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Who's your winner?

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  1. Adam Aries

  2. Queen Chrysalis

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Adam Aries vs @Queen Chrysalis

    *Forrest and DKJames are watching on from outside the cell*​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED!
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. *Lights go out, Spotlight hits the ramp*

    *Hawk walks out with DK by his side, they both hold chairs, Hawk's is wrapped in barbed wire, He isn't in wrestling gear, he is in jeans and an Alliance T shirt, he walks focussed to the cell, he stops at the door, he looks at the top of the cell, he turns to DK, they put their chairs down, he hugs DK, He grabs the chair and walks into the cell, he watches as the door is locked, he throws the chair into the ring, he walks up the steps, he hits it and shouts, he climbs through the ropes, he grabs the chair and stands ready, he is handed a mic*

    Oh boy, oh my. This is one son a bitch, this cell that leaves people in pieces, the match that ended careers, the match that destroys you no matter what, A match that I love, a match where I can do anything to Queen, I can destroy her into a bloody pulp and leave her brains scrambled all over this mat, thats where this bad boy comes in handy

    *Hawk holds up the barbed wire chair*

    When I hold this chair I lose myself, I see life in slow motion, I see me swinging the chair into Queen's head and in slow motion as she spits up blood and her head hits the mat and the blood drips from the open wound in her skull, it overtakes me, then everything goes back to normal and what used to be silence is now crowds standing in shock, I hold the chair up again and watch as it slowly hits the your back and as the spikes on the wire stick to you and cut your flesh and you bleed. I will destroy you Queen.

    *Hawk pauses*

    I saw the fear in Queen, I saw as she put on a brave face as she stumbled to the ring to throw out if you even want to call it a challenge, she was shaking as she pissed herself when I ran into that ring, She had to have her body guards to take me out and get an advantage but tonight she has no chance at that as when she walks in that cage is locked and she enters the Hawk's Play Pen and I have my favourite toy in my hand.

    This is survival of the fitest Queen, You better move fast before the hunter becomes the hunted.
  3. First paragraph: he is, he is, he is, he is, he is, he does, he does, he is, he is.

    Jesus. That was an effort.
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  4. What effect does it have on you? Love how you make comments on my promos and no one else's.
  5. The effect it had on me? It made me not want to read the rest of it.

    No one else used he is 20 times in one paragraph.

    Don't take part if you can't take constructive criticism.
  6. 1. I don't care, no need to comment here.
    2. And?
    3. Also why should I take some off someone who doesn't even have a matches, also they should be done in PM as you said:
  7. I'm above the rules :sandow:
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  8. The crowd grows silent, waiting for Chrysalis to come out. Suddenly some people come onto the stage, setting up instruments, a keyboard, guitar, drums, bass guitar and a microphone. The band Heaven and Hell then comes out to a light pop in cheers, a few crowd of people giving the horn signs.

    The music filled the arena as the crowd grew silent once more. Suddenly Chrysalis, with Knight entered the arena. Chrysalis dressed in her ring gear; black boots, black tight, a tight sleeveless shirt and her face paint. Her face paint was white, covering from her forehead down to her chin. In the middle of her forehead was the letter C, made to look like a crescent moon; on each of her cheeks was the cross of the Undertaker. She made her way to the ring with a kendo stick. Chrysalis looked at Knight, as he stayed beside the Cell door. Chrysalis entered through the doors as the referees locked the door tight. Chrysalis entered the ring, staring at Adam as she reached and grabbed a microphone.

    Queen put the microphone near her mouth, and bursted out in laughter. The crowd seemed puzzled to her reaction. "Scared, of you? I think you should retire from IWT and pick up comedy dear, that made me really laugh. You don't know what hell is, I could see it in you when you betrayed me. You fear me because I was a threat to the group by being so close to your. pathetic is was, even when you were striking me down I felt such pity for you."

    Chrysalis got into Adams face, smirking as she looked at him. "I can see are indecisive, and insecure. It's why you continue to throw in and out people into the Alliance, because you worry about the choices you made AFTER you conduct them. You are a parasite, you take what you want, and dispose of it. At least if I plan to use someone, I alert them, but you, you are a dishonest scumbag that deserves much worst than what you are going to experience tonight."

    Chrysalis then backed away, looking at the crowd and looking at Adam. "The day you lost to Jacob Colten, I beat him the night before. I beat B.Dazzle, who has become one half of the tag team champions. You knew you couldn't reach up to my level, so you take desperate measures in trying to dispose me. You are self destructing inside, a ticking time bomb. tick....tick....tick....and when the clock reaches'll come to an end."
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  9. *Hawk walks away from Queen, Hawk laughs as he begins to talk*

    It began as business Queen, I never meant to hurt you but you turned your back on me, you left me so I took matters into my own hands and when Knight tries to be the rebel and stick by you we take him out too, You made this personal, Not me. You wanted this match, Not me. You made me hurt you, Not me. This is all what you have wanted, you talk and talk and talk but don't back it up, You know we were supposed to face each other a long time ago and you were the one who stopped it, I won my right to face you for the X-Division Title you lost to a rookie by beating Jacob and every time I tried to cash it in you ran and hid and stopped the match from happening, You were afraid and tonight you can't run, You are locked in here with me and that is what you should be afraid of.

    I am calm and ready for you Queen, I don't need to think of my game plan, I am prepared and know how this will go down, you just need to rise to the occasion, you know that if- no WHEN you choke you will lose control and that will be your downfall, the downfall I will take advantage of. You only get one shot but wait, You don't get one shot because whatever happens tonight isn't enough for me, I am not content in just destroying you I want Bruce fucking Knight too! Oh and I am not the only one, DK wants you both so how about a LADDER MATCH AT TLC? Lets just hope @Jonathan can take a break from fapping and eating Dominos to make the match.
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  10. "I made this personal? Last time I remembered, before you betrayed me, I never spoke a negative word about you. I did not take a blade and stab two of my teammates in the back, that was you. You are a fool, blinded by your own lies and trying to justify your actions by false accusations. You must still be a child, taking light things so close to the heart, perhaps I can make it up to you if I buy you a tricycle too? Or would you prefer a big teddy bear?" Chrysalis said with a laugh as she sat on the turnbuckle.

    "You want your tag team match? Sure, you'll get your match.....if you can walk out of this arena tonight on your own two feet. Tonight, your partner is bound outside of the cage, no one can save you from a nightmare. From the mistress of fear, one that you can call, the queen of darkness. Because after tonight, you'll not only fear me, you'll fear my ally'll fall onto your knees screaming for someone to save you....but no one will come. The only sign that will be left of you, is the trail of tears that leads to your grave."
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  11. *Hawk stares down Queen*

    I have nothing to lose Queen, We could make some stipulation where if Me and DK lost we would split up but we both know that DK and I's friendship is not worth someone like you, Those trail of tears lead to a set of 2 graves, One with the name Queen Chrysalis the other named Bruce Knight, no mourners, no flowers, no tears are shed except the ones of your pain. You talk about me being scarred? My nightmare? This is my fantasy, I love this, you have no escape, you have no salvation. Bruce even tries to get in here and I will make sure he has no kids.

    You are just my twisted experiment, when I hired you I knew you were a loose cannon, I knew you were reckless and cause me issues but I found it a fun task, like looking after a maniac, that is what it is but instead of testing chambers and reports we have a Hell In A Cell and barbed wire chairs even just the thought of your blood dripping onto the mat gives me pleasure, I am anxiously waiting for this trash talk to end and the blood to spill.

    You betrayed me Queen, you showed remorse for Jacob, You tried to branch away from us, you focussed on yourself and left me to pick up the pieces of the mess you made, like when a dog pisses on your carpet you don't give it a treat, you kick him until he learns what he has done wrong, with you.... you just don't listen, you ignore everything I explain, actions needed to happen and that is exactly what I did, I with the help of DK took the knives out of our backs and put them through your throats, we left you in a mess and you even got insulted by DX, you then have to use the numbers game to try and make me think you even had a chance but it doesn't work on me, my brain is surrounded by a skull of steel making me invincible to your little mind tricks, I am the one who tricks.

    I am the puppeteer and you are the puppet, I control you Queen, I control everything, I am like a god. I pull the strings and you do as I say and when the puppet starts to break the string the controller loses his mind and breaks into a violent rage and tonight you all witness that being unleashed on Queen.
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  12. "Is that so? You, who can't even carry a group with more than 2 people for a month, you are going to send me to a grave? That's cute, but it's just a storytale. It's a tall tale so wild and wacky, I would have assumed Dr. Seuss was speaking to me about a new book. You're little predictions, they are just a fiction storytale nothing that will happen but you'll continue to feed these words of fantasy and imagination to these people. You can continue to write about what'll happen in your little world, until playtime is over and your mommy has to take away your book and crayons."

    "As for me? I spread reality, I talk about the truth and facts. Am I twisted experiment? Perhaps I am, but not by the hands of you. You merely adopted my insanity, but I was born in it. You couldn't, nor will you ever be able to see through the eyes of me. Why, because you can't grow up. You continue to pin the blame on me, attacking me, saying that I mess up your little team, when the truth of the matter it was all you. I want you to look back at my time in the Alliance, even when I thought about siding with that Paris Hilton loving GM, I said I would attack Jonathon and his partners, but not your team. Why? Because I had no reason to, until now."

    "As for D-Generation-X insulting me, yes they did. They insult everybody, it's nothing special, like a newspaper landing on someone's lawn. Trust me sweety, after I destroy you and DK, DX will soon fall down to my feet, of course after I wipe my feet clean using your back. That's all you are to me now, someone who will be used as a floor mat so I can wipe my feet on, but at least you'll finally be good at something."
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  13. OOC: Aids is walking backstage back towards the locker room, shaking his head while laughing to himself. As he walk's he passes a TV on, with what appears to be the other superstars not in the SS match arguing with their back to the screen. Aids looks up and wonders aloud, "Is this match still going on? That Chrysalis has a sweet ass."

    Aids' looks away and grabs @gav the chav , offering him a celebration shot of some scotch before the title match. They high five and continue towards the lockerroom as the camera fades on the arguing stars in the back over the SS match betting.
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  14. Someone make this into a poll please.
  15. lol tag @Jonathan or see if someone else is around. Hopefully From is section mod again, if someone else like @CM Punk isnt already.
  16. Was out, voting opened!
  17. After the Match, Knight begins to rip the door off of the cell. DK tries to stop him but only angers Knight, who tosses him into the barricade and then knees his head into it, knocking him out. Knight finally takes the door off and walks into the ring. He walks over to Hawk and Tosses him into one of the corners, Pounding him with both his fists. He looks over to Chrysalis and drags the nearly destroyed Hawk towards Chrysalis. He Drops Hawk next to Chrysalis and looks at her.
  18. Your winner by 5 votes to 1... @Queen Chrysalis!

    The irony that I'm the only one that voted for Adam :lol1:
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  19. Chysalis takes Adam out of the cell, dragging him out as Knight follows. They both begin to climb to the top of the cage, a cross beginning to lower right in the center of the top of the cell.
    Show Spoiler

    As Knight holds Adam down, Chrysalis tells the announcer to throw a microphone to her. The announcer did as she was told, and Chrysalis walked back to the cross. "For so long...this company has been divided by organization, no thoughts and no purpose. It has left the darkness in a weak state...and that is not good." Chrysalis said as she walked to the back of the cross, taking a book off that was labeled with the same cross on the cover. "For you see, tonight darkness has a new testament. Where the Lord of Darkness failed to succeed, I will not. This is not for the faint of heart, all of you who fear of horror movies begin to flee this arena, because now the IWT is a scary place to dwell in. The darkness shall no longer become weaker, it shall become stronger, not just by my hands, by now by the hands of the rebirth Ministry of Darkness." Chrysalis said as the crowd gasped in shock. "My first ally in this new testament, is right here. The man the Alliance betrayed Bruce Knight...but that's not it. Our next two allies, come out and help us finish the ritual." Chrysalis said as she looked out onto the stage.
  20. *The crows goes silent, the shock sending them into a comatose state as they witness Ben on the ramp, wearing a fully black suit, dark enough to arouse Darth Vader*

    Announcer 1: OH.....MY...GAWDDD! I don't believe it....

    Ben: Let's GET TO BUSINESS!!

    *Ben makes his way onto the top of the cell at an eager pace, looking like he has more to say*

    *Ben fixes a cold stare at Adam, so cold it could freeze over an Australian summer, both fists clench in sequence, suddenly Ben lets off a cackling chuckle, reminiscent of your typical comic-book villain*

    Ben: Well well well, how are you doing there Adam? You seem a little confused and scared, not that I blame you for that, considering the insane situation we have put you into. To better understand what is going on, I shall tell you a little but important tale, which has lead to me aligning myself with the talented men around me.

    My transformation.....has completed. I am now an opposite persona to that idiotic, disgusting, egotistical nitwit that the World knew as 'Ben Dover', I am a new man, a better man, the man the WORLD WILL NOW KNOW AS 'Sir Ree-Gus-Lee'. I suppose everyone can refer to me as Sir Lee, but now.... my name is no longer one of vulgar and humour but now my name is one of prestige and character.

    Sir Lee: You may ask why I'm here, so I shall now give you that answer, the answer your mind craves ever so much. I now have this... overpowering urge to exert my new beliefs, and what could be a better tactic of doing so than joining one of the most dastardly stables you will ever witness. I also seemed to catch a lot of attention for sterling performance in the Survivor Series elimination match. It's fair to say that I have gained momentum from that and I will use it to multiply the destruction I cause to the one-dimensional pathetic fools that fill this abysmal roster. Adam may be a pretty feeble example to start, but I am a complex man, who prefers a slow build-up, start with tadpoles like Adam, leading to the grand-finale; Obliterating a ferocious shark like DK. IWT; You've be warned, I am here to rid this place of putrid vile; espically Gav the Chav, the most abominable thing I've ever cast my eyes upon.

    IWT Universe; Enjoy seeing Adam squirm and suffer; I knowwwww I willlllll. *Sir Lee slaps Adam, cruelly laughing into Adam's bewildered face as he does so.
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