Superstars that should be in WWE 13' but won't

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  1. Kurt Angle
    Big Boss Man
    Al Snow
    Hardcore Holly
    Crash Holly
    Steve Blackman
    The Hardys
    The Dudleys
    Val Venis
    Steven Richards
    Terri Runnels
    D-Lo Brown
    Jeff Jarrett
    Owen Hart
    Dean Malenko
    Marc Mero
    Mean Street Posse

    What are your opinions on these names? Who do you think should be included?
  2. Big Boss Man is in WWE 13. :facepalm:

    Hardy, And Angle can't because of TNA contract. :pity:
  3. :youdontsay:
  4. But you just said Big boss man won't :blown:
  5. that wasn't sarcasm my friend
  6. i like the list :win:

    is william regal in it?
  7. regal has been in the last couple game so i cant imagine why they'd exclude him this year
  8. Regal's not in.
  9. :regal:
  10. no regal? :upset: what the hell
  11. is rikishi in it?
  12. Wrong. Rikishi spilled the beans that he and Too Cool would be in the game. It might have not been confirmed by THQ, but they always got secret superstars to unlock.
  13. DLC then probably. Nice.
  14. Big Boss Man
    Val Venis

    are actually in
  15. Yeah i created this thread when the roster wasn't fully released
  16. Owen Hart is a no no, his wife won't allow it, not WWE's fault here.
  17. All of the above.
  18. Batista - I know he is not been in the WWE for over a year but he was a legend
  19. We want Owen :tough: *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
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