Sunday is Ziggler's chance..

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  1. To prove he is in the same league as Daniel Bryan. Seriously, I don't think he is far off.

    If he gets at least 20 minutes on Sunday to show what he can do then we should be able to Judge. At Extreme Rules Daniel Bryan managed to carry the ginger oaf to ****plus match, on Sunday we'll see whether the Zig Zag man can do so.

    I think Sheamus could work perfectly with him to be honest. I feel that he needs a good seller otherwise he can look very wooden and dull. However with Ziggler making every move look amazing his matches are far more interesting. Additionally with Ziggler dictating the pace it should be much quicker than his usual guff.

    IMO No Way Out 2012 is where we find out if there is someone in the WWE who's near the level of Daniel Bryan.
  2. He's on the same level in my biased opinion. There are things Bryan is better at obviously, but there are things Ziggler is better at as well. I've said a few times Bryan is in my god-tier of wrestlers atm with Aries and Steen, but Ziggler isn't far behind at all.
  3. I'm banking on Ziggler making this the MotN at the PPV.
  4. If you're talking about wrestling ability then he's already there. You don't have to be as good as someone to be in their league. Ziggler isn't far off Bryan's ability at all, he's already level with Bryan with selling ability, I rate Ziggler as the best seller in the world. It's his technical wrestling which is in doubt when comparing to DB because we don't get to see enough of it. If given enough time Ziggler can give us 5 star matches like Bryan definitely.
  5. Ziggler isn't as technical as Bryan (that we've seen) and his moveset isn't as diverse, but IMO something underrated about Ziggler is how goddamn athletic he is. He's a lot more athletic than D-Bry IMO. I'll also take Ziggler implementing his 'show off' gimmick into his matches over D-Bry incorporating his lame ass Yes shit into his matches.
  6. Ziggs is probably the better WWE performer of the two in ring, however Bryan is the better wrestler. WWE performance is more working the crowd, whilst Bryan is more of an artist with his form.
  7. I'd say they're pretty even. Bryan is better in a few things (technical, submission wrestling) and Ziggler in others (flashier). But both are awesome in the ring, the best in WWE in my opinion.
  8. Ziggler holds an awesome amateur wrestling record, he just doesn't use it. If we'd have Ziggler vs Bryan, which could happen because we heard rumours about a Bryan face turn, then my friend, we're in for a treat.
  9. We had it as a meaningless match at Bragging Rights in 2010 and it was awesome, some people were calling it match of the year. Now... Ziggler vs Bryan... with 30 minutes... :gusta:
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  11. Ziggler should win the WHC.
  12. It would make no sense but I'd welcome that.
  13. I'd like to see it, but I'd also like a break up storyline with Swagger and Vickie.
  14. This. :win:
  15. If DZ loses cleanly and Vickie just keeps hanging around him I'll fucking rage
  16. Maybe he'll lose in 18 seconds like DB.
  17. Me too, talk about discontinuing storylines. So DZ just bitched about being better than this and now it's all forgiven and forgotten? :annoyed:
  18. @[Vince McMahon] 's alzheimer's, remember?
  19. I know, it's extremely annoying. I wish he'd just leave, or stop interfering in creative decisions.