SummerSlam - Trevor vs Lord Lee!

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Trevor~ vs @Ovalhead Le Jobber

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    Music begins to play and we open a vignette/montage showing Trevor Raynor's day prior to his match, we open up to the fist hour...

    8:00 am

    Trevor Raynor is passed out in his bed while his alarm clock is ringing off the hook, he is completely no selling the sound and remains fast asleep.

    1:00 pm

    The alarm clock is still going off, Trevor Raynor cracks one eye open and grabs a hammer from under the bed and smashes the alarm clock to pieces and then rolls over and goes back to sleep.

    2:00 pm


    Trevor Raynor is now awake and reading a newspaper in his hotel room with a white robe on. He cracks a raw egg into a wine glass and then drinks it.

    3:00 pm

    Trevor Raynor is now furiously jump roping in his hotel room in his white robe.

    4:00 pm
    Now we see Trevor Raynor practicing some lines into his hotel mirror. He seems to screw something up and then gets angry and throws a handful of papers at his mirror and starts insulting himself.

    5:00 pm

    Next we see Trevor Raynor shooing the female reporter that interviewed him after his match with Brandon Pain. He seemed to have been having sexual relations with her.

    6:00 pm

    Trevor Raynor is now ironing his rhinestone studded tights and his furry jacket on an ironing board.

    7:00 pm

    Trevor Raynor is now backstage at IWT Summerslam. He's in full ring gear with his furry jacket, sunglasses, and tights. He's checking himself out in the mirror when he sees a
    presumptuous female walk by and smile at him...

    7:59 pm
    Journey - Separate Ways fades out and Now we see Trevor Raynor is passed out in his dressing room with the female from before lying next to him on his couch. An event director opens the door to his dressing room and screams at Trevor that he's up next. Trevor springs awake and rushes out to the curtain as his entrance vignette begins to play...

    For the first 25 seconds of Aces High we see a black and white vignette of highlights from Trevor Raynor's Kung Fu Movie career and then it transitions to wrestling highlights from his match with Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain. Last we see Raynor training in a wrestling ring and developing skills as a wrestler and studying Little Lee, and finally Raynor tossing on his furry coat and and walking through the curtain....


    The riff plays has Raynor poses on the ramp whilst pyro fires off behind him. As the pyro finishes Raynor runs and slides into the ring. He goes to each turnbuckle and poses and afterwards throws his jacket into the crowd. Women fight over the jacket and try to get a good whiff of the smell of Trevor Raynor. Raynor is handed a microphone as Aces High fades out. Before he speaks, he takes in the capacity crowd at Summerslam and admires all of fans.

    First off I want to say this is amazing. When I left my Hollywood acting career I never thought that i'd get this much love from the IWT Universe. Earning your guy's respect was something I didn't expect at all. I feared that coming from my background as an actor, I would be victimized as a Hollywood Pretty Boy. I'm so honored that I have proven that stereotype wrong and the IWT Universe has accepted me.

    The crowd cheers and starts chanting RAYNOR. Trevor lowers the microphone and smiles while hia fans support him.

    Thank you, thank you. But now, it's time to talk about Little Lee. Now, I have to give respect to Little Lee for accepting my open challenge and possibly giving me a change to put myself over and prove myself like I've been looking to do. Lee was one of the men that I had in my mind when I thought about guys that would be great opponents for Summerslam. What better way to make a Pay-Per-View debut then defeat a former European Champion? He's a great guy to target. I didn't want to face another low card hero like I did on RAW, those victories mean nothing to me. It's better to have a great match with an accomplished wrestler and lose then to destroy a guy from the lower card. Tonight is a learning experience. Win or Lose, I get another chance to improve by facing men that have great talent and ability. I might be giving Lee to much credit and letting him get too high on himself before he comes out here but, I want to let him now that I don't think I'm expecting an easy win. I now that I'm going to have to give everything I have. I learned that with Aiden Ryan. I can't expect to defeat guys that have experience and respect just because I might want the victory more then them or because that I'm a fresh new talent with some hype that I will automatically get the win. Simply put, I had too much confidence going into my match with Aiden Ryan and now I've learned from my mistakes and I'm as ready for this match as I could ever be. So come out here Lee, I can't wait to hear what you have to say.

    Trevor lowers his microphone to his side and awaits the arrival of Little Lee...

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  4. *Lee is backstage, he is watching his RR match where he decimated three competitors at once, his grin widening by the second, the thought of winning the IC belt making him feel somewhat accomplished. He is watching this while keeping his ears focused on what Trevor is saying. When Trevor stops speaking, a production guy knocks at his locker room door.*

    PG: You're on Lee, give the fans a treat!

    Lee: Don't you worry about that.

    *Lee chuckles. He's wearing his "BeLEEve" shirt again along with red shorts that have golden stripes on the side. He leaves his locker and makes the journey to the entrance. On the way he gets a phone call*

    Caller: Want to break the big news to the IWT Universe?

    Lee: Yep, let's generate a god-damn power station, the fans won't believe what they're hearing!

    Caller: Good luck Lee!

    Lee: Thanks, can't wait to start publicly operating with you, see you at the post-match celebration.

    *Lee ends the call, he locks his phone and hands it to a security guard along with some money for holding onto it. He eventually gets to the curtain.

    *His special SummerSlam song plays, he comes out with a huge grin on his face, he walks down to ring in a jovial manner, even lip-singing some of the words. He gets to the ring*

    Lee: Here it is; Summerslams hidden gem; Lord Lee vs Trevor Raynor, a man that was once a 'rising star' against someone who became one a few weeks ago.

    As someone who was once raising their stock day-by-day Trevor, let me just give you a bit of advice, especially considering how kind you were to me in your a few minutes ago. When you move up to the upper-midcard, you're most likely holding a belt, don't be complacent, don't stay doing the exact same thing! Show yourself, your fellow IWT competitors...The IWT universe in general that you have THE ABILITY AND THE VERSATILITY THAT A LEGITIMATE IWT COMPETITOR SHOULD HAVE!!!

    And heck, I might as well mention a pretty big announcement while I'm at such a big PPV. When I defeated B.Dazzle at Uprising, a pretty cool guy handed me a very lucrative offer, to which I said.."Yes!". This would be from none other than

    *Crowd erupt into laughter*


    SIKE!! I'm not stupid! No, unlike thick skull Alkatraz, or that boy who brought back the WHC for no reason or that Unknown wannabe Anonymous...I've joined SIN!!!

    *Crowd are surprised by this announcement*

    Lee: Yep. Midas sent me a text after my win, so I returned the favour, meanwhile thinking "Ah well that's just him being courteous". The next day, he calls me, saying about Frie being gone and wanting a new third man... He then asked if I wanted to be the upgrade for them, and I knew I had to say YES!

    They are two of the best men this place has to offer, not just in terms of ability but they also act and look the part of your typical high-end E-fed, something other superstars need to learn...

    Trevor, your career will be great, the only way it couldn't is if you quit or you lose your confidence...So if I beat you tonight, don't quit, don't beat yourself up. You will just keep improving, and eventually you'll be in the same sentence as people like Dat Kid, Alias and Bryant!! It's a pretty high expectation but I KNOW I can reserve it for you!

    Tonight we face, not for detest, but for the thing we both love so much; Wrestling!

    *Lee nods at Trevor and gives him the thumbs up with a look of approval on his face*
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  5. Trevor Raynor looks a little confused at what Lord Lee is saying. He seems to be chuckling at Lord Lee's advice and words of encouragement. He raises the mic up to speak again...

    Gee thanks Lee for the advice. Y'know I'm really glad you're being a pal to me. I feel like you and me are becoming friends!

    Raynor chuckles breaking his obvious sarcasm.

    Y'know I think it was a mistake giving you any sort of complement. It's obvious that you seem to think I'm trying to be buddy buddy with you, which is wrong. Yes, I think you're a worthy competitor but, In no way do I like you. I think it's great you joined SIN but, I don't see why I should care. I hope it's not some scare tactic you're trying to pull on me, thinking that they'll somehow sway the outcome if the match because, they won't. I'm better then SIN because, I don't need a group to launch my career. I'm doing everything on my own. You might need some clique to make you feel important but, not me. SIN may not be able to see through your fake smiles and sarcastic compliments but, I can.

    I'd like to think that you actually think that I will be one of the biggest names in IWT but, I just can see it coming from you. Being a politician, you must be the king of kissing ass. But, it has worked for you of course, seeing how much success you've had. However, that's not for me. You can do whatever you want to try and raise your stock but I plan on beating the best with nothing but skill to raise mine.

    I could be wrong about all of this. Maybe you are being sincere. But either way I don't need your advice and appraisal. I'm doing this independently and I'll will learn things from myself, taking my own path. You and me are very different and what works for you won't work for me. So you do things your way and I'll do things my way.

    Raynor lowers his microphone to his side and backs into the corner and waits to see if Lee will respond.
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  6. *Lee, unsure whether to display a blank expression or an unnecessarily wide grin, does elect to go with the wide grin.*

    Lee: Remember when I said Midas was being courteous, that's what I was doing. I don't technically like you or your Hollywood personality, but I know a good competitor when I see one, and as someone with financial knowledge I know what can make this company vital money, that's you, with your showtime attitude, the fans, they love that sort of person to watch! But heck, I point that out and I'm trying to be your "buddy buddy", if I wanted to be a Hollywood friend then I would.. Oh wait I already have those, some are actually top tier, unlike you *Lee obnoxiously smiles at Trevor* Maybe I should go ask my Brit pal Christian Bale to try and make you relevant!

    You see Trev, I don't know much about you, I don't know if you can take banter, because heck, I wouldn't trust The Artist to take banter, Dat Kid made a couple of jokes his way when addressing him promos,oh and a win but I don't even think that's even the focus anymore, and now Artist wants him dead. I guess I can trust you to be someone smart enough to be fine with some ribbing.

    It truly is a shame you don't believe the hype I'm giving you. I DO BELIEVE, hand on heart, bearing in mind you don't let any minor slips kill your momentum altogether, that'll you be one of the biggest names on the billboards each show one day! Did I tell B.Dazzle he would win his MITB? No. I reserve the praise for people who earn it, next time don't second guess it or you're validating the almost non-existent doubt I have in you. You're new here though, you got time to refine that attitude of yours.

    It may be all nice to be that "I'm the best because I'm not scared to be solo" type person, rejecting offers to work alongside fellow competitors, learn from them and become better for it. Pride comes before fall, I think you need to learn that phrase before you boneheadedly decide you don't want anyone who can be their to pick up your falls faster than you could for yourself.

    I'm proud to be invited by SIN, it shows me I do have promise here, and that I can learn from them, when you get offered cash in the street with no strings attached, would you take it? How about you IWT Universe?

    *Crowd chants YES!!!*

    Lee: Exactly! So Mr. Raynor, I respect the concept of how you want to go about creating your legacy, and the way you handle interacting with fellow IWT competitors, just know theres no need to burn a bridge...When you might need to travel on it to reach the pot of gold!

    Good luck, Trevor Raynor, I think you'll need it!!
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  7. Your winner, by an average of 8.380952381 to 7.80952381... Lee!!

    Full results here >>>
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  8. As the ref raises Lee's hand in victory Midas and Andrew ( @Shadow ) slide into the ring. They hug their new unit member and raise his arms in victory. Andrew rolls Trevor out of the ring and grabs a microphone which he gives to Midas.

    I told you, I told you that tonight was the rebirth of SIN. Tonight we re-enforced the ranks, and welcomed a new brother into our merry band of miscreants. And he did it with a bang! Summerslam, IWT, welcome the newest member of SIN... The lovable LORD LEE!

    Midas hands Lee the microphone.

    Brother, preach!

    @Ovalhead Le Jobber
  9. So was there one more? Was Jwab with you guys? Cause if so I can't help but see a 4 on 4 between TNG and SIN in the future...........
  10. Frie was. But he has taken a break from IWT for the foreseeable future. Thus we did a draft during silly season.
  11. frie
  12. Right Frie, my bad
  13. *Lee nervously holds the mic, awkwardly smiling*

    Lee: Wowww, you only realise how good it is to be in a group, or in a stable or team... until you are in one, just the way that you two *Points at Andrew and Midas* are welcoming me as SIN brethren is just unbelievable, it motivates me to do better, not just for my career, but for the image of you two *Points at Andrew and Midas again*.

    But now, with all that said and done, I'm now 2-0 post-concussion, and that's great, it shows me that I can benefit from valuing possesion while not letting it be the be-all and end-all of my wrestling career. Sure, possessions are what show your worth in many ways, but importantly, My strength and intelligence is pretty damn valuable too. Not to say that being powerful rich isn't fun though..

    Thank you fans for watching me fight tonight, you contribute to my pay-checks, stay golden and I'll see you soon. Same to you Trevor, valliant effort, maybe you shouldn't have been so juvenile in your response to me. Don't worry though kid, you'll learn and then my hype for you will be realised. Good luck with it!

    *Lee waves to Trevor, and then to the fans, they seem relatively positive as SIN head back up the ramp, Midas and Andrew embrace Lee at the top of the ramp, approving his win, the win being his first at Summerslam and also being his first attempt at doing so.*