SuperSmackDown draws a seriously poor rating

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jonathan, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Considering Tuesday is a good time for TV, this is a poor rating. Especially since it was live.
    The last live show did well. This isn't going to help WWE into convincing SyFy to make SmackDown live all the time on a Tuesday :emoji_confused:

  2. Daaayuuuuumm....

    That's what happens when you have a weak opening segment guys!
  3. That's terrible. Really bad, they've had incredibly strong ratings recently but that's really bad.

    But ratings don't matter so who cares :emoji_slight_smile:.
  4. Ratings do matter.
    If ratings keep like this, SyFy could easily terminate the contract with WWE, even if they would have to pay a lot of money.
  5. No they don't, SyFy will never terminate SmackDown lmfao!
  6. Of course they do.
    If you think that, then you're quite silly.
    If SD kept drawing that on a Tuesday, and live, SyFy would easily terminate them.
    Saying they never would is just plain ignorant.
  7. SyFy will probably never terminate WWE's Smackdown show as most of Syfy's shows suck like no other.
  8. As one would have said, fuck ratings, enjoy wrestling. I wish we could enjoy SD, though.
  9. You do know SmackDown is the most watched show on SyFy every week?

    Not ignorant at all - it's logical.
  10. Yea I'm sure SyFy is chomping at the bit to dump their most watched show

    you make me lol sometimes, and for the wrong reasons
  11. What do you expect? That was one of the worst shows I've seen in a while. And they started out with Daniel Bryan, on the MIC! That's the worst way to start!

  12. Thats a new low. PG is really hurting WWE.
  13. [video=youtube]http:emoji_confused:/[/video]

    Look in the corner, how is PG the issue?
  14. If I remember correctly, they barely even promoted the show?
  15. You're right. They're a joke.
  16. This. As a regular viewer, I was unaware they were airing a live Smackdown on Tuesday until I saw the ad on Monday Night Raw. I figured it was just me missing the notifications, but I've talked to other fans who were unaware until they saw the ad on Monday and others who weren't aware until I asked them about it later in the week.

    Oh, and WWE's contract is not with SyFy; it's with NBC/Universal, who owns SyFy (and the USA Network). NBC/Universal is contractually obligated to air 4 hours of pro wrestling programming on their family of networks every week by the contract. It just so happens that WWE Raw is the highest-rated show weekly on USA (which is why they're willing to move special events like the Dog Show to their other broadcast venues to air Raw) and Smackdown is the highest-rated show on SyFy (yes, even drawing a 1.7 for a live show, it was the highest-rated show on SyFy this past week).

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  17. That's too bad, because the show wasn't that bad. The main event was especially awesome.

    I wonder why don't they move Smackdown to Tuesdays so it can be live (like Raw) every week.
  18. Tuesday would be over kill with Raw on Monday, they need to spread their shows out.
  19. Give us some dance off's..
    I would like to see Rosa Mendes dance in a dance match!
  20. If those are the only two major WWE shows on all week, I don't see the problem. I'd rather watch Smackdown the night after Raw since Raw would put me (or someone else) in a wrestling mood already.