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Who's your winner?

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  1. Team Jonathan

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    if Team Dat Kid are victorious, they are officially employed by IWT!

    Team Jonathan (@Senhor Perfect, @CM Punk, @geekgoddess, @TheOvalhead & @Eddy335) vs
    Team Dat Kid (@Dat Kid From Jersey, @Danielson, @Trip in the Head, @Nickelodeon & @Rhod)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.

    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a limit of ONE promo per person. Once you have posted your
    one promo, you are "eliminated" from the match and can no longer post.
    It's up to the teams to decide who will post when!

    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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  2. Christian walks out along with Jonathan to a mixed reaction

    Ring Announcer: Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Jonathan, from Toronto, ON, weighing in at 224 lbs, he is "Captain Charisma" CHRISTIAN!

    Announcer 1: Well it looks like Christian is coming out first for the traditional Survivor Series match.
    Announcer 2: And it looks like the team leader, Jonathan will be in his corner.
    Announcer 1: Christian being out of action for nearly 3 months. He was teaming with Victoria Parker and turned his back on her. Makes you wonder how he will cope with his team tonight.
    Announcer 2: Don't be an idiot! It's obvious he will put all differences aside. As he said, "If something can't be done right, you've got to do it yourself!" and that's exactly what he will show the world tonight.
    Announcer 1: Tonight, we're in the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. We have a sold out crowd here tonight.
    Announcer 2: Looks like the crowd will be electric for this one!

    Christian gets in the ring and Jonathan hands him a mic

    Christian: Dat Kid... Danielson...

    I didn't expect to see the two biggest failures in IWT return so soon. You know Dat Kid... I respected you. I respected you, I thought what you did for this company was BEST for business. I appreciated everything you did for this company...

    But when you decide to revolve yourself around the IWT Championship, that's when business has gone south. Face it Dat Kid, you were never a draw, you never drew a dime and nobody on this planet cares about you and I doubt they ever will! You decided that the creative direction of this company didn't satisfy you and you weren't glad with your position.

    And what did Dat Jobber do? He stepped down from Commissioner, he resigned from the company that made him the star he is today and started another federation of his own. FIGHT. STRIKE. WRESTLING!

    And as I predicted, that company went out of business, another thing you can add to your spectacular resume. See the thing is Dat Kid, is that all of us in the back... we all have a brain and we all have eyes. It didn't take a genius to realize you weren't going to be good for business. And we all agreed to keep a distance between you and the IWT Undisputed Championship.

    So here we are today, at SURVIVOR SERIES in the TD GARDEN ARENA!

    Crowd cheers

    And I asked you this last week...


    So bring forth the Nickelodeon's, the Rhod's, the Trip's, the Dick's of your team. Because they will all finally get to step in the ring with the best wrestler in the biz-a-ness today, the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in the IWT and most importantly, "Part-Owner" of the IWT, "The Instant Classic" CHRISTIAN! And how unfortunate will it be for you young, fresh and new stars to align yourselves with the idiots that will be standing face to face with me, Dat Kid and Danielson.

    And trust me, after tonight... you will never be seeing these pieces of trash in my company ever again! BECAUSE THAT'S HOW I ROLL!
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  3. *is watching backstage* Wow, this match is getting out of control.
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  4. The crowd, which has been patiently waiting for the rest of Team Jonathan to come out. Once they hear the DX theme, they get to their feet.

    "Oh you didn't know?"

    Nick lets the crowd finish them as he walks out alone, mic in one hand, water bottle in the other.

    Announcer 1: i guess nick just got sick of waiting.
    Announcer 2: Very risky decision here by Nick, no allies and a whole team still supposed to come out.

    "You know... I got real sick and tired of waiting. I was tired of hearing you run your mouth... your teams pussying out right now and I'm not too happy about it. I came here for a good old fashioned fight."

    Nick walks down the ramp and rolls through the ring.

    "And if I'm not gonna get one... then I'll just make one!"

    He storms at Christian, intimidating him into exiting the ring.

    "Too cute... I'm the guy that you called a piece of trash."

    Nick chuckles and looks at Christian.

    "You really amuse me. I can sit here and verbally tear you limb from limb... but I don't want to. I want my entire team out here, each getting our own shots in at you, because" - Nick makes air quotes and a stupid looking face to imitate Christian - "that's how we roll!"

    "We're a cohesive unit. We work as one. We've got game plans. Your team is just a bunch of overrated egomaniacs. I am a fresh face in this company because that's what this company needs! No more Christians, no more Jonathans, no more Victorias. This company needs what is right. We need fresh new faces - the Rhods, the Nicks, the Dicks, the hicks - not the pricks!"

    "Now, I'm just warming up. Im not out here for any rebuttals - or not yet, that is. I'm only out here because I am TIRED of sitting around. This is the kind of stuff I say in my sleep. When my team as your team is out here, you will all TRULY see my A game."

    "And of course, as always, if you're not down with me, the hot Rhod, the big Dick, the big Wood warrior and Dat Pimp from jersey going home with a victory we got two words for ya!"

    The crowd erupts into a, "SUCK IT!"
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    *The same music Nick came out to comes up and Dick Tripin is seen walking to the ring, gear on and ready for a fight*

    Ring Announcer: And now, on his way to the ring, weighing in at 273 pounds, Diiiiick Triiiiiipiiiinnnnnn.
    Announcer 1: Whats this, was Dick late getting to the arena or something?
    Announcer 2: I don't know, he's been all over the place in IWT lately. I just hope he didn't bring any RPGs with him here tonight.
    Announcer 1: Oh I doubt that. He's fired up tonight. No RPGs necessary.

    *Dick climbs up and over the top rope and Nick passes him the mic. Dick n' Nick stand in the middle of the ring and do the DX chop as X shaped pyro goes off behind them*
    Dick: *puts his hand high and gets a high-five from Nick* Thats RIGHT! Team Dick n' Nick in the house tonight! Can you feeeeel it Boston, Massachusetts!? *crowd pop* Sorry I was little behind there Nick. Had some legal issues over a little deer meat if you remember correctly haha. But that's all taken care of now and, as you know Nick, DX came here tonight to run this show and that's what we intend to do! *crowd pop+1*

    *Dick walks to the ropes and points at Christian and Jonathon on the outside, eyes filled with rage*

    Dick: Whats a matter guys? Where's all you're friends? *Dick takes a couple of steps back and leans back a little* Hell, I was here late and I still got out here before they did. *Dick snaps back to a regular standing position and yells* Priorities people! *Dick visibly gathers his composure* You see, I was rather looking forward to our little play date tonight in the TD Garden. I got some....*Dick starts to turn his odd slowly in an odd manner*...issssuuuues.....*Dick's head returns to normal*.....I need to work on. Mainly the amount of damage I can dish out in one night. Going for a new record you see. And so far things are looking up, * as Dick points at Jonathon, who is in fact looking up at him, and smiles* wouldn't you say Jonathon? Oh, you didn't think I would ignore your presence here tonight did you? You interfere in this match in this slightest tonight and I guarantee you that you will wish you were never born. Oh, where's your lapdog Senhor? You didn't come out with him? Trade him in for a refurbished model did you? *Now Dick points at Christian* And you. You gonna leave for another three months after we kick your ass? Thats right, no fancy talk, no my dick is bigger than yours, which, it obviously is, I mean come on. Just good 'ol plain..... Kick. Your. ASS. *Dick once again returns to the center of the ring, the audience in the palm of his hands* So now, if you guys wouldn't mind opening up that clown car you got back there and letting the rest of team "he whose name shall not be spoken" out...we'd really like to get this match going. *Dick looks directly into the camera* DX style.
    *Dick drops the mic and climbs the corner of the ring closest to Christian and Jonathon, mocking them as the crowd goes wild and DX chants erupt*

    Announcer 1: I....uh......
    Announcer 2: Pick your jaw up off the floor man. This match is just getting started!
    Announcer 1: You're right. A commanding performance from Dick Tripin here tonight at Survivor Series folks. I wonder who will be next?
  6. [​IMG]

    *Crowd cheers for Rodrigo*

    *He walks slowly down the ramp and steps into the ring*

    You're an hypocrite "Cris", blaming my friend Dat Kid for leaving the company when Mr. "I got a lawyer" did exactly the same thing. This company has been going downhill for the past few month, and we can blame two guys, either Dat Kid for leaving or Fat Kid aka Jonathan for being a faggot and not being able to get his shit together.

    *Fat Kid chants*
    *Rodrigo turns around and stares at Jonathan*

    You know what, I've been here since day one. And you've talk, you've said you were the best, but at the end of the day all you do is to order pizza and watch us. You've never stepped into a ring to fight, you've never had the guts to do it. Not sure if its because the ring would collapsed because of the weight of you gettin slammed or because you're just a coward. But I know we will meet in this ring somewhere down the road, and you're gonna get hurt.

    About two week ago I received a call of Dat Kid, DX was gettin together. I've fight Kid inside this ring, he has beat me, I've beat him. No matter how badly we hated each other, at the end of the feud there was only one thing left. And that was respect. And then friendship. I was worried when I knew Dat Kid was leaving, the guy who could fix this company have left and created a new one, that wasn't succesful. All I know about this story is that Fat Kid didnt eat pizza for a week and with the millions he had saved during that week bought Dat Kid's company. But of course, Jonofag doesnt believe Kid (and Danny) deserve to be back. That's why this match is so important not only for Dx but for the IWT. Two of the biggest stars of the IWT history, two future hall of famers cant help the company Fat Kid, Crishit, Grampa Senhor, Geekwhoress and the **** of the Cure have destroyed. Oh, here is where DX comes.

    We're back for the company, we're back to kick some asses, You make the rules, and we will break them!

    *Crowd cheers*

    But tonight, no matter how many title you have won collectively, you are just 5 guys JonoFag has chosen, just like toys he plays with, we're a team, hell no, we are DX, we are a legacy and tonight, someone is going to get beaten.

    If You Not Down With That We Got Two Words For Ya!


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  7. *Alias comes out to no music, but is still met with boos. You can discern some bandages on his face, most likely from the after effect from his tag match earlier on. Alias appears more pissed than ever right now, and looks like he could inflct a lot of damage tonight. He swiftly makes his way to the ring, making no eye contact with anyone. He violently snatches a mic off the announcer and begins to speak in a resentful voice*

    Do you wanna know something? The Cure's dominance over IWT ended tonight, because the day you faggots have all been waiting for has arrived, we have lost them belts to those unworthy, pieces of shit chavs tonight. Wanna know why? Huh? Because of fucking politics and I'm not afraid to fucking say it. Me and Oval were told by the corrupt IWT management to lay down for those two fuckers because we were going to be competing in two matches and winning both of the matches would have been stupid and supernatural and also believe it or not they also fucking said that we do not possess the talent to be on top and to consider myself lucky that I'm in this match. Well let me tell you fucking what, I don't give a fuck what match I'm in, with who I'm competing with or against, and whatever fucking company it is in, I will not lay down to anyone anymore! I will not simply be the sadistic Alias Antonio anymore, I will be the human nuclear bomb, and I will take out anyone who gets in my way, starting with these petty has-beens DX.

    *Alias glances at the crowd with an overpowering look on his face in the midst of shock and boos. Suddenly, Alias bursts out laughing and high-fives Christian as he resumes with his promo*

    Hahahhahahahahah, god stop hahahahahahhahha, this is too great. Greatness like me is temporary, but stupidity? Damn it, that's permanent! Once again the IWT Universe, which mainly consists of fat low-lives, has fallen prey to one of my theories on how stupid people are. Could people be trained to be less gullible? Or are you as stuck with gullibility as you are with skin colour and how much you weight? Pathetic. *Crowd boo*

    The real reason we lost those belts is because we honestly felt sorry for Gav and his m8. Let them bask in their glory momentarily, don't worry, The Cure will strike back sooner rather than later Chavs. *crowd boo once again*

    Oh yeah, boo me all you want, but that doesn't hide the fact that you've all been proven to be credulous pieces of shit.

    *Alias turns his attention to the 3 DX members in the ring*

    You guys are just the same. Pitiful.

    What even is this team? We've got Dat Fail, who was once paralyzed and trust me, once this is over, he'll be paralyzed again.....just forever this time. Then we've got second in command, Danielson, an IWT legend apparently. Legends are just that, has-beens. People who shouldn't even be medically cleared to wrestle and instead be passng their days at a retirement home watching on at the sunset. Danielson, consider yourself lucky to be in the same ring as me before I put you to bed, make the most of it while you can, because the bomb is ticking haha.

    Now we've got someone called Dick and someone called Nick......
    I've only ever heard of Nick, and one of the things I've heard is that he got kicked out of The Alliance. Damn, are you that bad to get kicked out of a group that has Adam as the leader? Oh my god, that's just the worse thing that can happen to a human.

    And last but least, Rodrigooooooooo has returned just for me to beat him for the trillionth time again, appreciate you coming back Rhod, easy wins always helps my morality.

    *Alias focuses on the crowd once again*

    So that's it eh? Team DX? Pretty poor if you ask me, and not even with the thick-witted crowd support will you be able to overcome Team Jonathan. We are an unstoppable force......and with our pure might and power......we will be victorious!


    See you at your funeral DX, you wrote your fate in this one. Bad luck hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    *Alias backs up against the turnbuckle and continues to laugh*​
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  8. Promos still open for 8 hours 47 minutes!
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  9. *gav the chav is still sat home watching the ppv on tv cracking open another tinny*

    (gav the chav) where the fuck is @Dat Kid From Jersey and @Danielson there suppose to be fighting and they go and no show fucking pussies!
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  10. Victoria's theme hits and no one is visible on the stage. Suddenly Victoria is seen jumping over the side out from the crowd and gets into the ring, with her title on her shoulder. She signals over for a mic as she takes the black hood off of her head. She smiles evilly at Rhod, Nickelodeon, and Trip in the ring.

    "Well, it looks like the recycled and very uninteresting return of these three has begun. Not only that, but your 'leaders' seem to have left you standing here unprotected. With a track record such as mine, where I've been known to destroy and even abduct those who get in my way, it's too bad you're left here with minimal backup."

    Victoria tilts her head to the side, twirling her hair, looking up at the ceiling as if she was lost in thought. "I was really looking forward to seeing my former pals again. Like you Rhod, there's a very special dark history there. A history that makes me want to RIP someone's throat out, chop their head off with one of my special knives, and put their head on a spike. On top of that, maybe pour some gasoline all over someone's house and torch the place so all the precious moments of their life would be destroyed."

    Victoria looks back at the three of them with a dark look on her face. "However, there's only so much I can get away with without getting arrested, so I have to settle for torturing all of you in the ring instead. It's no secret that I don't like or respect any of you. It's clear that you wouldn't be here unless you aligned yourselves with Dat Kid and Danielson. They want to recreate their legacies and hope that no one remembers that they left this company, hoping to be greater somewhere else. Rhod, you've left more times than I can count, and don't seem to have the balls to stick it out when the times get tough. You've never been worthy of a title opportunity or even worthy of anyone's time and attention. You're wasting my valuable time, but lucky for you I enjoy watching people squirm that much more."

    Victoria smiles darkly before continuing. "I'm not particularly fond of my former manager and GM Jonathan, but I could never pass up the opportunity to destroy and instill fear in others. It is, after all, what I'm best at. If you are lucky enough to win this match against the elite of the IWT, it will be my pleasure to make sure there isn't a moment of serenity...that you'll always be looking over your shoulder anticipating the next attack. You don't belong here and I will always be around to show you how you should have just stayed the hell away."
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  11. D-Generation X @Danielson @Trip in the Head @Nickelodeon @Rhod arrives at the arena in the DX Express. Dat Kid walks with DX to ringside and they surround Jonathan & Christian. DX hop up on the apron and stare down the two.

    I got this.

    Dat Kid enters the ring and the rest of DX gets off the apron, still surrounding the ring.

    Christian this is only the 2nd time we've been in the ring together in the entire history of our careers and it's funny that you call me a jobber, because the last time we were in the ring together, I beat your ass. Not only did I beat you, I made it look easy. That entire legacy that you had built up until that point, was rendered useless when you came up against this so called "jobber".

    You know what's funny. Jonathan and everyone else puts you on this pedestal like you're some kind of legend in this business. The truth is, you're not. You were a second rate champion and no one wanted to compete for your title, that's why you were champion for so long. I mean c'mon lets count the number of people you've actually beaten in a match for that title and I'm not talking about the matches where people no showed. I'm willing to bet you can't even name three people. The only reason you were World Heavyweight Champion for so because I didn't want it.

    That belt was second to the IWT Championship and you know it, because the moment I put you up against a former IWT Champion, you got beat. Christian, you never had to fight from the bottom to get where you are, since day one you were always a world champion. A title that you did not deserve, a title that you managed to hold out of sheer luck and lack of competition. I mean when's the last time you've had a world championship? Your long reign, was your first reign, and your only reign. When people go back to look at your history, that's all that will be there.

    When they look back at my history what they'll see is a European Champion, United States Champion, Tag Champion, IWT Champion, the only man to win 2 titles in a single ppv, the only man to beat two world champions in the same ppv, the man who layed down the first promo, and the last man who will be in this arena when the lights go out! You may think I'm a jobber, but my in ring reputation speaks for itself and you my friend will always be Mr. One Hit Wonder!

    Dat Kid backs away from Christian

    ...but tonight isn't about me, tonight isn't even about D-Generation X. Tonight is about this jabba the hut lookin' fat fuck standing next to you, who looks like he's one M&M away from diabetes! I'm talking about Jonathan.

    You see, for months, this slimy little bastard snuck his way into the top of the top in the business and claimed the success of OUR hard work as his own. He genuinely believes, within the depths of his SOUL (no offense Adam), that he is solely responsible for the success of the IWT. The truth is, he's not. In fact, everything he's ever done to improve the IWT has flopped faster than First Strike Wrestling. He couldnt get a good idea out of his head if his life depended on it.

    "Doritos on a pole match", what the fuck is your problem Jonathan.

    You hobble around backstage, slower than me on a cane, and you think you can monopolize creativity in the IWT. The IWT was never a one man show, it has always been a collaborative effort and I think you fail to understand that. This is why your team will fail tonight, I mean look, your entire team isn't even out here because I bet they all wanted their individual entrances. Now you stand in the middle of the ring me and a man I've already beaten, with 4 other members surrounding you.

    Usually i'd ask are you ready, but its onvious you're not.

    Ooc: i wrote this b4 nick & trip posted
  12. Show Spoiler
    Stopspot, Farooq and Eric Draven. :pity1:
  13. *The arena goes black, a cackling chuckle is heard, everyone in the arena goes silent, anxiously anticipating what's about to happen*

    Ben: You fuckers ready for this??

    *Lights turn back on, Ben is sat on a stool on the stage, wearing Black suit with Navy trousers, Blue tie to accompany the suit, Obnoxiously Red Shoes.

    Ben: For now, do now think me as 'Ben Dover', just....think of me as Benjamin. I am here today to stop a bunch of overhyped pansies from getting their jobs back, which may I note; THEY DON'T DESERVE!! You in a job, if individuals didn't go to work at their job, they could get fired, so I see it as petty and a waste of my time that I have to even stop the 'wood warrior' getting his spot on the roster back in the first place.

    Regarding the comments of my associate Alias, IWT management were very high on Gavin, not that I blame them, pretty much every fool in the IWT Universe wants to suck every last drop of semen out of his penis, as a former pornstar, blowjobs are great.. So good for Gav the Chav I guess. As Gavin is a chav by the way, it's by nature he isn't strong. I checked Urban Dictionary and it makes it clear; CHAVS AREN'T STRONG, THEY ARE POSERS WHO ACT HARD TO COMPENSATE FOR MENTAL INCAPACITIES!! So we all know if the win was legitimate, he would no longer be Gav the Chav. I know he beat Adam....But that's like beating a Scotsman in a weight loss competition, to be fair Adam is also a Scotsman....Maybe Scottish people do have no hope after all :/

    But yeah, UNLIKE KIDDIE AND WOODY, I did the 'job' I was asked to do, they were busy failing with other e-feds and no-showing to follow orders, not very professional if you ask me, which is an issue in a professional Wrestling organization. While many people want these DX wannabe hacks to win, remember: THE BETTER TEAM SHOULD WIN, unlike my tag team match earlier, this match will hopefully the more skilful team will win; WHICH IS US!!!

    Rodrigo was cool..... months ago. Now; A deteriorating 'veteran' who I dispatched with ease at BFG.... Hopefully our second meeting will be just as riveting.

    I appreciate want DX are trying to do with Trip and Nick, getting two mid carders and indoctrinating them into their own stupid philosophies. Those could have done so much more on their individual journeys now they will be forever attached to this cancerous stigma that is D-X.

    IWT Universe...You must here me, what I said in that interview, about becoming something different. It's happening, but it hasn't fully happened yet. I am undergoing a....transformation of sorts, I am currently, halfway through it, I am currently halfway through it. You know the pornstar superstar lifestyle that I once lived and lived for? Well....You may not see something very different from it, but it may be the exact opposite, hour by hour, I feel less pleased by the thought of being the Ben Dover I was once.


    Ben: Ben Dover would like to thank everyone for their love and support, because you will never that persona... AGAIN!!!

    *Benjamin takes his Brazzers contract out of his pocket, rips them into little pieces and throws them into the sky, it falls onto the crowd near him like confetti*
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  14. So what was it? 4 to 4? At least it had an even number of promos
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  15. Was gonna say that, agreed.
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  16. went for team jonathan @TheOvalhead promo won it for me
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    :dafuq: ? @Jonathan you voted for your own kayfabe team? I see no bias there. :pity1:

    ETA: :pity: from. all this talk of great things you did in your past, and claiming you are the only person to win two titles in a single PPV, ignoring the fact B.Dazzle has just finished doing the same thing.

    All really good promo's, though, especially Alias and Oval's, i marked extra for the random Chav.
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  18. You're a fagot
  19. I didn't know it was going to be closed already. I was waiting for everyone else to post and was going to tonight because nothing was going on yesterday. My bad
    Feel like it should have been opened longer because of the amount of people involved.
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