SummerSlam - X Division Championship!

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    VOTE HERE------->
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT X Division Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *Lights dim down. You see a crane with the director's chair on it swoop from behind the titantron. He's yelling at everyone to get to their spots. Everyone is rushing on the stage. You see someone doing Jessica Alba's hair in the corner of the stage. In the other corner, Megan Fox's hair is getting done while she is putting on lipstick. The camera scans the stage to see people adjusting the lighting to just perfection to the entrance of the stage. All of a sudden, the camera zooms in on a slate that says "X-Travaganza". The director yells ACTION!!!!!*

    *Lights go black til the music starts*

    *The Jwab storms out in a cool red jacket. There is a camera in front of him while he spins around slowly at the top of the ramp. He is acting like the camera isn't even there. A kid with cancer comes up with a picture and is asking The Jwab to sign it. Jwab signs it and poses with the kid with a huge smile for the cameras of the crowd. He walks away with the kid's picture of him and is showing it to the crowd. He slides into the ring and kips up. He hops on the middle rope and showing the whole crowd the picture while the kid is crying on the ramp. The director is yelling at them to get the kid out of here and he is ruining the shot. Jwab throws the picture to the crowd and a stage hand tosses him a mic. He bows and whispers "Namaste" and he doesn't even know what he is saying. The stage and ramp clear of everyone and await Nick to come out*

    Nick buddy! Woo, do you know how long I've been waiting for this match to happen? For you and I to FINALLY step into the ring together? Only four days cause I completely forgot about this whole shindig while promoting my new movie, Adult Samurai Freak Lizards. Which has been number one at the box office for two straight weeks in a row, Good job me. I hope you congratulate me the second you get out here. Cause ya know *laughs* the "respect" between us. But, I was thinking about why we have little to no respect for each other and I think I know the reason why and that is -

    *The crowd starts to boo Jwab in the middle of his sentence. Jwab is telling them to SHHHHHH*

    It's because of the things you said about me. You said that I was a "product" of this X-Division tournament. No no no Nick. I am not no product of a tournament that was used to weaken whoever stepped into the ring with you tonight. I was a thing before you even got here. I was a cure. And now look where my career has brought me.... from The Cure.... to The Church..... to Movie Stardom. Where has your career brought you? Oh wait, you were the guy who was irrelevant up until you got lucky at a match at 'Mania. Too bad I haven't had the chance to compete at 'Mania.

    *The crowd starts chanting "LI-AR"*

    Woah woah woah, that wasn't me guys. That was my stunt double and sadly my stunt double couldn't get one job done while I would take my break and he took my name..... and he dragged it through shit. Now, I'm here to save my name from this business of what my stunt double defiled. Don't get me wrong, Christian would have been one hell of an opponent like two years ago but now? He's pretty much dust. But, I don't really know what dust is cause I keep everything I have in tip top shape. Shiny and everything. Nick, how is that X Deadvision title looking? Cause I'm pretty sure I can make it look ten times better buddy. Come on, come out here.

    *Jwab waits for Nick to arrive*

    OOC - *raises mug* TO A 5-STAR MATCH, Nick!
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  3. I'm sorry everyone, something very unexpected came up with my family tonight. I am asking for an extension, I can't get a promo out at the moment. I deeply apologize, I just need an extension because I have school tomorrow
  4. Eh, I'm ok with it. Thanks for letting us know. Hope it all works out.

  5. The crowd pops as Nick's music begins playing. He walks out onto the stage, the crowd giving another decent pop. He points to the X-Division championship around his waist and raises the World Heavyweight Championship briefcase. He goes down the ramp, and notices the kid Jwab made cry earlier. He takes his shirt off (to some pops from the ladies of course), signs the shirt and hands it to the little kid. Nick smirks and walks around the ring, grabbing a microphone, and rolls into the ring, staring at Jwab.

    "Yeah Jwab, congrats. First thing I wanted to do was congratulate you. Congrats on your role as an extra in these movies! You kill it in the background! Your stunt doubling is terrific!"

    He sarcastically claps and bows down to Jwab.

    "Wow, I never thought I'd see the day where I'm next to a real life movie star. Well, other than last night when I was with Megan. *He looks the stage and she smiles* "But that's irrelevant right now. Because we have some more important matters to attend to. My one year anniversary in this company, and it's been quite the ride. i've been cheered, villified, I've won, and I've lost. No matter what's happened, one thing has always remained constant. My improvement. I've only gotten better, and I get better every second!"

    He briefly pauses to some faint clapping from the audience.

    "Jwab, you have it all wrong. You're right, you weren't a product of my tournament. You WERE a cure. You WERE a Datcolyte. You WERE. Now, you are a product of my tournament. Without me, where would you be? You'd be off in Hollywood, standing in the background, hoping one day you'd maybe get a line!"

    He pauses to a decent pop.

    "I didn't get lucky at Mania. Because if I did, I would've lost to Harriet Vargas the next match. Or maybe Frie would've beaten me? Or one of the 5 other MITB participants? If I got lucky, how have I single-handedly given this company a future, and revived this division? No, it wasn't luck, it's some things you don't know ANYTHING about. Talent, hard work, dedication. I haven't lost in months, and a Hollywood wannabe isn't going to be able to end this streak."

    Nick gets in Jwab's face and continues speaking.

    "You wanna know how the X-DIVISION looks around my waist? It looks better than it ever has, and better than it ever will with you."
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  6. *Jwab wipes his face and steps around Nick. Jwab stands there flustered for a second, gets a tidbit angry before going to talk.*

    Background!? Do you not pay attention to my movies!? I'm on the poster. I'm the main star. I'm the box office draw, baybay! Just like how I am the draw of this match and this PPV. If it wasn't for my late timing, I'd be on the poster of SummerSlam. But, never the less. I accept your congratulations... to an extent though, buddy. Ya know, I guess it's true. People like you really do have no respect. It's quite sad. Almost... tear-jerking.

    *Jwab makes a sad face and wipes away fake tears. He looks up at the stage at Megan*

    You wouldn't sleep with this.... disgusting... troll, would you? This freak! *points at Nick without looking at him* You know what Megan... YOU NO LONGER GOT A ROLE IN PROTECTORS OF THE UNIVERSE TWO!!! GET OUT. Get her out of here.... David, get that slut out of my arena!

    *You see Jwab's servant, Lil' David, come out and grab her by her arm. She's crying as she now doesn't have a role in the biggest movie ever. Jwab smiles as she is gone. He turns his attention back to Nick*

    You disgust me but I quite don't care, Nick. Cause, in all honesty, I've been looking for a reason to get that whore fired. Thank you, Nick. Oh, and congratulations man! Congratulations on your one year anniversary in this business and how ironic is it that this could also be served as my one year anniversary in this company as well. But, we don't have that much in common, Nick. So no need to get your hopes up. You lost in a Proving Grounds match to my now servant and longest reigning X-Division champion of all time. And before you have the opportunity to beat that record. I'm gonna rip it from your grasp. Cause last year, I became a Tag Team Champion and I might as well keep my SummerSlam streak going. Ehhh, maybe next year at SummerSlam or even sooner. I can win the IWT World Title. But, I need this stepping stone to get to that. So, Nick, I'm going to ask you nicely to just.... give up.

    *Smiles and puts his hand out. He notices that Nick isn't gonna shake it so he slowly puts it back at his side. He continues to talk and sees the crowd cheering for Nick and booing himself*

    So, I see how it is going to be everybody. Especially you, Nick. I'm sorry for what you are forcing me to do. Since, you want to say that I'm your product. How is it going to feel when your product takes everything away from you.... X-Division wise. I didn't go through beating the hell out of two men in the same night or the beating I went through to get here.... just.... to lose. I did not! I am not letting X-Communication become a "moment". This moment isn't over yet cause I'm about to turn that moment into a memory for the whole IWT Universe. You best believe it, Nick. Cause this isn't Money In The Bank. You don't get to sit on the sidelines and take the ultimate short-cut. No. This is business. Professionals, both you and I. Unlike Aiden and Leo. Two jokes. As business in the industry would work, Nick. We are like two movies, two movies opening on the same weekend. But, after the box office weekend is over.... you are a parody of my career. You are a flop. You won't be able to make the money back that these people put on you. While I am spearheading the industry. Earning ten times as much money it took to make me. Making the people invested in me into billionaires. You wanna know why Nick? Cause I'm a....



    OOC - You okay with keeping it with 2 promos? I gotta go spend time with my family in about 30 minutes.​
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  7. Also btw, Trip & Jono, Nick won't be able to get his promo in til tonight or tomorrow. So, yeah. The match should end after he gets his last promo in.
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  8. I figured it would be done after 2 due to a delay. Glad to get 2 at least.
  9. Nick sighs and takes a few steps backwards.

    "You just don't get it, do you? This isn't Hollywood, this is the IWT. This isn't a movie, this is wrestling. The amount of money you've made has nothing to do with this match. You may have money, but you don't have the heart to be a champion. The biggest difference between Hollywood and this company is that it takes something you don't have to make it... Talent."

    He pauses and paces around.

    "The only thing you and the Blockbuster have in common is that you're both obsolete. I'm not a flop. Because if I was a flop, you wouldn't be standing here. This title wouldn't be where it's at, and this company's future wouldn't be as bright as it is. You seem to have your facts wrong... I won Proving grounds handily last year. I dominated the competition, just like always. And what makes you think that the same fate doesn't await you? Because you've been in a movie?"

    "A movie star can't beat the best wrestler in the IWT. You can't beat me. I'm the unbeatable champion. Best in the World is just a catchphrase - I'm the real best. Joey Bryant and Alias Antonio have little 2nd place trophies because as far as I'm concerned the X-Division title is the world championship. This is the title everybody runs from. And for those who don't run..."

    Nick pauses and smirks.

    "They get ran over."

    OOC: I'm sorry about all the delays, just glad I managed to get this promo off, even though it's from mobile. Voting time!
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  10. Kayfabe is a stupid rating category for voting and i refuse to vote in any other matches until it's changed. On a side note, both competitors did okay. They need to work on their formatting
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  11. Seriously? The polls have all been made ahead of time and I can't change them
  12. Shit, I didn't make the 'Yes' poll results public :facepalm1: Off to a good start for SS
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  13. I feel that way about the entertaining rating. Quality rating >>
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  14. gonna call bs because i know they can either be changed or new ones can be made, but dont go through any more work for lil ol me
  15. I don't think kayfabe is a stupid category but I do think entertaining is. Quality > entertaining
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  16. Do you know how? Cause I guess that's what I should've said. I don't know how to change them.

    See, nobody is going to like ALL the categories. Didn't we have like a vote on this not that long ago? I asked for suggestions, we took some, made some changes. Nobody complains until now?
  17. I've always complained about the entertaining vs quality category, I don't care all that much though