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  1. Michael steps onto the stage at VICE, wearing a black suit and pants along with an open red silk dress shirt underneath. He has glasses on and slicked back hair. He looks at the IWT World Championship, then back at the crowd. He makes is way down the ramp, with a smug smirk. He walks up the steps and wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring, and getting handed the microphone.

    Michael: The Champ...IS HERE!

    The crowd erupts in boos as Michael smirks at the crowd.

    Michael: Shut the hell up. 2 long years in the IWT. I've had countless matches. I've hit up countless cities. I've been paid anywhere from below minimum wage to a full years salary for one appearance. I've been involved in some of the most memorable moments in IWT history, but all of that pales in comparison to the murder of Aids Johnson and his career. The career that was built on "burying" others, ironically, was buried itself. Aids gave a heart felt speech at the end of Survival, explaining that he needs a break to recollect his thoughts. But as he was walking out, I handed him his 5th and final pink slip. I ended his title reign, killed his pride and buried his career.

    Michael fixes the glasses on his face and sniffs before fixing the title on his shoulder.

    Michael: Now I want to look at the future. Alias Antonio is my new challenge. Don't get me wrong, I respect Alias. I want Alias to take this title. I want Alias to lead this company. I want Alias to be the face of the IWT. But I'll be damned to let this title go without a fight. I'm not here, holding this title, for place holders sake. I'm here to show that I was all I said I was going to be. I don't care about the past. I care about the future. That's why, I spent the last 3 weeks scoping the IWT. I wanted to find the Supreme brand of wrestler in the IWT. I wanted all walks of life, an international conjunction of fucking destruction. I scoped long and hard, and after IWT Survival, my choices were apparent. I want this to be known as my creation, and when these guys go onto become the greatest champions in IWT history, I will be known as the man that gave them their big break.

    "We Want Alias" chants break out.

    Michael: You want Alias? You can have him, and his lifeless body after IWT Retribution! - *Ahem* - As I was saying, I'm here to introduce the Supreme brand of IWT wrestlers. Make your way out...

    Michael points to the stage.
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  2. "GTFO" by Makeshift blasts through the speakers as Braeden Cross walks through the curtain with his hair tied back and wearing a suit.
    The crowd is booing Cross and chanting "Fuck you Braeden"
    Cross enters the ring and shakes Michael's hand before grabbing a mic.

    Braeden Cross: Y'know, it feels really weird being in a suit... But y'know... when in Rome and all that shit.
    The crowd boos and chants "you look stupid"
    Braeden Cross: Oh really? I look stupid? Look at this fat **** in the front row wearing an NGW t-shirt! I got news for you, motherfucker! NGW CLOSED! The entire wrestling world is buzzing about IWT and you're wearing a stupid fucking NGW t-shirt? You have no fucking right to say that I look stupid! Now I expect you're all wondering why I joined Supreme, well after my DOMINANT display of power over Jack Lux at Survival, I was an obvious candidate for this group of IWT's elite. I dare ANYBODY to tell me different! If there's one thing that I showed at Survival more than anything it's that Braeden Cross = MONEY!
    Cross lowers his mic and raises his arms to soak in the chorus of boos that is raining down on him.
    Braeden Cross: You asinine motherfuckers! You're clearly unaware of the greatness that is standing before you! So why don't y'all bow the fuck down and show Michael and I some RESPECT!?
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    Jeff and Miss Elizabeth walk onto the stage with smiles on their faces as the crowd boos, hoping for one of their favorites. Elizabeth is holding a framed picture of I Got Beat by Ryan Davis while Jeff is holding on of Nick. Ryan now makes his way to the stage that prompts a chorus of boos. The three make their way to the ring even with a beverage cup being thrown at them from an irritated member of the crowd. They stop and Ryan stares intensely at the man who threw the cup for a few moments before smiling and being given the picture of I Got Beat by Ryan Davis. Ryan signs the photo and hands it to the man before continuing to the ring.

    Ryan shakes Michael's hands before Jeff gives him a microphone.

    Ryan: It seems lik---

    The crowd interrupts Ryan so loudly that he couldn't continue his sentence.


    The crowd slowly goes quite, not realizing that's exactly what Ryan wanted.

    Ryan: It seems as though I'm not who you were expecting to come out, which really confuses me I have to say. I am the greatest first generation wrestler in the world, the future of IWT and the man you will see in main events for years to come. Michael can see it, that's why he chose me. When I step into this ring, I am the most gifted technician to ever grace this sport, nobody can touch me! I Got Beat by Ryan Davis couldn't do it, I retired him and the only reason he's back is because he finally realized I have no more interest in him as I'm on my way to the top, somewhere he can only dream of reaching.

    Ryan then backs up towards Jeff and looks at the framed picture of Nick before continuing.

    Ryan: This man couldn't do it. Oh how you all were behind him. The man who was going to beat respect into me, teach me a lesson because he knows how to. And why not believe him, right? He's a former World champion. The key word there is former, meaning no more. It's gone, in the past. Just like what Michael just brought up, it's about the future.

    Michael is seen giving the middle finger to the picture of Nick as Ryan is talking.

    Ryan: I ran through Nick just like I'm going to run through everyone in IWT until I'm on top. My dominance is something to keep close attention to and that's scary because I'm only one member of this alliance...

    Ryan, his posse and Michael wait for the next introduction...
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    *It goes very dark and quiet in the arena. A fat redneck woman notices her phone begins ringing, but the ringtone that is playing is not one that she downloaded.. it's the same song that begins playing in the blackened arena*

    *Schizo comes from backstage, carrying a Hulk Hogan Wrestling Buddy plush doll with it's eyes carved out and red stained plush stuffing coming out of it. He walks up to the fat redneck woman whose phone is ringing. Schizo looks at the phone, insinuating that the woman should answer it. Scared, however, she tosses the phone to the ground where it shatters. Her hillbilly husband tells her he AIN'T using his unemployment check to buy her another one. Schizo leaves them, carrying the wrestling buddy to the stage... constantly pulling the stuffing from its eyes.*

    Shizo: There are basically two types of groups: those who accomplish things and those who claim to have accomplished things. The first group is much less crowded, yet it is standing before you on this stage. But accomplishments are just stories waiting to be written, accolades waiting to be attained at the expense of the lives of others. Life is an accumulation of these tales of terror and that's exactly the kind of stories this group will tell... tales of terror for everyone here in IWT.

    And that's what I like... that's what I crave... the blood and the broken bones and the agony of defeat... However four men can cause even more carnage than I can alone, as hard to fathom as that may be. And I will see it... I will share in the pain that all members of Supremacy inflict upon every wrestler in Warfare... and I will savor the agony fourfold.

    An insane man once said, "From the world of darkness someone did let loose demons and devils in the power of scorpions to torment." and I am one of those demons. But don't bother calling an exorcist because even the priest died in the movie.

    *Shizo rips the head off the Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy and eats some of the stuffing, reminiscent of George "The Animal Steele" tearing apart a turnbuckle.*
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