Storyline Superstar Returning to IWT!

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    Commentator 1: Welcome everyone to IWT! We just got the news there will be someone returning to the IWT! And he should be coming out right now!

    About 20 seconds of silence and speculation for who the returning superstar is.

    Wait about 20 seconds to come out.

    Commentator 1: wait a minute is that who I think it is?
    Commentator 2: no it can't be him?????

    FTJ comes out!

    Commentator 1: IT IS FTJ, FTJ HAD RETURN!

    (FTJ comes out with a surprising baby face reaction from the fans)

    FTJ puts his arms out as he comes out of the entrance looks at the camera than and says "The Python is back"

    FTJ takes about 30 second standing ovation as the fans give him a standing ovation! FTJ looks very surprised...

    FTJ then gets into the ring grabs a microphone. And says "cut the music" music is now off. FTJ takes about another 30 second standing at the fans surprisingly cheer for him again at FTJ once again looks dumbfounded as he's holding the microphone in his hand as as it appears that he is about to talked.

    FTJ: WOW! I never thought I would actually hear the day fans actually cheering for me. And for that I thank you. But now I have to get to business. So you're all probably asking yourself why now why is FTJ back in the IWT?

    Commentator 1: Yeah that a good question?

    Well the answer is really simple really. I'm back here for one reason technically two if you will. Ever since I started here in the IWT way back when somewhere around 2012 I think, I have always did what EVER I had to do to win that IWT WWE Heavyweight Champion. I copied off someone's promo, I can connived with other people, Hell I even bang a GM :pipebomb: .

    Oh and I did it with this specific GM her cats, Luna and Artemis by the way. Which by the way I still have allergic reactions to this day for doing.

    But the thing is I meant to tell y'all straight out IWT fans I want to be the best I'll care what I have to do to be the best I want to be the man and I'll do whatever it takes to be that man!

    My goal my mission right now as of this moment, is for one reason and that's is the road to IWT Wrestlemania and wrestles in the MAIN EVENT! That's right the road to my WrestleMania starts right now and that's is to capture the IWT Heavyweight Champion. I have officially signed a contract until next year's IWT WrestleMania. And that is to once again the goal to capture that title before WrestleMania and made of facts that paper view as the World Champion! I don't care who the current champion is right now because whoever it is buddy your days as World Champion are numbered!

    FTJ drops the mic and says "pipebomb"

    FTJ's music plays again.

    Commentator 1: WOW FTJ is back and he is on a mission to not only regain the IWT Champion, but to main event as the Champion at IWT WrestleMania!
    Commentator 2: WOW, this is shocking news indeed but the question is will he be able to too?
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  2. I call dibs on fighting ftj 1st
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  3. I call dibs on fighting ftj 1st
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  4. I call dibs on fighting ftj 1st
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  5. I dibs fighting on 1st ftj call
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  6. Goku-san if you need a win in your first match back I gotchu...
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  7. Imagine if we had a match. Both of us lose?
  8. Is that even possible?
  9. :mog:

    The GOAT has returned.
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