Storyline Survivor Series - Tag Team Titles!

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Who's your tag team champions?

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  1. B.Dazzle & Gav the Chav

  2. TheOvalhead & THG?

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Titles!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. I say one half of the Dazzling Chavs cut their promo first. Champions advantage, right?
  3. I thought you were gunna go first so was waiting for you to post lol was gunna ask but forgot i'll start in a bit watcing the england match first then i'll do it unless @B.Dazzle gets in there before me
  4. Sure thing bud.
  5. If I start, it won't be until a bit later.
  6. No problem with that, I think I'll have time when I come back from school tomorrow.
  7. School is the reason that I didn't get to do my promo earlier. I should have one done in an hour or two.
  8. ok i'll start gav the chav is inbound in 20 mins
  9. *the dazzling chavs music hits as they both make there way to the ring gav grabs a mic on his way to the ring it looks like gavs gunna kick things off*

    (gav the chav) orite you bunch of wankers hahahahahaha
    *crowd boo*
    Ok ok i'm sorry i didn't mean it am i forgiven? *crowd stays silent* fine fuck yas then lets crack on and get down to buisness a couple of weeks ago at bound for glory me and my brother from another mothers pussy took on the alliance in a match for number 1 contenders for the tag team titles in a hard fought m... Hahahahahaha sorry but i can't lie that match was a piece of piss it was more of a training excercise than a match no wonder the cure have held on to the titles since whenever they won them i couldn't give a fuck to be honest all that matter is you 2 bunch of pricks in one corner we have alias antonio and in the other we have my long term rival ben dover.

    Ah yes Ben fucking dover finally we will meet in this very ring after all these months i finally get to remove that stupid fucking little head of yours from your shoulders it will be beautiful your probably gunna come out here run your little mouth shouting shit like inbred or i fucked your mum or some shit like that before that would of right got on my tits and i'd of ripped your precious balls off but now it won't give a single fuck so come on ben hit me with ya best shot... Actually no you'll probably get your little maggot dick out and try cum all over me!

    @TheOvalhead @THG? Come at me actually don't
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  10. *Lights go off, crowd goes silent, music starts, crows gets pumped. Suddenly Ben Dover comes down out of his blip and into the arena, floating down in his parachute. Dover looks cocky and focused*

    Ben: It's so sad that having an IQ lower than your common 2 year old and speaking like The Great Khali's British cousin can get you so far in the IWT. It's reasons like that the Cure formed. I wish, I wish....OH HOW I WISH....I COULD HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN HERE MORE OFTEN TO SHUT YOU FILTHY MOUTH!! University has been holding me back though. The closes you will get being inducted into University is if a prison was built in a place called University.

    Fans, ponder this: Will you cheer an individual with prestige, an individual that have made your fapping seem less taboo and an individual that has overcome many obstacles. Or.....Do you cheer an individual that abuses and bullies elderly people, an individual who is yet to prove himself, instead talking incoherent garbage and an individual that will leave the tag team titles even staler than they were before Summerslam. When, I repeat WHEN THE TAG TEAM TITLES ARE RETAINED BY THE CURE, I WILL BE HERE, REMINDING THE WORLD ABOUT IT, I WILL BE IN....THIS.....RING OFTEN...... I will this ring and I will speak and I will entertain, Because after all, I live to entertain and succeed, I do both on a regular basis afterall ladies and gents.

    Let's discuss the legend that is Alias Antonio, sibling of the greatest FSW superstar and champion in history. Greatness runs in that bloodline, Alias defeated Johnson while he was the champ, a win so devastating it knocked his confidence, causing him to falter in his defence against that naughty little treacle Victoria Parker; I would totally Park in her rear by the way......Moving on.

    Alias has more potential than more than 95% of the people on this roster and it's a further indication of my wrestling genius that I'm in a tag team with him.

    OH WAIT! How could I forget Gav's 'm8'. Not that I know what his name is, because he's borderline irrelevant, but nice to Gavin will probably be carrying;unsuccessfully might I add; the match for his team.

    You know I'm right, but feel free to fight back Gavin, chavs usually become cowards in legitimate confrontation anyway, so I don't mind if you call your crack-addict mother and run back to your council house. :)
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  11. (gav the chav) blah blah blah blah fucking blah shut the fuck up you cheeky little **** obviously you forgot who your talking to im fucking gav the chav i'm not a coward when little bellends like you get on my tits i well i fuck them up who the fuck do you think you are knobhead

    so you at uni now? hows that going for ya? What are you studying? I hope it ain't comedy with an ancient joke used for your name its probably the oldest joke in the book and for fuck sake i'm fucking sick of hearing about this win alias had in an irrelevent match its every single fucking promo obviously he hasn't capitalised on it and left you behind because i would of a long time ago and that will be his downfall maybe he will after me and b.dazzle are done with you 2 i dunno

    When me and b.dazzle take those titles from you we won't be stale like the last guy who held them we will be the most dazzling tag team champions this company has ever seen we will add prestige to these titles after all if you were to take the titles of us you would have to overcome the hardest fucker in IWT and the most dazzling superstar this company will ever see not some cure rejects who think there brillant coz they took the titles of some shit irrelevent wrestlers i bet it was like taking candy from a baby anyway what happened to the cure? A month ago they were the biggest faction in IWT now all i see is you 2 its like going to watch your favorite artist or band at a concert and getting a fucking tribute act instead

    @B.Dazzle go fuck em up handing over to you for now
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  12. B.Dazzle: It's funny how you say Gav is carrying B.Dazzle around, because Alias has been carrying your limp dick around this whole time. I'f B.Dazzle is borderline irrelevant, what does that make you? Oh wait, it makes you jack shit. You carry that tag title around, but it means nothing to you. If it wasn't for the fact that you are lucky enough to be on a team with Alias, you'd be the guy that takes B.Dazzle's luggage to his lockeroom. Gav and B.Dazzle are the saving grace of this pathetic tag team division. We are on IWT television weekly, while you two are no where to be found. You two don't care about titles or this company, you only care about getting your paychecks and getting out of here. Don't worry, because after B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav take those titles from you two ass clowns, you'll both be back at the bottom of the card doing nothing like you two already do. The Dazzling Chavs have brought back legitimacy to the IWT tag division, a legitimacy that not even it's own tag team champions had the skills to do. You know, I think the real reason that you two haven't been able to make those tag titles prestigious is because you're both too busy jacking each other off backstage to come out to this ring every week to fight. For the last couple of weeks, B.Dazzle has talked about how big this night is for him, and now this night is finally here. B.Dazzle has the chance to win the tag titles with Gav the hardest mother fucker around Chav and he has the chance to run wild through the singles division. You two have one meaningful task tonight, and that's to become B.Dazze's and Gav the Chavs official bitches. Your reign as IWT tag team champions has just met a roadblock, and it's an obstacle you can't overcome. Say goodbye to those belts boys, because it's coming to where it truly belongs. It's coming around the waists of the best tag team in wrestling today, B.Dazzle and Gav the Chav, The Dazzling Chavs.
  13. *The arena suddenly dims and some eerie flickering is heard throughout the loudspeakers as the crowd anticipate Alias' arrival with boos. Shortly after, When You're Evil - Voltaire hits the arena and is generally and convetionally met with a sea of jeers and boos as Alias saunters his way down to the ring sporting his usual attire. As per normal, Alias connivingly walks down but you can discern the touch of arrogance and ostentation in his expression and in his steps also, possibly signalling a new branch in Alias' already intriguing character. He climbs the ring apron, gives a mere look to the crowd, wipes his feet on the apron and enters the ring. Once in the ring, he shakes Ben Dover's hand and proceeds to ask for a microphone*

    So here we are, Survivor Series! Ain't that great, ey? *Crowd boos* No?.......No? No......

    *Crowd wildly boos as Alias glares at the whole arena with repugnance*

    That's right, tonight IWT.......wait no......THE CURE presents to you Survivor Series where Ben and I will once again be the sole highlight of yet another show ALL while pulling double duty. One duty being this right here, defending these prestigious and exemplary tag team belts, protecting them from these fatuous cretins named Dazzling Chavs. And the other duty being eradicating all of IWT's bad fungus', illnesses, cancers and has-beens when me and Ben step up to the plate along with the elite team of Senhor, Christian, and our one and only IWT world champion, Victoria Parker to take on those soon-to be defunct self-professed degenerates, DX.

    I mean, can The Cure get any better? This is f'n awesome right, crowd?

    *Crowd are on their feet vociferously booing*

    Haha, I always say, jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius.

    *Alias now sets his attention to the Dazzling Chavs who are standing opposite of him*

    Gav The Chav, I'm glad you mention about my win over Aids and my redundancy over it. Why wouldn't I flaunter about it? I mean, I'm sure you would, right? Or no?
    You know what I think? You have trouble believing in yourself even if you do act like a big man, because you know, even with all the luck of the world, you wouldn't have been able to beat Aids Johnson, let alone be a champion here in IWT. Laugh it off how many times you want, but you know these words of truth affect you deep down.

    *Alias pauses and glares deeply into Gav's eyes for a few seconds before regaining his attention*

    I know very little of you guys if not nothing, and with that being said, I don't know what the hell makes you think you are the saviours of this tag division when you've only ever beaten a team consisting of the most pathetic man in IWT, Adam Aries and one of his useless buttbuddies that has already been kicked out of his really "powerful" Alliance. Think about that boys, you're not going to last long if you think that with one worthless win, you're instantly ready to take these tag belts of off the big boys. Nah ah.

    I was only told that we were defending these titles against you two a week ago, thus not giving me enough time to study tapes of you two, but one thing I did notice is that you two like to talk and act a big game and utter a load of senseless bullshit, which after some complex thinking soon dawned onto me that there really isn't anything to study about you two. In all reality, you're just two bogus hardmen who are just as delusional as you appear to be. Therefore, I am thoroughly disappointed in IWT's decision in giving you the opportunity to be in the same ring as The Cure and challenge for these belts. Maybe it's just time we throw these belts down the bin if we're not given the necessary exposure, no?

    Dazzling Chavs, consider yourselves lucky to be in this situation. And let me tell you, consider yourselves lucky once IWT management pays for your hospital bills after this colossal beatdown you're on the verge of receiving.

    Good'll most definitely need it.

    *Alias licks his lips and slicks his hair back as he backs into the turnbuckle awaiting a response*

  14. *Dover applauds Alias approvingly, a look of admiration*

    Dover: Oh I can't wait for this match to start! I would also like to address Gav's m8 regarding his accusation that I'm carried by Alias.. Just because Alias is phenomenally talented doesn't mean he carries me. He said himself that I played a significant role in us winning THESE glorious belts. *Dover sensually caresses the belts, with such lust*. He also played a big part. Don't you see? Neither of us have to be carried, we both get the job done. There's a difference between Gav's m8 being an afterthought who relies on Gav's goofy grammar and comically terrible hardman act and me being awesome and Alias being REALLY awesome. I could beat you easily kid, sporadic opportunities for a minor title doesn't account for being good, barely decent.

    Ever heard of champions advantage? That isn't just in match, but backstage, I don't have to be lectured by a uncharismatic insect like you, regarding what I do in between PPVs, if I was booked in matches in between, then who knows. BUT I WASN'T, SO WHY WOULD I BE HERE. Looks like Gavin will be getting you some 'logic' for Christmas.

    As for Gavin, the boy that once entranced so many people in the IWT universe. What now? You're already old news, there isn't the same fanfare for you there once was. So regarding you're description of us, at least we won championships from our hype? What have you got? a tag team title which will go onto be unsuccessful? How I admire you....

    So chaps, now that we've metaphorically creampied you with our promos, it looks like our first successful retain of our tag-belts is about to happen!

    Wait.....One...MORE....THING! Guess who's in the HUUUUUUGE Survivor Series match; One of the biggest matches we've ever seen, THE CURE!!! NOT THE DAZZLING CHAVS!!!! THE CUREEEEEE! Want to know why? Because we are legitimately talented, I may have gained attention by being pornstar, but I've shown I'm more to it than that, I'm an athlete, an asskicker, a smooth operator on the mic!! just a chav. His mate....his just....Gavins m8.

    Sorry guys, It's better I metaphorically shoot you in the 'confidence bone' now, to end the suffering...
  15. *gav the chav moves towards alias and stares him up and down then moves the mic towards his mouth*

    (Gav the chav) finally i'm glad you could join us where the fuck have you been? Where the fuck do i begin with you lets start with the part where you say you know very little about us to be honest i'm glad you didn't see any footage of us because if you did well you wouldn't be acting so clever for starters coz you'd be shitting yourselves right now if you did in fact i wouldn't be surprised if you vacated if you actually seen what we were capable of you'd of ran off like a bunch of pussies you truly are

    *yes chant breaks out*

    Now onto your win agains't aids johnson gav respects that it was a great win it truly was i'd be as happy as you are but like i said if i was in your position i'd of captilised on the opportunity andmade sure i was next in line for a title shot but what the fuck do you go and do instead you decide to be a stupid little **** and tell every single fucker backstage about it and you still hang around with this queer prick who thinks he's darren young by inserting his penis into someone and thinks thats a fucking submissiom move haha thats rape you knob head you hang around with a dirty little rapist and you like to think your better human being than me i mean i'm no angel but for fuck sake thats a level id never go to man i'm getting really annoyed now dazzle you take over before i do something i regret

    @B.Dazzle go fuck them up
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  16. Ben Dover: Silly child, the name of the finisher is a metaphor. :pity:

    You'll realise that when I make you tap to it tonight...
  17. *gav snatches the mic from b.dazzle and charges towards ben dover* (gav the chav) here you're not putting that little maggot dick of yours anywhere near my sexy little white arse i don't give a fuck if its a metaphor or not i've seen what you used to do before working here theres no way any of those beutiful fine women would go anywhere near you for any amount in the world you ugly little creature where the fucks duke nukem when you need him just the other day i went on to pornhub*what* typed in ben dover*what* guess what?*what* zero results found*what* thats right zero results found then i thought what the fuck i thought ben dover was one of biggest star ever in the porn industry and he aint even on the biggest porn site on the net so i investigated this further and turns out they were all removed as they don't accept rape thats right ben dover is a rapist!

    *ben stare in gavs direction he looks real pissed*

    Who the fuck you looking at? Are you getting mad? Hahaha prick if i were @Jonathan i'd fire your arse on the spot but he's so far up your arse or maybe your up his i dunno actually no maybe not with a dick that small i'm gunna hand you back over to my main man i'll let him finish you off go fuck him up @B.Dazzle
  18. *Alias glowers at Gav with his infamous evil look before resuming on the mic*

    Although I did not comprehend what you just said, I presume you were talking a lot of smack right?

    Mind me, I think I perceived some words, useless, but words nonetheless. I heard something like how I should be "shitting" my self if I actually bothered to look up tapes of you and Dazzle. Because a win over Adam is basically like wiping the shit out of your ass. So easy because he's shit. Wow, just wow. Before trying to act big and talk shit about me, please attempt to not be a complete fucktard. The Cure would never vacate these gems, not even to the self-claimed hardest man in the world.

    By the end of this vicious and unforgiving beatdown, you will not even have the option to shit anymore Gav, so take these last moments before the match starts to squeeze out your last ever shit.

    *Alias laughs evilly before dropping the mic*​
  19. Ben: You don't even know how to spell, not a chance you could navigate a computer....

    You're smelling like bullshit right now!
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  20. *gav walks up to alias and takes his mic from him*
    (gav the chav) here don't look at me like that you little bell end i'll slap you silly in fact...

    *gav drops the mic and slaps alias in the face*
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