Survivor Series go home week: Is the show salvageable?

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  1. (Not sure if this goes in Raw since that's the main thing that it's about or PPV's)

    According to most fans both casual and hardcore alike, Survivor Series is not a show worth ordering. We have three matches announced, two lackluster title matches (Cena vs Del Rio + Big Show vs Orton) and the Punk/Bryan vs the Wyatts match that isn't interesting unless it gets changed. How else will they fill out the card? Golden Rhodes vs the Real Americans? Tyson Kidd vs Fandango? Throwing a bunch of mid-carders in a Survivor Series Tag Match? Matches for the mid-card belts? Ryback turning face?

    So I'll ask you: Do you think the show's salvagable with one week to go? If you had the power, what would you do to make the show interesting to people? Or are you interested? If so, how could they make it better?

    (Sorry for the bitch thread, try to avoid these because us internet nerds clearly don't know what people want. :haha: But haven't made enough WS posts lately, so here's one.)
  2. Well, to be honest, The Hoff hasn't ordered a PPV in a good while. Will I watch SS? Probably. The outcome of both the WWE ttle and WHC matches are pretty much a given. I'm disappointed that Bryan/Punk vs The Wyatts is happening, solely on the fact that it should have been Punk/Bryan/Usos/Rhodes vs The Shield/Wyatts. Maybe it will be changed tomorrow night by Trips or something. And if Ryback does indeed turn face, here's to hoping it doesn't flop.
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    I'd say it's quit salvageable. If WWE utilizes their 3 hours of RAW in a way where they can get a couple more matches/build up scenes in then Survivor Series could be worth a watch. The question is,how exactly could they do that? Well,I'd say have them make a couple mid-card title matches(i.e Axel/Ziggler).

    As for Show/Orton,I'm not sure what they could since that match just screams sleeper. They could try and tack on a stipulation like "If Show loses he never gets another title shot again/If Show loses he has to retire". I don't know if that would make the match seem more interesting though.

    All of this leaves out the Survivor Series tag match,I don't know what they could do for that. Maybe they can do what's right and make it Shield & Wyatts vs Bryan,Punk,The Usos,&, Golden Rhodes. That match would make buying Survivor Series worth it imo.
  4. EXACTLY. See, Vinnie Mac, it's what the people want, is Team Bryan vs Team Bray. Shoulda been that from the get-go. Somebody just needs to knock some friggin' sense into that head of VKM. That person? Who could do such a thing for the people? Yours truly, that's who. :jericho:
  5. Well, that's what happens when you have two weeks between PPVs. I'm also not a big fan of the card, and I think it'll mostly be filled by random midcard matches with no build. Show/Orton won't be good, Cena/Del Rio I've seen, it'll be good again but the story bothers me, I really wish they would've booked a 6 on 6 Survivor Series match after that Wyatt/Shield thing there, but no... I'm not sure who's going to challenge for the belts. Real Americans vs Rhodes sounds alright. The IC, uh... Axel pinned Ziggler last week, so why would they do that again (well, reading it like that it feels like it'll happen, so there's one). Wasn't Big E going to fight Axel? Does the US title still exist? I'm rambling here, but to answer, no, I'm not particularly excited for this one.
  6. WWE actually had like 4/5 weeks to build this shit up lol.

    Not invested one bit at the moment, could they possibly salvage it? There's a chance, but a very slim one IMO.
  7. They did? Well, I think it's possible. It's just that they didn't even mention the PPV for like three weeks, so I had forgotten it was taking place, haha. Last week I heard Rain say like "well there's only one more Raw to go" and I was like what?
  8. Same here lol, I thought there was at least two more Raw's.
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  9. Yeah, it's listed for the 24th.

    One big thing hurting their PPV's right now is that the regular shows have gotten so good from an in-ring standpoint. There's going to be good wrestling on this show, but we can see good wrestling five times a week on TV. So seeing a never-before-seen tag match between Punk/Bryan and the Wyatts is kinda hurt by that.
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  10. When the hell does The E ever really take the time to build up their PPVs outside of the WWE title and WHC? They always seem like they're rushing things, scrambling to put together the stupid PPV at the last minute. For reals Vinnie Mac, get yer shit straight, sister. Hoff's only really interested in the tag match at the moment. And by interested, The Hoff means hardly interested. :kiss:
  11. Of course, remember there are three shows until Survivor Series. They can build up some of the guys right now, build the feud to be more spotlighted by having the Wyatts attack DB, CM Punk and someone else one by one until the three guys attack at the end of the show and make the match, or a build similar. Have a tag team match on Main Event, have one of the teams get attacked and laid out by the Wyatts while the other team help, like Real Americans attacking the Usos. Then have the rematch at Smackdown and have the same thing happen, except have Punk and Bryan come out for the save, while recapping what happened on Main Event. Then have them set up the 5 on 5 tag team match.

    I know it's flawed and not perfect, but it's one of the few things I could think of with the little time and build that they have left.
  12. Hoff's kinda taken back by the fact that the PTP aren't involved in this tag team feud. Inserting them into the match, now that there is bestforbusiness :pity2:
  13. Guess you can say PTP's current status in the feud is...a Rainbow in the Dark :jeritroll:
  14. Ohhhh I see what you did there. BURNNNN. Well, gay burnnnn if you will :jericho:
  15. :notsure::lool::lool:
  16. This Survivor Series will be horrible and looks to be just a further example of how far Survivor Series has fallen as a concept. It's a stretch to even call it one of the big four PPVs at this point when it's apparent that WWE doesn't value it that much at all, as evidenced by it consistently being one of the worst PPVs of the year. To be fair though, Orton/Show will be alright, Cena/Del Rio will be a pretty good match (even if I don't care a lick for the build) and if they do book an elimination match between Punk/Bryan/Rhodes/Usos-Shield/Wyatt Family, then that will be just all kinds of awesome. The rest of the card will be shit, but it won't matter. If your top three matches (which showcases both world championships being on the line as well as an awesome traditional elimination match) isn't enough to convince people to buy the show, then nothing will be.

    As for the possibility of them not doing the 6-on-6 elimination match, I could see Punk and Bryan being forced to team with Ryback and Axel (who will want a piece of the Wyatts as well for attacking them on Smackdown) while Harper and Rowan are forced to team with Rollins and Reigns (while the "leaders" of both groups - Wyatt and Ambrose - stand close to one another backstage to see how well their respective teams cooperate with one another.) It's an interesting proposition because half of both teams would have tension with the other half and both teams could end up exploding on each other at any minute. Seeing enemies team with each other on both sides is interesting. In this case, the Rhodes could defend the tag Team Championships against the Real Americans.
  17. Damn good idea, Lockard for WWE Creative, so you can come up with brilliant ideas like this and Vince will laugh at you for them.

    It looks like the show itself shouldn't be bad. The 5-on-5 should be great, Punk and Bryan vs the Wyatts should be pretty good if they let it, Cena and Del Rio will have a similar match to the one at HIAC and Big Show and Orton will outperform low expectations, and the Divas will be there too. Can't see how it's worth the $50, but they've done a good enough job to make it worth the three hours. Guess that's the best we could have hoped for.

    As you say, the main selling points to the show are the top three matches, and there's more intrigue in storylines than just wrestling. Cena vs Del Rio should get the kids-with-rich-parents' buys just because of Cena, but doubt it'll draw many other people. Maybe the 5-on-5 will get a few with so many great talents colliding (crowd was really hot for them on Raw), but with the WWE Title match I can't see doing much. They filled out the card, yay, but this show feels really skippable. Guess I just expect too much.

    When was the last big Survivor Series? Some may say 2011, but even that show was pretty lousy going in outside of the intrigue between Rock and Cena + the lingering hope that Punk could win the title (Yay!). Seem to remember enjoying 2009, but reading that the build left a lot to be desired. But we thought the same with Summerslam for the past few years too, but this year they delivered. After going through the doldrums with the Battleground and Night of Champions shows we saw this light at the end of the tunnel with Survivor Series right around the corner, and it's a flop. What's the big deal about Survivor Series anyway... Hey @Senhor Perfect, if you have a spare hour or so and want to make some forum cash, if you want to (at least link or) type out some Survivor Series history about how this show's a big deal, I'd appreciate it.
  18. if Senhor Perfect doesn't mind, I'll answer...

    Survivor Series was the first major PPV right after Wrestlemania back in the day (not counting the Wrestling Classic in November of '85, which was a one-time thing.) Wrestlemania came first in '85, then Survivor Series in '87, then the Rumble and Summerslam in '88. These were known as the Big Four back then and by default, having less PPVs means each one that you do have will be treated with more diligence and hype and prestige and whatnot than they would be if there was one every month. Survivor Series also had a unique gimmick to give it a special attraction, which was every match on the card being an Elimination match.

    The inaugural Survivor Series was also based largely off the attraction of seeing Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant in the same ring with each other again. Andre hadn't wrestled even once since the iconic Wrestlemania 3 event earlier in the year and the Hogan/Andre feud was still hot, and the PPV was sold off the idea that Hogan and Andre (on separate teams, of course) would be crossing paths with one other again, making people further anticipate another one-on-one match between the two. As it turns out, the main event actually set up their rematch in '88 and the large tournament that Wrestlemania IV was based on.

    if you look at the event over the years, it actually has just as many (arguably more) significant and memorable moments as Summerslam does (Summerslam being what they like to call their biggest PPV outside of Wrestlemania, although in reality the Rumble is, but that's another story.) At Survivor Series, we have seen:

    -the first Hogan/Andre confrontation since WM3 (as already mentioned)
    -Undertaker's debut
    -Rock's debut (though he debuted as the shitty Rocky Maivia persona)
    -Undertaker and The Rock's first ever WWF Championship wins
    -Ric Flair's first appearance on a WWF PPV
    -the beginning of the Steve Austin/Bret Hart feud
    -the Montreal Screw Job (the most infamous ending in wrestling history, and one that single handily created the Mr. McMahon character, albeit unintentionally)
    -Austin being run down by the car
    -Austin dumping Triple H inside a car from like 40-50 feet in the air
    -the climax of the WWF vs WCW invasion angle
    -the first ever Elimination Chamber match and HBK's first world title win in five years (and what would prove to be his last in the long run)
    -Brock's first defeat and the reuniting of the Dudleyz (I'm grouping them together because they happened to be at the same event... same event as the previous mention actually)
    -the end of Undertaker's American Bad Ass character
    -the Raw/Smackdown inter-brand war
    -the beginning of CM Punk's 434 day title reign
    -The Rock's first match in almost eight years that saw him teaming up with his upcoming Wrestlemania rival John Cena, etc.

    It's a shame the event doesn't mean as much as it used to because it actually has a lot of historical importance to the company. Looking at the card for this Sunday, I can't see anything that will likely end up deserving of being added to this list.
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  19. Lock beat me to it, not much I can add to that.