Royal Rumble Superstar removed from Royal Rumble

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  1. Mark Henry Removed From WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    Mark Henry was pulled
    To him getting pulled: *crickets*
    To wondering who will take his spot: "hmmmm"
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  2. Hopefully someone more useful will take his spot.
  3. Sucks. Henry has been with them for so long - and is always pushed aside. I'm happy if someone more intriguing takes his spot. But it's still kind of heart-breaking to see what they are doing with him.
  4. He probably tweaked something or is being saved for a WM match, because let's face it, he gets injured pretty damn often.
  5. He is garbage, a complete bore.
  6. It doesn't sound very fair for Henry but I'm confident he'll at least get his moment at Wrestlemania, most likely in the ATGBM.

    Speaking of people getting removed, in my opinion WWE should perform the same action for at least 2-3 more guys cause, come on, Heath Slater? Bo Dallas? Ryback? Hype the thing God dammit !!! Throw the Undertaker in the mix instead (even...tease a possible win having him till the last 4-5 guys), bring back Batista to make it interesting (he could potentially come in handy for Mania too) or anybody more appealing that could at least momentarily have us second guessing, even if we pretty much now the final outcome...
  7. Yeah, I'm aware of this. Sucks for Henry.

    The dude wants to retire at WM 32, so I hope they at least allow him that.
  8. Thats too bad, was hoping to see Lesnar F5 his big black ass lol
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  9. Damn it! I thought this was his year!
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