Superstars talking in matches

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  1. You don't really notice this but every time i see the matches (in this video) now i pick up

  2. Jericho and Cena are annoying shits with this, every match the spots are called so obviously.
  3. Honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. Even if I hear it.
  4. Depends entirely on how the wrestler does it. If they try to hide it but fail it annoys me a bit. But if it is a guy like Brodus och Chris Hero who turns it into crowd interaction, "You guys wanna see a suplex!?" I find it fine.
  5. That was pure gold ^
  6. Wrestlers have been calling matches in the ring forever. Many consider it being an example of knowing how to truly 'work' because sometimes the crowd doesn't react to what you're doing and you might need to change it up to get them emotionally invested in another way. Ric Flair even said Randy Savage could never be called a 'great worker' in his eyes because Savage didn't like calling his matches in the ring and preferred to lay everything out beforehand, which I think is an unfair critique on Flair's part but so much shit comes out of his mouth, who cares.

    I have no issue with it, so long as it's not obvious. I remember Orton yelling "schoolboy!" right as he charged towards Triple H at No Mercy 2007 and then when he missed and hit the ring post, he got schoolboy-ed (for the win, I think.) Sometimes, it's unavoidable. At Over The Limit 2010, Orton hurt his arm, and you can tell Edge was using his long hair covering his face to tell Orton to do a double count out since he needed medical attention right away.
  7. It never really bothers me that much, I guess I've watched too many Botchamania's that it's normal to me when I hear it.
  8. One of my favorite examples of wrestlers turning it into crowd interaction is from Dragon Gate USA's Heat 2012 event. The match was Bobby Fish (a guy with a legit MMA background) vs Low KI (One of the biggest fake MMA fighters in wrestling). The match was pretty stiff and Fish ended up punching Ki in the guy so hard that Ki fell to the ground. Fish then decided to showboat a bit, pointing to his fist and yelling "GUT PUNCH!"

    I lol'd.
  9. Cena is loud as fuck
  10. I hardly ever notice it tbh.