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Who's your IWT champion?

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


  2. *Joey is shown backstage walking through the halls in his ring gear staring right into the camera. The crowd boos at him but he begins to speak.*

    “I’m never alone, see? It’s just me, myself, and this misery. Every time I open my mouth it’s because people are just waiting for me to chime in on whatever’s going on in IWT because they know I haven’t been very vocal since winning that tournament. But there’s a reason for that. Since the very first round of that tournament, no one, I mean no one expected me to win. I was just the dude that was going to be eliminated in the very first round and start carrying everyone else’s bags into the arena. Well nah, I beat Nick, I beat Sackfist, and I beat Farooq and I won that god damn tournament and have been waiting months to finally get my shot to prove I’m not just the new kid on the block. I’ve been here through all the bullshit. Whether it was all the veterans leaving to try and prove some kind of point or everyone losing faith in the company, I was sitting here. Just waiting. I’m a fiend for guilty pleasures and the only thing that would make my long and underrated journey worth it is by removing the gold from two egotistical punks that believe they’re the main components of this match and I’m just an usher. I’ll show them. I’ve shown all of you.

    *Just then, the screen goes black and a new theme plays.*

    *At 14 seconds of the song, Joey Bryant walks slowly out onto the stage bobbing his head to the beat. The crowd boos him but he just ignores them with a slight smirk on his face as he makes it into the ring with a mic in his hand.*

    “I’m the king of my own throne. Whether you both realize it or not, I’m no longer just the new dude. Hi, let me reintroduce myself, my name is Joey Bryant. I’m just a vivid picture you’ll always remember. See even when I was making cries of being a martyr and making false claims of being involved with the Cure the spotlight was still set on you two. Aids, I know you’re not shy of your opinion about me. Hell, you’re not shy about your opinion on anyone. I wasn’t even booked at BFG but I was definitely paying attention and along with the world I watched as the great Aids Johnson fell to none only than Victoria Parker!”

    *The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and Joey shakes his head.*

    “At the same time that happened I was planning. I was waiting to face Aids for so long and beat his lucid ego but VP you impressed me. Yet you stand on Team Jonathon I’m fully with you, but you have had yet to even bring me up like I’m not even here. So maybe you’re just the reason for my rage and built up emotion because ever since day one back in June I’ve been shoved aside like I don’t belong. Well let me tell you something, I haven’t belong anywhere I’ve ever gone, I’ve always felt like I’m above whatever I’m doing and the same is true for tonight. I take this shit straight to the head, what you say doesn’t go to the heart. Everything you say my mind is working around it to make you look like the fool and that’s what I did to Nick. That’s what I did to Sackfist, Farooq, that’s what I do to crowds, I do it to stoners, loners, friends, family, mothers, children, jobbers and main eventers! Bottom line is I don’t belong. That’s what I’ve been preaching for the last 3 months! I’ve been saying I’m a martyr because I’m just that, I’m a martyr for my own believes and before you both open your fat mouths and try to spit fire at me like you only you both can do just know I am not just a pawn in your game but a thorn in your side.”
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  3. *gav the chav is watching the match at home on his 50'' plasma tv wearing his favorite @Aids Johnson shirt*

    (gav the chav) OH SHIT! joey bryant just went and fuck shit up there lets see if my man aids can turn this around
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  4. *Farooq crashes his car into Gav's home. He takes a chair, and smashes the 50 inch plasma TV* Fucker, learn to get a good TV! *takes out a 36 inch TV from his car, and sets it on the wall and puts the PPV on* That's better. *drives off with a broken hood, and broken headlights into the sunset*
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    The lights dim for a moment, as a giant blast of pyro goes off.

    Aids Johnson's theme hits, and the crowd boo's loudly, as Aids walks out to the ramp, wearing an ear-to-ear smile. Aids stops at the top and continues smiling as he throws up the middle finger salute to the crowd, before running down the ramp, sliding into the ring.

    Ladies and gentlemen! Joey Bryant. I've waited a long time for this, brother, even longer than you have for this title shot to finally happen. Tonight's main event includes the great Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, and Joey Bryant. Oh, and it's a 3way! *Crowd pop* Who will be your martyr tonight Joey? Will it be Aids Johnson? *Crowd pops* or Victoria Parker, *Crowd boo's loudly* or will you finally become the "martyr" you have so know what? I'm not going to bother with the past, as we all know of your laughable entrance and exit from the cure, and the path we both took to get our hands around the most prestigious belt in the company, the IWT TITLE!

    ....and I see Lady Undertaker is yet to come out, the woman to deny me what is rightfully mine! The Queen of the IWT, not only the only real female competitor, but the only two time IWT champion besides the great Aids Johnson. *small pop*...and tonight, I intend on separating us once again, as I move forward towards my record 3rd IWT championship reign! *Crowd boos loudly as aids throws up 3 fingers, laughing*

    Honestly, am I the only one who laughs out loud realizing Senhor Perfect's first match since losing his IC championship ended up with HIM being the no show? Talk about irrelevant, the man has disappeared into the Canadian wilderness, fading into obscurity. Eric Draven has lost his WHC title once again, proving he cannot handle his liquor to the entire world, which means the Dazzling Chav's are walking away from the Survivor Series almost identically to how the Cure owned SummerSlam. David the Giant proved once again he is unstoppable, and was 100% the right choice to replace me, upgrade from the IWT title tournament.

    And now, here I stand, the most prestigious match in the IWT, the Main Event, and I have nearly nothing to say about the two competitors I face, and see no reason to preach a sermon on the history of the IWT and it's greatest hero, Aids Johnson. In fact, tonight is my chance to prove that I am not the terrible man you all see me as. During the last few months, there have been a very limited amount of stars around and backstage, with even fewer of us "veterans" to help the future stars learn the ropes. Eric Draven and I spent our time backstage, helping the rookies compete, giving pointers, and assuring the people that the IWT was going to continue. Where was Jonathan, you ask? Well, I think addressing his integrity, or lack there of, will have to wait just a few extra minutes.

    Suddenly, the definition of a 2nd rate company closes, bringing back superstars who were so quick to jump ship only a handful of weeks before, giving all the great fans of...what the f*** is this place? Honestly, we will just call this "the welfare state" *Crowd boos loudly* giving YOU fans your money's worth and then some! But what will happen now? VP will come out and twist her hair, talking about my family and her attempt to break me. I am far from the Aids' you all know and hate, a man more focused, understanding of what people will do in order to win the gold in this company. What will the IWT champ do after becoming the face of this company? That is the question you need to ask yourselves.
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  6. Gunfire is heard in the arena as some of the crowd heads for cover, looking for the nearest exit. A spotlight shines on Victoria who is laughing hysterically, shooting the guns in the air as bullets ricochet off the ceiling. She twirls the gun in her hand before throwing it off into the crowd, breaking off into a run, heading towards the ring. Victoria jumps over the wall from the crowd, grabs a mic roughly from a cameraman, and gets into the ring. Victoria unzips her black hoodie showing the IWT title around her waist.

    Victoria notices the security circling in the ring trying to take her into custody. “Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Victoria pulls a big knife out of her pocket and starts twirling it on her finger looking at Aids and Joey. “I’m a little dangerous with toys in my hand. Don’t make me have to use this.” Victoria laughs hysterically as she pushes the knife roughly into the nearest turnbuckle.

    She turns around and smiles demonically at her opponents and the crowd. “I’m sorry I’ve been absent for so long. After my last match with Aids, the company deemed my behavior ‘highly inappropriate’ and kept me out of the arena for a while. They didn’t want a superstar such as me to represent their company. Apparently sneaking into the arena, locking guards in various places, and abducting superstar’s family members is frowned upon. Jonathan wanted me to learn my lesson, to come here with a sound mind and be a positive role model for all of the IWT Universe. But, you see, Jonathan forgot one very important point. I don’t do this for the company, nor do I wrestle to be a positive role model. I wrestle and I’m THE IWT Champion because I do it for me. I get pleasure out of torturing others, watching another’s blood flow from them at my hands, watching welts and bruises form on their bodies because of the anguish and physical trauma I have put them through. Succumbing to darkness is pure bliss.

    “You were right, Aids”, Victoria said, turning towards him. “I did play games with you last time and it was SO much fun. Watching you squirm was delicious to say the least, and exactly what I was looking for. With a seasoned veteran like yourself, it’s important to keep you on your toes. If you know what’s coming and how to anticipate what another is going to do, you can have the upper hand. But, as a true champion, it’s my job to make sure you never have the chance to beat me. If that means I have to take drastic measures to keep you in line…well, then that’s a continued risk I’m willing to take. Besides, with our lovely history, that’s the way it should be.

    “And you, Mr. Loner himself, how nice it is to finally face you”, Victoria said, turning her attention towards Joey Bryant. “You ought to be commended for your efforts in the IWT Tournament. I wanted you to have your rightful match once and for all against the best this company has to offer. You can work to cement your legacy tonight and prove if you can keep up with those more seasoned than you. Can you keep a level head when the going gets tough and things change at whim? We’re about to find out what you’re really made of.”

    Victoria took a moment, looking at the both of them before laughing and smiling darkly. “There is a common denominator among all of us. We’re the lonely, egotistical, and demented members of the IWT. But here we stand in the same match, looking to have the same title. By the end of this match, I will retain my title and continue to stand in my rightful place as IWT Champion. By the time I’m finished with both of you”, as the titantron displays two houses on fire appearing to be the homes of Aids and Joey, “you really won’t have anywhere to go.”
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    Aids looks up towards the screen, before grinning towards VP. He hops up on the corner turnbuckle, grabbing a seat.

    Beautiful, if anything you did me a favor. I bought that house with my first IWT title victory, and the insurance is easily worth as much as the house is valued. If anything, I should thank you. You are crazy, but do you really have what it takes to lead this federation into the future? You have had my sloppy 2nd's your whole career, face it, you are even holding onto the title for me to set myself apart from you once again, becoming the 3 time IWT champion. Bryant has earned his spot here, but let's face it, this is our rematch with him as the stipulation. Honestly, he is here tonight to choose his destiny, will he rise to the challenge? Or prove he isn't ready for the IWT's crown?

    And you, Joey Bryant! You really do deserve to be here *cheap pop* ...and as much as i'd love to hate on you, you have earned everything you have gotten in this company, not including being in the Alliance. The man who scoffed at the idea of joining a group mere weeks before, is now officially in the most volatile excuse for a crew in this company. Did you do something wrong to get stuck there? I take comfort in the assumption that IF you were lucky enough to get the belt around your waist, removing yourself from your "crew" would be high on the list of first things for you to accomplish as the IWT Champion. But at least you are consistent.... unlike our GM.

    Jonathan you fat, pathetic, piece of shit. The man who "runs" our company, or moreso, the man who ran our Original owner AND former GM out of the company. What did this guy do to help us while FSW was running? Uprising was CANCELLED, so we had a house show ran by myself and ED, and where was our GM? Not available for a single one of the matches. All of the mistakes that destroyed the WCW of WWEF weren't even as terrible as the laughable leadership shown during the downtime of the IWT. The ONLY reason this company still continues, walking over the grave of the "other" federation, was simply the difference between the stars who stayed in IWT in comparison to the so called "stars" of Fight Strike. Everyone can give themselves all the credit in the world, it is simple to note that history is written by the winners, and what a sad excuse for a "win" we are enjoying today. Tonight isn't about the IWT title for me, i've already done things here that separate me from most of the stars. Tonight is about using this microphone to call the bullshit out that this company tries to hide. The only reason the IWT has survived this long is NOT because of the "leadership," it's simply because of the fan's who come here and witness the match, letting the IWT universe know who THEY want as their champions *Crowd small pop* and whether you love me or hate me, no matter how stale you think I am, no matter how much you want me to play the character you'd like to see, I am going to call it like it is. Am I the champion you want? Perhaps not, but I am 100% invested in this company, and have given at least as much as I have taken...and that leads me to my Sous Chef....

    *Aids moves towards VP, smiling as he steps up to her, as she laughs while staring Aids down* I've said this once, and I will say it again. Your time? It's up. You chose your destiny, ignoring the other matches, being nothing if not unknown to the wrestlers backstage, while you find manipulative ways to "explain" your absence, as you go above and beyond expectations, running wild in a company controlled by your "former" manager. It must be easy to shoot guns in an arena when the board see's you as "their only option," because we know Christian isn't going to be in a Main Event any time in the near future. (Aids backs a few feet away, holding his hands up, pretending to be scared of being stabbed) ....Don't worry, baby, you can still cut my steak for me.

    *Aids stares down VP, almost ignoring JB in general, making kissy faces at her while she stares, almost invested in the offensive comments*
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  8. Dat Kid comes through the back of the crowd and sits behind the announce table to watch the match
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  9. Marcus Anthony watches in the back wondering what's to come of all of this
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  10. *Tyrone Martin is at the new "Big Shot" studio. He is wearing a "I love you Aids" shirt on. He starts to unzip his pants as Tim Tebow throws him some lotion and tissues*
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  11. Due to the time of the first promo, 2:46am, promos will be extended until 9am UK time (4am EST/3am CT/1am PST) as I won't be on to open voting then so promos may as well continue.
  12. Victoria looks at Aids and laughs. “What a display of pure, pathetic desperation. Who knew that a former three-time IWT Champion could sink so low to making kissy faces at the current champion. But, I believe there’s something you need to ask yourself,” Victoria says, pulling her knife out from the turnbuckle, and walking circles around Aids, “if I’m the company’s ‘only option’, then what the hell are you? At least I stand for something. No matter how ‘crazy’ you think I am, I have a place in this company. Those in charge here can try to keep me out of the ring and try to prevent crazy things from happening, but at the end of the day no one can prepare themselves for the unexpected.”

    Victoria turns around quickly and cuts the side of the referee’s face with her knife, kneeing him to the ground as he kneels down in pain. Victoria pulls him up by the shirt and pushes him into one of the corners of the ring, putting him in further pain. A wild, deranged look crosses Victoria’s face as she charges at Aids, pushing him into another corner of the ring pushing her forearm into his throat holding him in place. Her blade caresses his cheek as she speaks. Victoria begins to shout. “I will demand respect! You should be on your KNEES, begging for forgiveness and giving me the respect I deserve. Instead, what have you been doing? You’ve been running your mouth like you always do, saying whatever the hell you want, but that’s not how things work in MY ring. It’s looks like I still have to teach you a lesson. Abducting your family and burning your family just wasn’t enough.” Victoria moves her forearm slightly and cuts across his neck, just enough to draw blood and create considerable pain. Victoria knees him in the groin as he falls to his knees in pain. “May this be a lesson to ALL of you. I am here to stay and you might as well get used to it, otherwise ALL of you will suffer the same fate…if not worse. I am, and will always be the IWT Champion. No washed up has-been like Aids or a young kid like Joey Bryant can EVER stop me!” Victoria screams and thrusts her knife back into the turnbuckle as she breathes heavily looking wildly out into the crowd.
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  13. Aids continues to kneel on the ground, muttering to himself as he is quickly bandaged up to stop the bleeding - still holding onto his groin - clearly in discomfort/pain.
  14. *Joey hears the words “young kid” and immediately the expression of confusion on his face changes to anger.*

    “That’s funny… I think I heard young kid. For the last months I’ve been here I’ve been trying to prove to everyone in this god forsaken company that I am not the young kid you think you can shove aside. And sorry to break up this little love fest between you two but listen up Aids. I knew eventually you’d be the one to sink low enough to bring up the alliance and every time I’ve opened my mouth to speak in the last 2 months I haven’t brought up once the Alliance because you’re right, it is a joke. I’ll have the balls to say right now fuck the Alliance! Adam and I are business partners but there’s something he needs to realize and that’s I don’t want to be involved in his petty rivalries, I don’t want to fight Nick and Queen when I once considered them worthy attributes to the group but no. Adam’s ego got too big because he has the number one contender to the world title standing next to him with a chair in his hand at almost all times. I’m no bodyguard, I am a champion at heart. VP you can bring whatever weapons and sick sex toys you want to this ring but Joey Bryant is not going to bend on one knee and beg you to spare me. Don’t stick that knife up Aids ass because we both know his ass was already ripped open by his cure buddies back when he actually cared.”

    *The crowd gives off a small pop as Joey takes his first breath and stares down the both of them pacing back and forth holding his head with one hand and the mic with the other.*

    “This is the thing I don’t get about this company, the corporate fat heads would rather see a psycho and a jersey shore rip off than a true competitor with so much built up emotion that even the most prestigious title could not cure me. VP you’re right about one thing I am one of the lonely and demented members of this match but one thing I’m not is egotistical. The moment you both showed up in this ring is the moment all the ego I could possibly have was sucked out of me to fill both of yours even more. Whoa Aids, I’m sorry, you’re a 3 time champion! You must deserve such a huge ego! But maybe have you ever thought that my whole goal of being here was to size down your fat head and make you realize you’re really not all that? And VP have you ever once thought that which each word I speak I’m trying to make you realize you’re just a character hiding behind who you truly are. Because you walk around these parts acting like you’re the most badass, psychopathic bitch out here but you’re really not. Your intimidation tactics will not work on me, even if Aids has submitted to your ways. The thing each wrestler wants to see is you both taken down a rung on the ladder and go back to where you came from. I joined the Alliance because I saw it as a business opportunity, I saw it as a way to make you both think I had some back up but I’ve come to realize I don’t need back up. My words are enough to make you submit to the truth that I am no longer the young kid.”

    *He stops and looks right into the eyes of Aids.*

    “I’m a little shocked Aids… I thought you’d be giving me a lot more shit than you actually have. Instead I get words like you think I deserve to be here, well I damn sure know that but thanks for confirming. Where’s the cheap shots? The low blows? The heart breakers? You have said absolutely nothing to make me believe you deserve this gold and the fact of the matter is I think you know deep down that I’m the true number one contender. I had to fight through 3 worthy competitors to get to where I am while you just climbed your way up Jonathon’s foreskin. People in the back are always so anxious to hear you talk because they know what you’re about to say actually means something but let this be the message known all around the world is that Joey Bryant is the true saint of this company, I am the “kid” that deserve this more than both of these chumps.”

    *He walks to the ropes and looks away from both of them*

    “I am a martyr for my own believes and what I believe right now is these two champions are nothing but doubters in their own beliefs and fakers in the way they carry themselves. It is just me, myself and this misery but soon… you’ll all realize that Joey Bryant is much more than an anger problem and a wanna-be but that I am… a champion.”
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    Aids looks down at the ground as Bryant finishes his promo. He gets up, slowly, gatheting himself before standing up, staring straight at JB, ignoring everything else around him.

    I confirmed for you, what even you have doubted. You are the #1 contender, and you have earned your place in this match. *Aids stares down JB, turning red with anger, as his neck begins to bleed once again, staining the white bandage a dark red color* I GAVE you all the courtesy in the world, and this is how you repay me? Jersey Shore, rip off? RIDING JONATHAN TO THE TOP!? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I ENDURED JUST TO ENTER THE MITB MATCH!?

    *Aids turns back towards VP, smiling as he begins to calm down, the red flushing from his face, as he pats his neck wound, before making sure the blood has not soaked through, yet*

    Joey, young Joey. You may have earned a place in this match, but that does not make you a champion, no, no, No! In one quick sentence, you give me the credit I am due, and in that same breath, you wonder aloud why I have been so kind to you. I should thank you, Joey, you have given me the kick in the ass i needed, and i accept your offer to be a martyr tonight. You believe you deserve to be champion, and if that means i must bury you myself, then I will do it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. You both seem to need a history lesson, I am not a former 3 time IWT champion, but tonight, i become the FIRST 3 time IWT champion in company history....but you want criticism? You demand cheap shots and low blows? This is one offer I simple cannot refuse.

    Joey Bryant, the man who "turned down the Cure." The lie we all accepted and embellished out of pity. We were begged to let you down softly, and I honestly did not have the heart to put you down like the broken dog you had become. I wanted to face you in the IWT finals so I could PROVE you did not belong in my ring, to remind you of what separates the men from the boys. I didn't leave the IWT title tournament because I feared any competitor, I left the tournament because the now broken "woman" next to you let her guard down. *Aids glances at VP, who looks towards the ground at the insult* She might as well have sent me an open invitation to move in and take what I so rightly deserved, and you lucked out, lucky to have been spared the embarrassing looks and boo's of fans as I so gladly showed WHY you belong in a group like "the Alliance." You joined because you thought we would fear the numbers? The medic who patched me up is more intimidating than your crew of cronies. And you, you want to be a champion when YOU CANT EVEN LEAD YOUR OWN GROUP!?

    *Aids calms down again, checking his neck to ensure the cut is at least temporarily patched*

    And you, you psycho snatch. You, want to cut, me? *Aids points towards VP* This woman ache's to hurt me, but like this cut on my neck, I will heal up, and she will still just be a broken, pathetic, former champion.

    Joey, someday you will be a great champion in this company. When this crazy bitch kills me during a random encounter, there will only be 2nd rate stars like you left to hold onto my IWT title, speaking of the day's when the IWT was blessed with the Aids Johnson's, the Senhor Perfect's, and even the Alkaline's. You will hold the title, knowing full well that in your greatest opportune moment, you dropped the ball, and as you watch me walk down the ramp holding onto what I so rightly deserve tonight, then and ONLY then will you see what a true champion looks like.
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  16. "Shut up! I SAID SHUT UP!" After Joey and Aids have promoed, Victoria is seen in the corner with her hands balled up in fists screaming at the top of her lungs. "The Alliance and The Cure...who the hell gives a damn? Both of you look to be leaders, look to demand change and cement legacies that are never going to come to pass. On one hand Aids, your failed attempt at company domination has left you in meaningless shambles, while Joey, 'the martyr of his own beliefs' is still trying to find a way to remain relevant. You both are still trying to find a way to replicate what success I already had. Before it was even popular, I was taking over the tag team division and forming alliances to benefit myself. YOU THINK YOU'RE SO INNOVATIVE DON'T YOU? You're both just carbon copies of the real deal", Victoria says, holding up her IWT title. "This title is mine and will remain with me until I'm rotting in my grave. Even if you both think I'm down and out, I will NEVER be broken. I'm a survivor and I will continue to find ways to torture and eliminate the weak. With one washed up has-been like Aids still trying to look and behave like a champion, and with Joey Bryant, still trying to make a name for himself in this place, this match is one hell of a circus act."

    Victoria gets within a foot of Joey Bryant and speaks directly in front of his face. "You know what Joey, I have a weapon much more effective for you. You come out here with your anger issues and your pent up rage and hope that it gets you somewhere. I proudly admit that I have a huge ego, an ego that I'm quite proud of. However, you probably have the biggest ego out of us all. You wouldn't be so angry and so 'passionate' if you were given lots of attention, if the company showered you with compliments and put you in prime spotlight every single night. The real truth is you're realizing that backup isn't going to get you anywhere. Being in large groups with people to back your cause has been used time and time again with minimal, if any, success. Perhaps a new approach will work...but while you're trying to replicate my success, everyone else is just so tired of watching your pathetic attempts to reach the top. If it took you this long to be given a title opportunity, then let's consider the facts that are staring you right in the face. The company doesn't find you marketable or desirable. You're still just a kid hoping someone will take a chance on you and put you at the top of the company. You're only in this match because I ALLOWED you to be in it. If it wasn't for me, you would still be rotting in the back, watching the latest showdown of Aids vs. Victoria. If anything, you're just a pawn I decided to play on my game board so you are still nothing special."

    Victoria looks at Joey as if he's a piece of trash and smiles. "I'm not going to attack you with knives or any weapons. You want attention...and guess what, I'm not going to give it to you. I'm going to watch you fill up with tremendous rage and not give you an ounce of attention for it. If you want to get attention, PROVE that you deserve to have it. Until then, I'll enjoy watching you squirm as the rest of the world realizes what a cheap, undeserving piece of crap you really are. Once you lose tonight, let's hope your gimmick takes a rest for a bit and you find another way to 'martyr' yourself to the people. As of right now, very few people actually give a damn."
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  17. Voting opened!
  18. OOC: Man I want to see this match in real life lol. Promos were all good, but this is how I see the end of the match playing out in my head. VP is beaten up early in the match by Aids and JB as she is the defending champ. Aids and JB eventually end up focusing on each other, one takes the other out, and VP has bided her time, takes advantage of the exhausted survivor and picks up the win. So my vote is for VP. I enjoyed her promos the most. I think its the crazy aspect I like the most TBH. I mean, LIVE gunfire in the arena!? Hahaha classic.

    EDIT: Oh and DK, I kept thinking of this song every time you spoke of you and your misery
    Surprised it wasn't your intro theme.
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  19. Really nice promos. One complaint: I need 5$ in forum cash every time i see Relevant/irrelevant used by someone other than Aids Johnson. :smug:

    In all seriousness, pretty awesome match.
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  20. Absolutely brilliant match, awesome promos by all. This time, DK edges it for me.
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