Super duper LQ post about Xanth/Crayo fandom

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  2. 'Twas OK.

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  3. This post was so bad that to repay the time I spent on reading this post is you annailated from this

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  1. Yes, my fangirl tendencies strike again (They tend to strike whenever I'm bored.). This time, it's the Xanth/Crayo fandom (Which I will now call the Admins).

    If I ever get banned, you know the reason why. ;)) Enjoy, and I hope the Admins will understand.

    PROMPT: Xanth and Crayo talk about Boy Bands in Skype. (Requested by @[Scarlette] ‘cause she was bored on painting the’s 1st Anniversary Art (WHICH CRAYO KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT. ).)

    Prompt under the spoiler:
    Show Spoiler

    Crayo: Hannah’s been posting about Blue again.
    Xanth: I know right?
    Crayo: What does she see about boy bands anyway?
    Xanth: I don’t have a mind of a girl, go ask yourself.
    Crayo: GTFO
    Xanth: …of my butthole, Xanth!
    Xanth: I refuse to. You need to be punished. :smooches:
    Crayo: We both know you’re the gay one in this relationship.
    Xanth: Since when did we have a relationship? I thought this is all for the sex.
    Crayo: I’ve fallen for you.
    Xanth: You’re being a sap, Crayo. Control your gay tendencies.
    Xanth: This just proves my point.
    Crayo: Fine. You win.
    Xanth: Now tell me, what does she sees in boy bands?
    Crayo: Hot men with hot voices?
    Xanth: Your question’s answered, and our conversation is done. Let’s sit back and watch Hannah get hate from everybody.

    And yes, I know Xanth/Crayo don't talk like that AT ALL on Skype. :maybe:
  2. Umm wha...?
  3. We sort of do talk like that on Skype.

    [03:54:50] Crayo: cun*
    [03:54:51] Xanth: hahahaha
    [03:54:54] Crayo: :'(
    [03:55:04] *** Call to Xanth, duration 00:01. ***
    [03:55:09] Crayo: ahahahahahaha
    [03:55:12] Xanth: k night
    [03:55:13] Xanth: bye
    [03:55:13] Xanth: ly
    [03:55:13] Xanth: xoxoxox
    [03:55:16] Xanth: truiangel
    [03:55:16] Crayo: b ly xo

    [04/11/2012 20:59:45] Xanth: wat doin
    [04/11/2012 21:00:04] Crayo: ur sis
    [04/11/2012 21:02:32] Xanth: sad

    [06/11/2012 23:27:24] Xanth: hey baby
    [06/11/2012 23:27:40] Crayo: hi
    [06/11/2012 23:27:51] Xanth: what ya doin
    [06/11/2012 23:28:01] Crayo: ur sis
    [06/11/2012 23:28:03] Crayo: wbu
    [06/11/2012 23:28:43] Xanth: yours
    [06/11/2012 23:28:48] Xanth: but srsly
    [06/11/2012 23:28:53] Xanth: watching game of shadows
    [06/11/2012 23:29:02] Crayo: hahagaaaayy
    [06/11/2012 23:29:04] Xanth: new program started on tv, u might like
    [06/11/2012 23:29:05] Xanth: elementary
    [06/11/2012 23:32:40] Xanth: u should watch it
    [06/11/2012 23:38:32] Xanth: the site wont load on this netbook
    [06/11/2012 23:38:43] Crayo: nice netbook
    [06/11/2012 23:38:56] Xanth: could yours load skype?
    [06/11/2012 23:38:58] Xanth: i think nat
    [06/11/2012 23:39:02] Crayo: yes lol
    [06/11/2012 23:39:05] Crayo: i spoke to u and anon on skype
    [06/11/2012 23:39:32] Xanth: could it watch youtube videos?
    [06/11/2012 23:39:37] Xanth: i think nat
    [06/11/2012 23:40:14] Crayo: yes
    [06/11/2012 23:40:20] Crayo: 2-0
    [06/11/2012 23:44:02] Xanth: mines worse than yours then
    [06/11/2012 23:44:08] Xanth: mine wont load youtube
  4. This just made my feels about you two stronger. :cornette:
  5. SPOILER ALERT: I got raped in my ass after reading this.
  6. [​IMG]

    lol @ this fangirlishness
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  7. You spelled annihilated wrong :bury:
  8. Cancer can be cured via blowjob.

    In fact, I'm gonna hold a petition to prove it!
  9. That's a real convo right, cause they do talk like that. Surprised they didn't mention anal lube and rim jobs
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