most likely your last? You're never going to be a main eventer... let alone someone like Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio who I doubt even know who you two clowns are...just plain and simple and it's best for you two to go home rethink your career choices and come back as the guys that carry the..the bags from room to room. *The crowd laughs as does The Artist* All kidding aside, you both aren't a threat to a roaring NEW Generation. We're not partners because we can't pick up a goddamn win in ANY form like you two bozo's. We're here to do one thing and that's to simply end people like you. You're a disgrace to the IWT, and your petty threats are all that much embarrassing. British Kid, honestly no one in the IWT gives a crap about the Dude's with 'Tudes, just so you know.

    Artist looks towards Brandon Pain.

    Artist: Brandon...Pain. Now I don't know what comic book you guys have been reading but it obviously isn't any good. You don't cast pain upon your opponents apart from the stomach pain from laughing to hard at your constant fails. You're just a notch higher then Jobber Kid over there, but that isn't anything to celebrate. You can come out here and label yourself as an out cast but in all honestly that's not gonna stop us in the New Generation from running you over. I said it before that The New Generation's storm rages in all corner's of the IWT, and no one is safe from us. You're gonna have to learn that for yourself. You're gonna learn that maybe in your own mind you have endless opportunities, but to everyone else you're just another piece of reality's crumpled up waste. Gear up...

    The Artist pauses before saying

    Artist: The STORM is coming.

    The Artist stares blankly at British Pain.

    OOC: Just tagging @Danielson so he knows he's up.
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  5. Dani said he would post once he was up, totally cool if you guys want another day or something :)
  6. We'll wait.

    Damn, we have been waiting on someone in every match so far on this PPV lol.
  7. its been over 24 hours...i dont think @Danielson is going to post a promo
  8. Not sure what we do at that point? Do we make this a one on one? with either BK vs Artist or Artist v Pain?

    Sorry for all the OOC posts but kinda needed I suppose :)
  9. OOC: I'm here. give me a min. I have the rest of the day free
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  10. *Danielson's Theme Music drops*

    *Walks like a normal person would to the ring*

    *Arrives in ring*

    *grabs mic*

    Sup y'all. It's great to be back in front of you all, my fans. I'm truly indebted to you for standing behind me these past two years. I know, you're used to me riding solo, and fighting injustices by myself, but even I realized t hat this is a fight that I can't win alone. The new generation plans on forming the strongest alliance ever known in I.W.T. We are brothers, and we put our brothers before ourselves for the betterment of the group, and this company. Championships? Recognition? We seek not these things. We seek Blood, Sweat, Tears, and every single cliche thing that the boys in the back tell you, but never deliver. We are IT, we are the New Generation.

    Now, as for this "scheduled fight" What a load of bologna. You actually want to put these guys out here in front of us to fight? Truthfully, they have done nothing to piss me off yet, and quite frankly it would be in your best interest to join our brotherhood.

    It's on you boys, what do you say.... Join us, or perish.
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  11. Hummina hummina hummnia

    What, do you not know what to do? Don't let this mask fool you, I am not to be feared. You shall follow us, or you shall be dealt with....

    Actually, your lack of decisiveness is not something we seek. You should have known right away, for this you are given the same fortune as the rest of the IWT, and it won't be pleasant
  12. OOC (open)
    In case we aren't doing another set of promos, feel free to discard my last one :)
  13. well....since its already over the time limit @Trip in the Head Start the Voting
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  14. @RedDwarfTechy - really enjoyed the titantron video bub. Nice touches with the edited WWE 2K-whatever-that-was-from footage. I dug it.
  15. Yup 2k14 will do an updated version once 2k15 is out XD @Butters! gave me the idea to do a custom one :D
  16. So does Red's second promo not count?
  17. No it doesn't count. Will delete the post.

    EDIT: Done! I was under the impression it would be atleast a two promo match, sorry about that :sassy: