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  1. A Female interviewer is shown on camera as she then begins to speak.
    "Ladies and Gentleman as confirmed there is going to be a AWESOME European Championship Tournament to determine the newest contender to that championship. Many names are going to be heading into this match and quite surprisingly alot of new talent has stepped up to do this. I am so stocked to be at the commentary table calling the moves, but for now i'm going to be introducing one of those competitors, Breakout Star of 2014, Mr. Aiden Ryan."

    The Camera pans out and Aiden Ryan is there pointing towards his ear.
    "It never gets old, does it?"
    She responds with a laugh as he shakes his head.
    "Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about not only your victory over your former superior as you call him, but everything that has come up for you. Joey Bryant see's you as the future, Alias Antonio awarded you with the slammy, and you finally have a partner by your side throughout this crazy ride. It's been two months, but things seem to be looking up for you."

    "And how, I mean everything has been surreal, Of course in a good way. I've been given so much and it really does mean alot to me that i am considered talented, because this is something worth doing. And from where i started, to where i am now i am proud to say that i earned this slammy, And i will milk it for all that it is worth, as i should though, right? But back onto the topic at hand. The tournament is going to be hectic, I once again get to face my former superior and prove how dominant i am by myself. It doesn't matter if he saved me from those doctors that abused me. Because in reality he is no different from them."

    "It must of been hard dealing with such betrayal, but you do have a friend now and that's what matter's right? And most importantl... Oh my god!"

    She screams as a loud thump is heard, Aiden Ryan is dropped by a man covered in a hoodie, who looks over at the interviewer. "Stop it!" She continues to yell as he flicks his hand as a motion for her to get lost. the man then lifts Aiden Ryan up by his ear and throws him into the TV behind them. "Leave him alone!" she yells as he looks over at her again and flicks his hand once more. He goes over and picks up a steel chair, he walks over only to find the interviewer laying over the body of Aiden Ryan forcing the masked man to stop.

    He slowly walks away as the camera zooms in on Aiden Ryan who looks unconscious.

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    @Trip in the Head , here you go! I hope it wasn't to lengthy.

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  2. OC: yeah that was great. Sets up a no DQ match well so I can get a video promo in. Making progress on it. Writing it out. Got some shots in my head I want to get. Just need to get it done (like I keep saying lol).
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